Trending Wedding Decor Ideas in London/UK

When it involves planning the correct wedding ceremony, every detail subjects. From the venue choice to the guest list, each element contributes to creating a memorable and magical revel in. One of the important thing elements that can virtually increase your wedding decor is the selection of centerpieces. In this newsletter, we’re going to discover the state-of-the-art tendencies in wedding decor, focusing at the incredible offerings of Party Art, the closing occasion experts in London/UK.

The Ultimate Party and Wedding Centerpiece Hire

Party Art takes wedding ceremony decor to a whole new level with their remarkable table centers. These centerpieces aren’t just ornamental items but communique starters that add a hint of elegance and innovation in your special day. The company boasts an unequalled variety of lit centerpieces, ensuring that there may be some thing to in shape each theme and event.

With a passionate group of designers and technicians, Party Art is devoted to making your wedding ceremony goals come real. Their information lies in crafting particular desk facilities that contain ultra-modern technology and design. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, antique, cutting-edge, or even futuristic theme, Party Art has an appropriate centerpiece to make your imaginative and prescient a fact.

LED Table Centrepieces for a Wedding

One of the hottest developments in wedding ceremony decor is the use of LED lighting to create enthralling and mesmerizing atmospheres. Party Art’s LED table centrepieces are a high example of this trend. These centerpieces fantastically mixture creative layout with cutting-edge technology, casting a fascinating glow that enhances the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

Palm Vase Table centre hire in London

Imagine your reception venue decorated with beautiful LED desk centerpieces, each exuding a smooth and airy radiance. These centrepieces can be custom designed to healthy your wedding color palette, adding a pop of shade that complements the subject matter. Whether you’re going for an intimate collecting or a grand party, Party Art’s LED table centrepieces are sure to depart a long-lasting affect in your visitors.

Event Table Design and Entrance Features

Your trending wedding decor ideas is a reflection of your personal style and love tale. Party Art is familiar with this sentiment and gives occasion table layout offerings that cater on your precise options. Their team works closely with you to curate centerpieces that encapsulate the essence of your courting. Every element, from the choice of plant life to the association of factors, is carefully taken into consideration to ensure a cohesive and captivating look.

Moreover, Party Art goes past simply desk centerpieces. They focus on developing beautiful front features that set the tone for your special day. Imagine walking thru a fascinating archway embellished with plant life, lights, and problematic info, developing an unforgettable first impression to your visitors.

Interior and Indoor Table Decoration Services

Party Art isn’t always confined to outside celebrations. They excel in transforming indoor areas into charming wonderlands thru their interior and indoor table ornament services. Whether you’re making plans an stylish ballroom reception or an intimate collecting in a cozy venue, Party Art’s centerpieces adapt perfectly to the placing.

Cabaret Lamp White Table Centre

Their interior desk decoration services awareness on creating a seamless connection among the surroundings and the decor. By incorporating factors that complement the venue’s aesthetics, Party Art guarantees that your wedding ceremony decor seems like an essential part of the space.

Best Residential Event Decorators in London

Beyond weddings, Party Art caters to a extensive range of occasions, along with residential gatherings. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, an anniversary party, or a themed party, Party Art’s innovative prowess is aware of no bounds. Their ability to conceptualize and execute beautiful decor concepts makes them the move-to choice for event decoration in London.

In end, Party Art is at the leading edge of the marriage decor revolution, providing trendsetting ideas that redefine the concept of centerpieces. Their outstanding variety of lit centerpieces, innovative use of LED technology, and dedication to customized layout set them aside because the ultimate occasion experts. If you are searching for wedding decor that leaves a long-lasting influence, Party Art is the name to accept as true with. Let them remodel your special day into a fascinating and unforgettable experience.

 Planning a wedding can be a daunting task.

Everything needs to be perfect, from the stage to the lighting and décor. Since it is one of the biggest days of a person’s life, they want it to be as memorable for them and their guests as possible.

One of the most important décor items for a wedding is table centrepieces. Most of the people opt for the same old designs or flower vases as table centres. But you don’t have to follow suit when there are so many options to choose from. Your table centres should be a reflection of your personality and the overall theme of the event. They should make the guests go wow.

Not sure where you can get such stunning table centrepieces from?

Party Art is the place for you!

We have a team of event planning and management experts who will help you find the best table centrepieces for your wedding. We have a long list of LED table centrepieces that you can choose from. All of these stunning centrepieces have been carefully and artistically crafted to perfection. They will lift the mood of your wedding and your guests will remember it for a long time.

Here are some of our best LED table centrepieces for a wedding. Pick the one that reflects your event theme the best.

wedding led centrepieces hire1.      Candlestick Low

Do you wish to create a classic and romantic ambiance at your wedding? If yes, then our Candlestick Low  table centrepiece is a great choice. A low version of our candlestick, the centrepiece comes with hyper-realistic candles. These candles continue to flicker throughout the wedding, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. It gives each table just the right amount of light and is very elegant and classic.

led candle holder centrepieces2.      Frosted Candelabra

Add a winter twist to your wedding by opting for our Frosted Candelabra table centrepieces. These stunning candelabras appear as if they have been made from solid ice. It comes with hyper-realistic LED candles that keep flickering during the event. The result is a mesmerising silhouette that your guests will simply love. It creates a dramatic, classic and romantic ambiance at the wedding.

acrylic candelabra table centre3.      Flower Air

Want to add a floral twist to your wedding table centres? Opt for our Flower Air LED table centrepiece. This elegant and sophisticated centrepiece consists of orchids in a glass cylinder. The beautiful flowers look like they are suspended in mid-air inside the cylinder. Together with perfect LED lighting, this beautiful centrepiece adds a rustic charm to each table that the guests will love. The cylinder can be lighted up in any colour using our LED technology, which makes it looks absolutely spectacular.

loral led table centres4.      Blossom Tree

If you want the tables at your wedding to have flowers, then opt for our Blossom Tree. This centrepiece is nothing like your regular flower vases. The flower arrangement consists of fuchsia hues with romantic fairy lights. The fairy lights make the arrangement twinkle and bring life to your wedding. The Blossom Tree is lit using LED lights from the bottom. This creates a stunning and beautiful look at each table. This LED table centrepiece is timeless, stylish and beautiful. Opt for it and your guests will be in awe of the stunning attention to detail.

event tree hire table centres5.      Venetian Lamp Posts

If you want your wedding to be elegant and classic, then our Venetian Lamp Posts are ideal for your table centres. These lamp posts are inspired by the posts that light the Grand Canal. These spectacular LED table centres are ideal to set the scene for an evening of romance, elegance and merriment. Your venue will look like a picture from Venice if you opt for these table centrepieces. LED lights falling on these lamps make them look like taken out of a fairy tale.

venetian event led decorations6.      Blossom Fish Bowl

Want to opt for something unique and different for your wedding? Blossom Fish Bowl LED table centrepiece can be a great choice. This classic fish bowl arrangement consists of blooming cherry blossoms. The pastel-coloured flowers are lighted using LED lights which adds the perfect ambiance to your event. This minimal yet stunning arrangement comes inside a fish bowl. Your guests will love these table centres because this isn’t something that they see every day.

led floral table centres7.      Tuscan Tiffany Lamp

Do you want your wedding to reflect your style and personality?

Tuscan Tiffany Lamps can be a good choice. These lamps are an amalgam of our Tiffany Collection and a Mediterranean touch. It will remind you of Italy and its exquisiteness. The lampshade consists of ornate shade glasses that are hand-painted. Each glass has rich red grapes and flourishing foliage painted on it. The warm glow of LED lights makes each table look spectacular and beautiful.

tiffany lamp centrepieces8.      Candelabra Crystal

If you are looking for sophisticated glamour for your wedding, then opt for our Candelabra Crystal table centrepieces. They will add a sparkling touch to each table and are an absolute delight to look at. It consists of a basic candelabra with crystal droplets added to it which makes it all sparkly and beautiful.

This is the best LED table centrepiece for the people who want to add a little glitter and glitz to their wedding.

classy candelabra centrepiece hireFinding the right table centres for a wedding is not an easy task. You need to find something that reflects your personality and matches your wedding theme. The LED table centrepieces mentioned above are just some examples of the stunning centrepieces collection we have at Party Art.

You just need to tell us what kind of ambiance you want and we will give you plenty of options to choose from. These stunning table centres will add the right amount of elegance, romance, and class to each table and your wedding will be an event to remember.

We also have all other décor items, furniture, props and everything else you need to make your event memorable. Get in touch with us and we will make your event something that your guests will remember all their lives.

Are you planning to throw a dancing party?

It sounds exciting. After all, who doesn’t love a night that they can dance away?

You must be excited about all the fun you and your guests will have. But you need to start planning first. What do you want this event to look like? Do you have anything in mind about the furniture, the DJ and the décor items that you will need? Do you have a venue in mind? How do you want the entrance to be and what about the DJ and drinks booth?

Stop. Relax!

We understand that there is too much to plan. But, don’t worry! We can help you every step of the way. At Party Art, we have arranged a number of such events before. Our team can help you plan an event that your guests will remember for a long time. Why not leave the tough task of planning the event and arranging everything to us? Just let us know what you have in mind. We have a long list of event décor props, furniture and other items that you can pick from. The rest will be taken care of by our professional team.

Here are just some of the décor options to choose from for your dancing mania.

1.      Bunting

bunting event décor

If you want to add an ambiance of fun, colours and festivity to your event, then Buntings are a great choice. You can order them in any colour you want. Perfect for creating a festival-themed dancing ambiance, our buntings will give your venue a casual look. You can create custom garlands in your choice of style and colours. They are also great for creating the ambiance of a street party. If your dance event is going to be fun and casual, then opt for these buntings to add an element of festivity and colours to the venue.


2.      Dance Floor

Of course, you need a dance floor. After all, you are planning a dancing mania. You can choose any dance floor of your liking. However, what’s important is the lighting you want for the floor. With our LED lights, you can light up the dance floor in any colour you want. From disco lights to basic colours, you can pick whatever you like. The lights can change as the music beats change and your guests will have the time of their life!


3.      Sofa Cube

Rubiks cube sofa hire

While the event is all about dancing, you also need to add some seating arrangements to the event. These should also go with your theme. We suggest you add some Sofa Cubes to the venue. They are chic and stylish and can be elevated with custom LED lights. These minimal sofas give your venue the perfect look with the right amount of lighting. Select some of these statement pieces and give your guests a stunning and unique seating arrangement.


4.      DJ Booth

Want to add an extra oomph to the event? You need a DJ booth, but a basic one won’t do. We offer an Inflatable DJ Booth that is nothing like a regular DJ booth. It takes less than a minute to set it up and looks absolutely spectacular. It includes DMX pixel tubes that accent the booth. You can choose any colour lighting, in accordance with your overall theme. The lights can sync with the beats of the music. Add this to the venue and you will have a great DJ corner at the venue.

Table Art DJ booth hire

5.      LED Cubes

You need to add some seating arrangement to enhance your bar area. You also need a little cool chill-out zone for your guests where they can sit and relax after all the dancing and fun. Our LED Cubes are a great choice for this purpose. These cubes work together with our wireless lighting system. You can create a ripple-like effect in cool blue colour. Or, you can also give them warm reds and ambers to give them a sizzling fire-like effect. Add LED cubes in a corner— they will make a great addition to the décor and act as a seating option for your guests.


6.      Bar Stools

It’s a dancing mania! You will definitely need a bar area that looks ultra-cool and chic. We can help you get what you want with our bar stools. Our LED Bar Stools will draw all your guests to the bar. They can sit and relax on these stools while they order their drinks. You can light these bar stools up in vibrant colours to go with your overall theme. You can create stunning lighting effects on these stools with just the click of a button. You can add them to others areas of your venue, too. Mix and match and create the perfect ambiance for your dancing mania.


40th birthday centrepieces

7.      Oak Top Poseur Tables

You also need some tables where your guests can place their glasses after they’ve had their drinks. If you are looking for something unique and chic, then opt for our Oak Top Poseur Tables. The stunning oak top adds a rustic touch to the tables. The bottom is made with a twisted white cloth. These tables also use LED lights. This means that the tables can light up in any colour of your choice.


Want to throw the best dancing mania party? Let us help you.

You can get lots of decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art.

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led floral table centres

Candlelit dinners need to be perfect. From the ambiance to the table setting, you need to work hard on everything. It can be difficult to find the right props, especially centrepieces, for candlelight dinners.

Party Art offers a wide range of LED table centrepieces that are perfect for candlelit dinners. In fact, our clients love these centrepieces because they offer just the perfect amount of light for such settings. Not only that, but these centrepieces are also ideal for creating a romantic ambiance. Perfect for weddings and casual events alike, our stunning table centrepieces will blow you away.

Here are some of our best LED table centrepieces that you can choose from for your candlelit dinner settings.

1.      Windsor Candelabra

Windsor Candelabra offers just the right amount of flicker and feels for a candlelit dinner. It is slimmer than our Classic Candelabra and comes with tapered candles. The candles have a hyper-realistic flickering, which sets a romantic aura across the table. The effortlessly elegant design and stunning details make it an ideal piece for candlelit dinners. They are cost-effective, just like our other LED table centrepieces. Add a touch of elegance, grace and romance to your dinner setting with this stunning centrepiece.

Halloween Party Ideas2.      Blossom Fish Bowl

Our Blossom Fish Bowl centrepiece is also a great LED table centrepiece choice for candlelit dinners. This arrangement consists of blooming cherry blossoms in a fish bowl. The blossom fish bowl will add a little colour to the venue with its pastel coloured flowers. It comes with a custom light base and you can choose the colour. Add a romantic and intimate feel to your dinner setting with this stunning table centrepiece.

led floral table centres3.      Effloresce

Another striking LED table centrepiece, Effloresce is ideal for candlelit dinner settings. It consists of beautiful and delicate silk blossoms inside a glass vase. These silk blossoms are spiralled in a way that they create a truly magical effect. What makes this centrepiece even more stunning is the LED lights projected at it. You can choose any shade of light you want— blue, red, lavender, to name a few. This centrepiece is a popular choice from our collection because of its elegance and grace, which are a must for dinner settings.

LED floral table centre hire

4.      Flower Air

Stunning and sophisticated, the Flower Air table centrepiece is perfect for your vintage-themed party. This centrepiece uses orchids that appear to be suspended in the air. The cylindrical glass holder creates a flawless ambiance with the perfect amount of lighting. Ideal for intimate and romantic dinner settings, these Flower Air centrepieces will turn heads.

loral led table centres5.      Blossom Tree

Another stunning, beautiful and romantic table centrepiece, the Blossom Tree is great for candlelit dinners. It makes the venue look very romantic and intimate. Add fairy lights to the arrangement and you will create an even more magical look. The beautiful pink flowers add a touch of elegance to the table setting. The centrepiece is lit from underneath with LED lights. The striking colours and beautiful arrangement make it a great centrepiece for romantic dinners.

event tree hire table centres6.      Hurricane Lamp

A Hurricane Lamp is a great centrepiece for candlelit dinner settings. The centrepiece consists of a hyper-realistic candle that flickers on a bed of crystals that sparkle brightly. Imagine what the venue will look like when you have these stunning Hurricane Lamps flickering on each table. It will be nothing less than mesmerising.


7.      Birdcage

Our stunning Birdcage centrepiece is graceful, sophisticated and elegant. This makes it a good choice for candlelit dinners. These birdcages have vintage glamour. They add a romantic touch to any table setting. These are low-level centrepieces which are truly one of a kind. Place these birdcages on their own or add flowers in them. Our team will light these up with the perfect amount of light. Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of these stunning pieces.


8.      Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp

Our Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp is an epitome of grace and class. The stunning pearl-coloured panels are set to perfection with the delicate clear glass pieces. The bronze lamp stand adds more detail to the already striking lamps. The result is this wonderful decadent lamp that makes for a great table centrepiece for candlelit dinners. The lamp lights up in a warm white glow that comes from a filament bulb. They are romantic and graceful at the same time.

led lamp centrepieces hire9.      Flower Fountain

Our Flower Fountain centerpiece is enchanting and another beautiful option for candlelit dinner settings. It consists of a fluted vase, which comes with cascading blooms. The centrepiece is softly lit with LED lights, creating a romantic and intimate look and feel. The table centrepiece looks splendid with beautiful LED colours falling on it. It makes for a great centrepiece if you wish to create a romantic ambiance for a candlelit dinner setting.

10. Frosted Candelabra

Adding a winter twist to our collection of candelabras, our Frosted Candelabra table centrepiece is bewitching. It gives the impression that it is sculpted from solid ice. The centrepiece is completed with LED candles that flicker. Frosted Candelabra is mesmerising, to say the least.

Looking for the best LED table centrepieces for a candlelit dinner setting?

You can get lots of decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art.

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  • Need a blast from the past?
  • Yearning for the bygone years or wish to take a sneak peek into the great era?
  • Now you definitely can!

If you were hoping for a time machine, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Although, what we have in mind is even better and something you can enjoy right now.

What’s better than reliving the past with an ‘80s themed event? Themed events and parties are a joy in themselves. However, ones that are centred on an era are much more exciting. The current corporate world is full of people who grew up in the ‘80s. The decade was either a part of their childhood or youth. This makes the years much closer to their heart. If you are looking to impress your workforce, then this event theme is the perfect choice.

The era had a distinct style, which wasn’t limited to its music and fashion. The flashy and bright colours became a trademark for the decade. This makes it stand apart from the rest of the recent decades. Such was the style of that generation that the clothes and themes of that time might seem wacky to the current generation. However, with an expert planner at your disposal, there’s no reason you can’t turn it into a cool event. When you connect with Table Art, you can take advantage of our experience and create a great event for your guest. With the potential to refine and style any theme, we provide you with the best opportunities. Be it lighting or props; we can provide you the things you need for an electrifying atmosphere.

Taking Inspiration

The era wasn’t all about funky colours. The creative arts of the time are also regarded as ground-breaking and have fans all around the world. Star Wars was big during the time, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more perfect theme. Go big with our Space Villain. The figure looms over the guests and provides the perfect opportunity for selfies. Cast in red light, the sense of danger is apparent, which will have your guests excited. The iconic Darth Vader makes sure that all your guests will feel his presence. The figure features an accurate and high-quality costume, which will be a delight for the fans at the event. The realistic figure looks like it has stepped right out of the movie!

Want to add more to the theme without cluttering the venue? The Yoda Statue will make sure the force is with you! Mounted on an inflatable platform and cast in green light, your guests will get to witness the epic battle of good and evil.

So you can take inspiration from Hollywood and make sure your event is remembered by guests for years to come!

Leap to the Future

Is an ‘80s themed event really a tribute to the era if it doesn’t include the futuristic ideas of the time? The decade is known for their enthusiastic futuristic themes. They were inspired by the future on some level or the other, which can work well for your theme.

At Table Art, we embrace creativity and look forward to innovation, both of which have inspired our Futuristic event. We have created numerous props that pay homage to the era. We have used Pixel technology to come up with a range of props that explore the futuristic aspirations of the ‘80s. If you are looking for a more refined look for the event, this is definitely the high point of the theme.

Vibrant Colours

The ‘80s was known for the love of bright colours, which we can easily bring to the venue. Depending on your choice, we can create an electrifying choice of motif for your party or corporate event. This will surely take your guests back in time to the good ol’ days.

To stop your guests in their track, you should opt for the Light Tunnel. The dramatic entrance gets your guests excited for the event from the moment they arrive at the venue. The white stretch tunnel amplifies the lighting effects. The best part is that you can choose the lights that match your company’s logo for free promotion. The design is also available with a black finish to give your event a classy look that will be loved by all.

The colours aren’t limited to the entrance only. You can opt for modernist chairs and tables that have a nostalgic reference for your guests. We can offer you Rubik’s cube stools to reminiscence a bygone era. They offer a casual feel to the venue and can be paired with our Poseur tables. They are also available in rotating models so that your party gets a little bit more exciting.

Our Pixel Tube is an innovative design that is loved by all our customers. The LED table centrepiece feature effects of fire, water, and snow, to name a few. Even the colours can be changed to match the colour theme of your event. With so many options available, there’s nothing stopping you from putting together a fabulous party. So, what are you waiting for?

Get planning, and with our help, you’ll be able to throw a party that’s a nostalgic experience for everyone invited.

  • Do you love ‘80s themed events and parties?
  • Searching for the right props and furniture options for your next big event?
  • Wondering what décor can help you represent the theme?

Look no further than here! UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art have the most stunning event décor to light up your events. They offer brilliant party and event guides at Party Art! You’ll be the host with the most, and your parties will be remembered for decades to come!

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