Turning Back the Clock with an ‘80s Event

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Pacman poster for an ‘80s themed event
  • Need a blast from the past?
  • Yearning for the bygone years or wish to take a sneak peek into the great era?
  • Now you definitely can!

If you were hoping for a time machine, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Although, what we have in mind is even better and something you can enjoy right now.

What’s better than reliving the past with an ‘80s themed event? Themed events and parties are a joy in themselves. However, ones that are centred on an era are much more exciting. The current corporate world is full of people who grew up in the ‘80s. The decade was either a part of their childhood or youth. This makes the years much closer to their heart. If you are looking to impress your workforce, then this event theme is the perfect choice.

The era had a distinct style, which wasn’t limited to its music and fashion. The flashy and bright colours became a trademark for the decade. This makes it stand apart from the rest of the recent decades. Such was the style of that generation that the clothes and themes of that time might seem wacky to the current generation. However, with an expert planner at your disposal, there’s no reason you can’t turn it into a cool event. When you connect with Table Art, you can take advantage of our experience and create a great event for your guest. With the potential to refine and style any theme, we provide you with the best opportunities. Be it lighting or props; we can provide you the things you need for an electrifying atmosphere.

Taking Inspiration

The era wasn’t all about funky colours. The creative arts of the time are also regarded as ground-breaking and have fans all around the world. Star Wars was big during the time, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more perfect theme. Go big with our Space Villain. The figure looms over the guests and provides the perfect opportunity for selfies. Cast in red light, the sense of danger is apparent, which will have your guests excited. The iconic Darth Vader makes sure that all your guests will feel his presence. The figure features an accurate and high-quality costume, which will be a delight for the fans at the event. The realistic figure looks like it has stepped right out of the movie!

Want to add more to the theme without cluttering the venue? The Yoda Statue will make sure the force is with you! Mounted on an inflatable platform and cast in green light, your guests will get to witness the epic battle of good and evil.

So you can take inspiration from Hollywood and make sure your event is remembered by guests for years to come!

Leap to the Future

Is an ‘80s themed event really a tribute to the era if it doesn’t include the futuristic ideas of the time? The decade is known for their enthusiastic futuristic themes. They were inspired by the future on some level or the other, which can work well for your theme.

At Table Art, we embrace creativity and look forward to innovation, both of which have inspired our Futuristic event. We have created numerous props that pay homage to the era. We have used Pixel technology to come up with a range of props that explore the futuristic aspirations of the ‘80s. If you are looking for a more refined look for the event, this is definitely the high point of the theme.

Vibrant Colours

The ‘80s was known for the love of bright colours, which we can easily bring to the venue. Depending on your choice, we can create an electrifying choice of motif for your party or corporate event. This will surely take your guests back in time to the good ol’ days.

To stop your guests in their track, you should opt for the Light Tunnel. The dramatic entrance gets your guests excited for the event from the moment they arrive at the venue. The white stretch tunnel amplifies the lighting effects. The best part is that you can choose the lights that match your company’s logo for free promotion. The design is also available with a black finish to give your event a classy look that will be loved by all.

The colours aren’t limited to the entrance only. You can opt for modernist chairs and tables that have a nostalgic reference for your guests. We can offer you Rubik’s cube stools to reminiscence a bygone era. They offer a casual feel to the venue and can be paired with our Poseur tables. They are also available in rotating models so that your party gets a little bit more exciting.

Our Pixel Tube is an innovative design that is loved by all our customers. The LED table centrepiece feature effects of fire, water, and snow, to name a few. Even the colours can be changed to match the colour theme of your event. With so many options available, there’s nothing stopping you from putting together a fabulous party. So, what are you waiting for?

Get planning, and with our help, you’ll be able to throw a party that’s a nostalgic experience for everyone invited.

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