Best LED Table Centrepieces for a Wedding

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led floral table centres

 Planning a wedding can be a daunting task.

Everything needs to be perfect, from the stage to the lighting and décor. Since it is one of the biggest days of a person’s life, they want it to be as memorable for them and their guests as possible.

One of the most important décor items for a wedding is table centrepieces. Most of the people opt for the same old designs or flower vases as table centres. But you don’t have to follow suit when there are so many options to choose from. Your table centres should be a reflection of your personality and the overall theme of the event. They should make the guests go wow.

Not sure where you can get such stunning table centrepieces from?

Party Art is the place for you!

We have a team of event planning and management experts who will help you find the best table centrepieces for your wedding. We have a long list of LED table centrepieces that you can choose from. All of these stunning centrepieces have been carefully and artistically crafted to perfection. They will lift the mood of your wedding and your guests will remember it for a long time.

Here are some of our best LED table centrepieces for a wedding. Pick the one that reflects your event theme the best.

wedding led centrepieces hire1.      Candlestick Low

Do you wish to create a classic and romantic ambiance at your wedding? If yes, then our Candlestick Low  table centrepiece is a great choice. A low version of our candlestick, the centrepiece comes with hyper-realistic candles. These candles continue to flicker throughout the wedding, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. It gives each table just the right amount of light and is very elegant and classic.

led candle holder centrepieces2.      Frosted Candelabra

Add a winter twist to your wedding by opting for our Frosted Candelabra table centrepieces. These stunning candelabras appear as if they have been made from solid ice. It comes with hyper-realistic LED candles that keep flickering during the event. The result is a mesmerising silhouette that your guests will simply love. It creates a dramatic, classic and romantic ambiance at the wedding.

acrylic candelabra table centre3.      Flower Air

Want to add a floral twist to your wedding table centres? Opt for our Flower Air LED table centrepiece. This elegant and sophisticated centrepiece consists of orchids in a glass cylinder. The beautiful flowers look like they are suspended in mid-air inside the cylinder. Together with perfect LED lighting, this beautiful centrepiece adds a rustic charm to each table that the guests will love. The cylinder can be lighted up in any colour using our LED technology, which makes it looks absolutely spectacular.

loral led table centres4.      Blossom Tree

If you want the tables at your wedding to have flowers, then opt for our Blossom Tree. This centrepiece is nothing like your regular flower vases. The flower arrangement consists of fuchsia hues with romantic fairy lights. The fairy lights make the arrangement twinkle and bring life to your wedding. The Blossom Tree is lit using LED lights from the bottom. This creates a stunning and beautiful look at each table. This LED table centrepiece is timeless, stylish and beautiful. Opt for it and your guests will be in awe of the stunning attention to detail.

event tree hire table centres5.      Venetian Lamp Posts

If you want your wedding to be elegant and classic, then our Venetian Lamp Posts are ideal for your table centres. These lamp posts are inspired by the posts that light the Grand Canal. These spectacular LED table centres are ideal to set the scene for an evening of romance, elegance and merriment. Your venue will look like a picture from Venice if you opt for these table centrepieces. LED lights falling on these lamps make them look like taken out of a fairy tale.

venetian event led decorations6.      Blossom Fish Bowl

Want to opt for something unique and different for your wedding? Blossom Fish Bowl LED table centrepiece can be a great choice. This classic fish bowl arrangement consists of blooming cherry blossoms. The pastel-coloured flowers are lighted using LED lights which adds the perfect ambiance to your event. This minimal yet stunning arrangement comes inside a fish bowl. Your guests will love these table centres because this isn’t something that they see every day.

led floral table centres7.      Tuscan Tiffany Lamp

Do you want your wedding to reflect your style and personality?

Tuscan Tiffany Lamps can be a good choice. These lamps are an amalgam of our Tiffany Collection and a Mediterranean touch. It will remind you of Italy and its exquisiteness. The lampshade consists of ornate shade glasses that are hand-painted. Each glass has rich red grapes and flourishing foliage painted on it. The warm glow of LED lights makes each table look spectacular and beautiful.

tiffany lamp centrepieces8.      Candelabra Crystal

If you are looking for sophisticated glamour for your wedding, then opt for our Candelabra Crystal table centrepieces. They will add a sparkling touch to each table and are an absolute delight to look at. It consists of a basic candelabra with crystal droplets added to it which makes it all sparkly and beautiful.

This is the best LED table centrepiece for the people who want to add a little glitter and glitz to their wedding.

classy candelabra centrepiece hireFinding the right table centres for a wedding is not an easy task. You need to find something that reflects your personality and matches your wedding theme. The LED table centrepieces mentioned above are just some examples of the stunning centrepieces collection we have at Party Art.

You just need to tell us what kind of ambiance you want and we will give you plenty of options to choose from. These stunning table centres will add the right amount of elegance, romance, and class to each table and your wedding will be an event to remember.

We also have all other décor items, furniture, props and everything else you need to make your event memorable. Get in touch with us and we will make your event something that your guests will remember all their lives.

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