Dancing Mania! The Best Décor for a Dancing Event

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Are you planning to throw a dancing party?

It sounds exciting. After all, who doesn’t love a night that they can dance away?

You must be excited about all the fun you and your guests will have. But you need to start planning first. What do you want this event to look like? Do you have anything in mind about the furniture, the DJ and the décor items that you will need? Do you have a venue in mind? How do you want the entrance to be and what about the DJ and drinks booth?

Stop. Relax!

We understand that there is too much to plan. But, don’t worry! We can help you every step of the way. At Party Art, we have arranged a number of such events before. Our team can help you plan an event that your guests will remember for a long time. Why not leave the tough task of planning the event and arranging everything to us? Just let us know what you have in mind. We have a long list of event décor props, furniture and other items that you can pick from. The rest will be taken care of by our professional team.

Here are just some of the décor options to choose from for your dancing mania.

1.      Bunting

bunting event décor

If you want to add an ambiance of fun, colours and festivity to your event, then Buntings are a great choice. You can order them in any colour you want. Perfect for creating a festival-themed dancing ambiance, our buntings will give your venue a casual look. You can create custom garlands in your choice of style and colours. They are also great for creating the ambiance of a street party. If your dance event is going to be fun and casual, then opt for these buntings to add an element of festivity and colours to the venue.


2.      Dance Floor

Of course, you need a dance floor. After all, you are planning a dancing mania. You can choose any dance floor of your liking. However, what’s important is the lighting you want for the floor. With our LED lights, you can light up the dance floor in any colour you want. From disco lights to basic colours, you can pick whatever you like. The lights can change as the music beats change and your guests will have the time of their life!


3.      Sofa Cube

Rubiks cube sofa hire

While the event is all about dancing, you also need to add some seating arrangements to the event. These should also go with your theme. We suggest you add some Sofa Cubes to the venue. They are chic and stylish and can be elevated with custom LED lights. These minimal sofas give your venue the perfect look with the right amount of lighting. Select some of these statement pieces and give your guests a stunning and unique seating arrangement.


4.      DJ Booth

Want to add an extra oomph to the event? You need a DJ booth, but a basic one won’t do. We offer an Inflatable DJ Booth that is nothing like a regular DJ booth. It takes less than a minute to set it up and looks absolutely spectacular. It includes DMX pixel tubes that accent the booth. You can choose any colour lighting, in accordance with your overall theme. The lights can sync with the beats of the music. Add this to the venue and you will have a great DJ corner at the venue.

Table Art DJ booth hire

5.      LED Cubes

You need to add some seating arrangement to enhance your bar area. You also need a little cool chill-out zone for your guests where they can sit and relax after all the dancing and fun. Our LED Cubes are a great choice for this purpose. These cubes work together with our wireless lighting system. You can create a ripple-like effect in cool blue colour. Or, you can also give them warm reds and ambers to give them a sizzling fire-like effect. Add LED cubes in a corner— they will make a great addition to the décor and act as a seating option for your guests.


6.      Bar Stools

It’s a dancing mania! You will definitely need a bar area that looks ultra-cool and chic. We can help you get what you want with our bar stools. Our LED Bar Stools will draw all your guests to the bar. They can sit and relax on these stools while they order their drinks. You can light these bar stools up in vibrant colours to go with your overall theme. You can create stunning lighting effects on these stools with just the click of a button. You can add them to others areas of your venue, too. Mix and match and create the perfect ambiance for your dancing mania.


40th birthday centrepieces

7.      Oak Top Poseur Tables

You also need some tables where your guests can place their glasses after they’ve had their drinks. If you are looking for something unique and chic, then opt for our Oak Top Poseur Tables. The stunning oak top adds a rustic touch to the tables. The bottom is made with a twisted white cloth. These tables also use LED lights. This means that the tables can light up in any colour of your choice.


Want to throw the best dancing mania party? Let us help you.

You can get lots of decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art.

Get in touch now to know more!

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