Table centres are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any event. They provide an excellent focal point for guests to admire and can be used to together the overall theme of your party or special occasion.

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Lit up Panel and TableToday, all parties follow a theme because that makes them all the more exciting! If you are out of ideas, then we have got one for you – 007.

Sounds exciting, right? Elegance and mystery are two words that are a part of the James Bond themed party. There are so many props that you can use for this type of party so you need to be careful to choose the right ones.

Why a 007 Theme?

A James bond party is undeniably quite interesting. People are obsessed with the popular MI-6 agent since the introduction of the first Bond movie. Bond enchants us with his devilish charm, fancy gadgets, good looks and the fact that this gallant knight always gets the pretty girl… well, the idolization is totally justified!

Bond Theme Party Ideas

A Bond-Worthy Entrance

First up is the entrance. It needs to be grand and flashy so that people enter in style. There is no better way to spruce up the entrance than with a red carpet! Depending on the entrance, whether it’s outside the venue or inside, you have two choices: you can either go for a red carpet with chrome posts or a light tunnel with the whole shebang.

For the entrance, you can show case LED posts with red ropes and use a red carpet in the middle, leading your guests through a tunnel. The entire set up will look elegant and will definitely have an impact on your guests.

red carpet event hireParty Décor

One word that we have used extensively is elegance. All the party décor should revolve around this and therefore, anything you choose should reflect the theme. Here are a couple of party décor items that you can use for your 007 Night party:

Lit Arcs

Lit arcs light up your entire party. With a picture display background, you can use them to add a little something to the décor. Take out as many Bond-style pictures as you can find, and then use them on the branded lit arcs. You can position them right after the entrance for guests to take pictures with when they arrive at the party. You can also use triple screens combined to form a huge branded lit panel, which is bigger and will make for a grand backdrop for the stage.

event entrance feature hireString Curtain Mirror Ball Display

The string curtain mirror ball display has thousands of luminous strings with slowly rotating balls inside. This party décor piece is so beautiful and mesmerizing that guests will not be able to stop themselves from striking a pose and taking a picture with it. In line with your 007 theme, this string curtain mirror ball display is all opulence and will take your party up a notch.

mirror ball display hire


For a 007 Night themed party, you need to go all out with the furniture. There are plenty of options – :

Chesterfield Sofa: To create a cosy corner, where guests can sit and talk in privacy, you can create another seating area with chesterfield sofas. This luxury seating will look great beside the subtle glow of the string curtain and create an intimate setting. You can place the sofas facing away from each other, with the string curtain hanging in between. This will provide a partition for guests who are looking for a peaceful spot.

Bar: A bar is the central part of a 007 themed party. A great way to minimize your décor cost on the bar, which is already expensive due to the free-flowing alcohol, is to add a little light. We suggest foregoing the simple barstools for LED bar stools. These lit babies have a unique shape, and the glow from within will make the bar stand out. Your guests will make a beeline for this area the moment they will enter the venue.

drinks bar display hireImage Description: Customise your drinks reception with Table Art’s Bar Panel Front

Are you eager to start planning your party? Try out these ideas and see your guests gasp in wonderment! One thing we can guarantee is that you will feel on top of the world, sitting on your throne as James Bond or the ultimate villain.

If you are looking for a party planning service that will help you with this 007 Night themed party, then contact Party-Art. The company offers party décor services, along with table props that are specifically designed for themed parties. For further details about their services and bookings, call at 01926 838949 or email them at

Floral Stand DécorFlowers are so mesmerizing. The colours, the feather light petals, the beauty theypersonify… we could go on and on. Whenever you find yourself out of ideas for your party, choose flowers because you can never go wrong with them.

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”

Okakura Kakuzo

It’s quite simple actually – flowers bring joy.

You find them at weddings, at receptions, in inaugural parties and just about every occasion. Sometimes, their beauty is so overwhelming that all you want to do is fill your house with them.

Now, now… you don’t want your party to be a sneeze fest, do you?

A flower vase here and there doesn’t exactly cut it,and a bunch of them can be too much. You need to make sure that your floral arrangement looks elegant and refreshing. So, this is what we suggest. Check out these floral decorations that you can use for your next party:

1.     The Jungle Theme

If you are throwing a jungle themed party, then you need to decorate the room with the right props and centrepiece. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word jungle? Lots and lots of greenery! The eerie low light, wild flowers and a little smoke on the flower will transport your guests to the jungle for sure.

There are many party props you can use such as lighted display panels that show pictures of the most lush jungles in the world. If you want to steal everyone’s attention, then choose a post… not just any post but a pixel light post such as this climbing vine pixel tube. This centrepiece is the perfect combination of technology and natural elements. Wrapped with ivy, this tube will look absolutely beautiful. Once you turn on the lights, you will see the green magic spread.

Floral decorations2.     Fancy Floral Seating

What is the most common seating arrangement you have come across? A round table with four or six chairs around, right? These chairs are definitely not comfortable! If you are hosting a themed party, then wouldn’t you want something different?

Well, don’t worry, we have just the thing for you. Opt for a sofa cube that lights up! On its own, it is a mere seating place, but with a floral centrepiece… you have a comfortable and eye-catching spot where people can relax.

For the centrepiece, you need something big that doesn’t disrupt the view of the guests when they are sitting. Choose a blossom tree with fairy lights. The arrangement is placed in a tall glass vase with an LED light in the bottom compartment. The light pink colour of the blossoms will cast a warm glow that will soothe and delight the guests.

flower-table-centres3.     The Floral Chat Tables

What kind of event are you throwing? Is it a corporate conference, a product reveal, a wedding or an anniversary party? Whatever the occasion, apart from the seating, some people like to roam around and chat with the guests. When mingling, a drink in your hand can be a good conversation starter. However, sometimes guests need to rest their hands and few tables placed here and there can be quite convenient.

That is what we like to call the chat tables. They don’t have to be fancy or anything, but a floral décor on top will look quite good. Go for lighted tables such as this pixel poseur table. Place a flower fountain on top and voilà… you have your floral chat table.

You are probably wondering why not choose a thick vase, right? Well, this table is purely for the purpose of resting your glass and having a chat. So, the décor piece needs to be slim and elegant. If you want something a little muted, then go with a lily vase. The flute makes this floral décor sleek and stylish.

table décor4.     Floral Side Stage Décor

If you want to create a simple floral décor that can become a part of your centre stage, then we suggest getting a little creative. When people want to grab the attention of everybody in the room, they go with something big such as a champagne glass tower.

For flowers, all you need is a small floral décor and a spiral stand. What do you place on this stand? A blossom fishbowl! You can even go with simple tables and line both sides of the stage with the stands. This idea will definitely look better than the rope and gold posts.

fish bowl decorationNeed something simple to fancy up your party? If you want a muted look, then make sure the blooms are subtly hidden but are still the centre of attention. Here’s an idea: why not go with birdcages? A pair of three, different sized birdcages will work quite well here. Hang the birdcages from the ceiling in different lengths or place them on the tables. This décor can work as the centrepiece, hanging above the main table.

Surprise the guests with this floral décor as they enter the room. You can also use these birdcages for a backyard party. The LED lights placed at the bottom will make this floral décor look like lanterns.

table centreAnd that’s it with the floral décor party ideas. Pretty beautiful, right?

For such floral party décor items, you can check out the website Party-Art. The company offers different types of wall décor items as well as professional services to decorate your party. All you need to do is communicate your idea to them and they will do the rest. For more information, please call on 01926 833 949 or send them an email at

Blossom tree centrepieceAre you looking for wedding decorations that make your wedding a magical event?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces and other props that will leave your guests speechless?

Well, with Table Art at your service, your search for those perfect wedding propsis finally over!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you must have planned every detail of it. To make the day even more special, you need to add the right elements to the venue.With the perfect decoration pieces, props and table centres, you stand to score a hit.

You’ll be starting a new life soon and people must have given you a fair share of advice. You may not always want to hear it, but here are some tips that you definitely need to pay attention to. This blog will take you through a few tips that guarantee the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

So let’s get started!

Get the Entrance Right

Since it’s your special day, you’ll want to amaze the guests from the moment they arrive at the venue. Well, to achieve this effect, you need to opt for a stunning entrance feature.

With Party Art, you have a few options at hand. Just browse through our extensive selection of entrance features and opt for the one that best suits the theme.If you are looking for something quite regal, you should go for the red carpet look. A luxury scarlet carpet welcomes the guests and the polished chrome posts and rope add to the ambiance.Help your guests feel like celebrities and give them VIP treatment even before they enter the venue.Light tunnel is another option that’ll make the venue effortlessly chic. The white stretch tunnel amplifies the lighting and works with the DMX system for added drama.

red carpet chrome posts hireLighting Magic

The lighting at the venue can really play an important part in making your day a raging success. The right lights can provide a stunning ambiance that won’t fail to amaze your guests.And the best part will be the glorious photos that you will take at the venue.

For that perfect event dressing option, you need to try the coral chandelier.If you are going with a winter or underwater wedding theme, you have just the prop to pull it off. The chandeliers are a versatile choice and can go well with a number of event dressing options.

You’ll have to opt for a bar too, and the same old boring bars just won’t do for your perfect wedding. What you need is one of our specialties, the Ice Bar Front.It comes with all the style and none of the cold to make for an awesome addition to the venue. The acrylic panels give off the perfect look,while the LED system delivers the spectacular ice effect.

Wedding drinks bar decorationsFloral Rush

Weddings are all about flowers and some people love letting nature in on their big day.You can opt for flower arrangements all over the venue, but it’s the LED table centres that truly cast the magic. Our Blossom Fish Bowl is a fan favourite and once you see it, you’ll understand why.The design team at Party Art came up with the design to bring nature right to the venue.Blooming cherry blossoms are a sign of spring and we have placed them in a fish bowl for maximum impact.

Blossom Tree doesn’t confine the spring like the previous option. We have added fairy lights to the already romantic cherry blossoms and the complete look is breathtaking, to say the least.The floral arrangement brings a taste of spring to your event and looks simply timeless.

LED blossom wedding centrepiecesSophistication Blazed

To cast a soft light on your venue, we recommend our best design—the crystal candelabra.The crystal droplets deliver glamour and the sparkling spectacle doesn’t fail to mesmerize your guests.If you are looking for a soft touch of elegance for the event, these are definitely the lit centrepieces for you. Want to go for something simpler? Our candlesticks will surely help you create an intimate atmosphere.

Crystal LED wedding centrepiecesAt Party Art, we understand the need for that perfect wedding. That’s the reason our design team has gone all in for these wedding decorations. We know the importance of that day for you and that’s why we have come up with an array of designs. You can add the perfect charm to your wedding without having to break into your savings account.

With a thousand other things to arrange, it’s fair to say that the journey is hectic. You may feel the urge to take on the challenge of planning your own wedding, but it’s not advisable. The time and effortthat goes in wedding planning is a hassle. So instead of having too much on your plate, you need to take it easy.  Opt for professional party planners who have years of experience and you’ll be all set.

At Party Art, we offer an array of props that can accentuate the theme of your wedding. Just browse through our extensive selection and you’ll be sure to find some fabulous options. It’s better to leave the job in the hands of the experts.

If you are looking to add that personal touch to your special day, let us know. We can help bring your vision to reality and incorporate your ideas in the wedding decorations.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party.Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

 table art Table Décor Ideas

If you are planning to throw a party filled with fancy booze, then we suggest that a drink that has the power to change everything — a martini. How many times have you heard ‘shaken not stirred’?

Well, my friends… there’s always time for a cocktail and to get your party started, you need the perfect combination.


If you have sent out the invites and made the calls for your martini and music themed party and are now panicking because you can’t figure out where to start from or what décor and table centres ideas to choose from, then you have come to the right place. We have some pretty amazing ideas to take your party to the next level! Good décor, lighting and music are the three most important things that set the mood of the guests.

Let’s have a look at some table art ideas for your party:

Visual Treat

Some guests like to enjoy alone time, sitting at the bar or on the couch. Don’t let them get bored! Give them a visual treat that will get them on their feet. A few people are always reluctant to dance and unless they get a little push, you will find them nursing their drinks in a corner, from the start till the end of the party.

A great idea would be to display screens everywhere that show the video of the song that is currently playing. Instead of hanging big screens from the walls or using LED panels, why not go with an animated frame? It’s small and pretty, which is why it will blend in well with the décor. You can make your music list and hand it over to the DJ to play. Make sure to tell the DJ to improvise with his own songs too after your list has been played.

Table Decoration PiecesSpeaking of a DJ, you are forgetting something that is a must for a party:

DJ Booth

A DJ booth can be quite expensive, so we bring you an affordable and cool option: an inflatable DJ booth. It’s a simple set up with a table to place all your devices and an inflatable open booth with colourful LED lights that sync with the music’s thumping beats.

DJ booth hire for musical partiesEntrance

For the entrance, you need something that shouts out the theme of the party, and we have just the table décor for you: an LED light guitar.

Rock and roll people!

This centrepiece will look great at the entrance, amongst other music knickknacks. You can create a corner with décor pieces dedicated entirely to the music theme and the guitar as the centre of attention. As the guests will pass through the tunnel, they will see this beautiful table art and stop to take pictures for sure.

Musical event decorationsThe Disco Vibe

A disco ball is the one and only thing that brings the crowd to the dance floor. If you don’t want to hang a disco ball up in the centre, then we suggest going with a table décor piece. Hang the disco balls from the string or place them on stands to elevate the lights. Here’s an idea — place four disco balls on the corners of the dance floor, so that the guests have no problem swaying into this area.

Disco Ball table centre piecesBalloons Make Everything Alright

For your martini and music party, the best balloons are the ones with golden and silver confetti. You are probably wondering why balloons, right? In order to make the table décor pieces the centre of attention, you need to go a little light on the party décor. An exploding confetti balloon operates in a different manner. Imagine this — your party is in full swing and the beats are crazy. Guests have their martini glasses in hands and are killing it on the dance floor. As the beat goes high and drops, the balloons pop and all that confetti rains down on your guests.

Exploding Balloon centrepieces hireThe Martini and Music Touch

You already have your bar fully stocked and lighted to cater to your guests… after all, it’s a martini and music party. So, how can you bring out the theme’s former feature? With this martini glass! It’s a simple enough table décor that stands out. The glass is filled with crystals and has a light in the bottom part of the stem. When the glass lights up, the crystals shine and spread a warm glow all over the table. We offer other décor pieces related to your theme that you can place on the tables, such as a music note and a cassette tape.

So, there you have it — table décor pieces for your martini and music themed party that will definitely WOW your guests! Remember: the key to making your party memorable is the décor, so pay special attention to it. If you have chosen a theme, then try to incorporate elements that relate to it. All the décor pieces mentioned above reflect the theme music and martini pretty accurately.

If you are looking for table and party décor items, you can check out their website Party Art The company offers different types of table art pieces as well as professional services to decorate your party. Let them know your design ideas and they will execute it better than you had imagined. For more information, please call at 01926 833 949 or send them an email at

Rubiks cube sofa hireThe 80s are a bygone era that still holds a lot of value for us. Most people were young adults, teenagers or even had their childhoods rooted in the 80s. Due to this, throwing an 80s themed party is going to be a huge hit. It’s a nostalgic theme which, if done right, can be a huge hit with everyone.

Considering how many people loved the 80s, there is definitely some pressure to get this theme right. The devil is always in the details but if you manage to capture that feeling of nostalgia, you will be able to throw a successful party.

In this case, Party Art is perfect for helping you out. We have one of the largest inventories of props, decor pieces, centrepieces and more. In short, we have everything you would need to throw the best 80s themed party in town!

If you’re planning a party for the first time, it is very easy to get mixed up and wonder what to do. That’s why; we’re recommending some of our top picks. These can capture the nostalgia of the 80s and make sure that your party is loved by all.

The following are what we feel are the perfect items that capture the nostalgia for an 80s themed party:

1. The Age of Disco

Most people argue that disco was part of the 70s but the 80s were also a part of the age of disco. In fact, it drew from the many influences of the 60s and the 70s. That’s why we suggest that you add some disco balls into the mix. We know that this should be done tastefully so you should get our mirror ball centrepieces.

These are available in two height options, tall and low which makes them perfect for use as centrepieces or stand alone decor items. The stand for these centrepieces is clear and supports LED lighting. For a more mind-blowing experience, we can rig our state-of-the-art DMX system with the lighting. This lets you create a unique light experience. You can have the most stunning mirror balls that reflect and go with any colour scheme you have in mind!

80s themed party disco ball hire2. Bright and Vibrant Colours

The 80s are remembered for their bright and vibrant colours which grew a bit tamer as the 90s approached. Nonetheless, you can incorporate various colour schemes that throw back to those vibrant 80s years. To add some colour, pick seating options that are also colourful.

Our Rubik’s Cube seats are going to be a huge hit as they embody the pixel art fever and bright colours of the 80s. They not only add a pop of colour but also stand out and are easy to see. These can be paired with our LED Lumenbloc tables. Both these elements can make your event extremely colourful and bring the 80s to life. Even for a formal 80s themed party or event, these seating options are the most fun ones that you should consider.

80s themed party chair hire3. It’s Waka Waka Time

What’s the one, iconic thing about the 80s? There are many actually but the most famous one is Pacman. You can bring it to life in your party with the help of our LED logo arc panels. These can be customized to make them bear any logo you have in mind. In fact, getting Pacman and the 4 ghosts on the panels can be extremely fun.

These panels and arcs can be placed anywhere you want, whether you want them at the entrance or in doors in the party. With the help of these panels, you can make one think that they’re inside the Pacman game! Add in the right colour schemes and your 80s themed party will be a huge success!

80s themed party decoration ideas4. Throw Back to Cassettes

In the 80s, people still used cassette tapes for their songs and it was the highlight of your day to record your favourite song off the radio. In fact, you can still find cassette tapes in your attic or storage from those days. So, how do you incorporate these cassette tapes into your 80s themed party?

By using these as great centrepieces on the tables for your guests.

We have the perfect cassette centrepieces that will match with the 80s theme that you want. We also offer DMX lighting and a clear stand which means that you can have them match with any colour theme you have in mind. It’s definitely going to trigger nostalgia and make people think about the 80s.

80s themed party table centres5. Rubik’s Cube Show Pieces

If you like the Rubik’s cube and want to make it the central part of your party, we also have the perfect show pieces and structures. These are designed to imitate the Rubik’s cube and you can also find them in different colours thanks to our DMX lighting options.

Paired with the Rubik’s cube sofas and the centrepieces, it will make one immediately think about the Rubik’s cubes they had in their childhood. It’s a fun way to bring a toy from the 80s to life! It is sure to be a big hit with your guests.

These are just some of the decor pieces and centrepieces that you will find with us. As we mentioned previously, we have a large inventory. Check out our inventory for more 80s themed pieces!

Rubiks cube 80s themed partyWe Can Make the 80s Come to Life with Party Art

If you’re having trouble with your 80s themed party, don’t worry. Our experts are here to help. You will get access to a team of consultants and designers who have years of experience planning and throwing themed parties. We can work with any theme and offer you the best planning advice when it comes to hosting large events.

With their help, you can bring your vision to life and throw the best party in town on any theme you have in mind! For more information, please call us on 01926 833 949or send us an email

Lit table centres for graduation partyAre you looking for some décor items that will leave the guests stunned at your graduation party?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces that bring out the best features of the venue?

Well, if you are looking for such options tomake the graduation party a success, you’ve come to the right place!

A graduation party is all about reminiscing the past and celebrating the present. After completing a milestone, it’s only natural that you’ll want to celebrate the achievements of your life. We understand the desire to party, and that’s why we’ll help you put together a great event. All you need is a few options from our extensive range, and you’ll be all set! Get ready to enjoy an evening of festivities by decorating your event with our props.

Floating Star

The day is all about celebrating the stars of the evening, and that’s why you need these centrepieces for hire to accentuate the theme of the day. We have a wide range of star centrepieces that’s growing day by day. If you want to make your event magical, this is just the right thing for the venue. The lit centrepieces are a versatile option for any event, be it a festive celebration or a corporate event. If you want to grace the venue with something that looks simply ravishing, you can start your list with the Floating Star. The elegant edition placed on each table will give your venue a charm that’s unrivalled.

Graduation party centrepiece ideasSelfie Booth

The day is all about making memories. With the help of our selfie booth, you and your friends can create the best memories of your life. The inflatable prop comes equipped with a range of themed props that’ll add more excitement to your selfies. So if you want to make it a memorable day for all your guests, make sure to opt for the selfie booth. You’ll also get a lit poseur table and selfie sticks with the selfie booth so that all your pictures are lit, literally and figuratively!


Selfie Booth event hireOrganic Balloon Display

Nothing says festive like a bunch of well-placed balloons. You can add some outstanding balloon displays to the venue decorations to leave your guests breathless. They have the potential to elevate the event to the highest level and bring creativity too. There’s just something really charming about a balloon display, especially if the balloons have some striking designs.

Want to create a great combo? Party Art also offers organic balloon table centres that’ll simply look ravishing. If you want to stick to the festive theme, do check them out.

Graduation party balloon arch hireAnimated Frame

Next up is one of our most adaptable props— Animated Frame. It is bound to be the highlight of the evening. If you want to amplify the event theme or play any footage, you need to include this prop in the event styling.The prop features an easel and a frame that can show the footage of your choosing. To enhance the mesmerizing trait of the event, you can make a show reel of the best moments of the class.

By opting for an Animated Frame, you can take a walk down memory lane with all the guests as you watch the highlights of your student life. You can place it at the entrance for a magical feel or include it as venue decorations. Just make sure you have the footage on a USB. All you need to do then is connect it to the animated frame, and hey presto! You can also use them to display the table plan, but it’s better to go for the exciting option.

Graduation party décor ideasYour desire to throw a successful graduation party is now our aim. Whatever the theme of the party, making sure that all the elements align can be a tedious task. And if you are someone who doesn’t have much experience in party planning, the whole process can be a bit too much. That’s where Party Art comes in to offer you the convenience of getting the job done with professionals. We offer you peace of mind and all the resources required to throw a party that’s worth the cost. Since we have years of experience and a prestigious clientele, we are the perfect choice for you. You can be sure that we will always deliver what we promise.

So if you are looking to make your graduation party the event of the year, you need not worry about anything. Everything you need, be it inflatable props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers or furniture, will be at your disposal. Now, you can finally make your vision of the perfect graduation party a reality.

Want to add some customized options to the venue? We’ve got your back! The best part about our service is that we always welcome creative ideas. If you have a vision in your head, we can easily bring it to life.  We will incorporate them into your party theme for a full on blast! Just communicate your theme with our team of experts and we’ll customise our decoration pieces to meet your needs. With the passion of creativity instilled in us, we can create props that are unique and customised for your convenience.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party.Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

A Moving Eye Mask FaceHalloween is right around the corner and for most people, it is the best holiday. What’s not to love? It’s got horror, you get to dress up, plus there’s loads of free sweets and chocolate. A good Halloween party is one that combines all these aspects and offers your guests something more. It can also be difficult to have a completely unique Halloween party because the theme has been around for ages.

So, it’s time to think out of the box to have a party that is remembered. In fact, if you love Halloween, why not go all out for it this year? That’s why; Party Arts is here to help you out. We have some of the most unique centrepieces, props, statues and more.

With our help, you can explore different ideas and throw a Halloween party that is going to be truly memorable. We’re always looking for new ways and you’ll find that our team of consultants can help you have a unique Halloween party. Our vast inventory also makes it easier for you to apply different themes and concepts with ease.

Wondering how you can make Halloween unique this year? The following are some of our top suggestions:

Throwback to Parlour Seers

One of the best ways to bring something new to the Halloween theme is by drawing inspiration from the old parlour games that were popular in Victorian times. It was quite common for a group of people to go to see a special seer who claimed to talk to ghosts and spirits. Bring that same sense of mystery and magic to life with the help of the perfect centrepieces.

In fact, the Cabaret Lamp is the best item to use which can help bring that mystery back to life. It’s designed in a Victorian fashion and the colours make you think of intimate parlour settings. Add in some tarot themed table pieces, place mats and more. To embody this theme even more, you can also opt for a crystal ball centrepiece that makes every guest feel like they’re sitting down with a personal seer of their own.

Halloween party lampshadeMake it Perfectly Eerie

Now, Halloween is all about going over the top with the décor. You’ll see pumpkins, bats, black cats, witches, ghosts and even cauldrons. But how about you take a break from the classic Halloween elements and opt for something a little eerie. The best horror movies are the ones where the horror is tangible but subtle.

That’s why our Moving Eye Mask can be a great addition for you. It’s a completely functional, animatronic mask where the eyes can follow your guests around. The subtlety of this action may take your guests a bit of time to notice. It will also help to make the event absolutely creepy and filled with horror. The best part is that you can also get this prop customized according to your specifications so have some fun. Think out of the box and we will make it come true!

Halloween party propsPrepare for a Ghostly Feast

Halloween themed dinners are all about the details and it can be pretty creative. Sausages can be turned into witch fingers or the meatballs into eyeballs. Dessert and drinks can also be given a twist in this manner. To make sure that you keep this theme in mind, you should get the best centrepieces for your dinner. Our Windsor Candelabra is the perfect way to prepare for a ghostly feast.

The candelabrum is made completely from clear acrylic. It features faux candles with a fake candle light that flickers just like the real one. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about candle wax, fire hazards or more. Your guests can also stay mystified about what’s keeping these ghostly candelabras alight. The best part is that the clear base can reflect different lights so you can match it to any colour scheme.

Halloween party table centrepiecesAdd Some Nightmare Fuel

Sometimes though, it’s not necessary to worry about being subtle and unique. It can be very fun to throw a Halloween shindig that goes all out. So, if you are thinking of throwing the ultimate Halloween party, you can amp up the horror part by getting the best props. Luckily, we have quite a few props and statues that are Halloween themed but still unique.

The following are the ones that you should pick if you want to add some nightmare fuel into your Halloween themed party

Giant Clown

For a truly terrifying time, get your hands on the Giant Halloween Clown figure. This stands a terrifying 3 metres tall and it will definitely make your guests stop and stare. The clown has flaming red hair, bright green eyes and large claw-like hands that are always reaching for the guests!

Halloween party clown propsThe Hells Angel

What happens to a Hells Angel who never gave up their lifestyle? Our Halloween Hells Angel prop shows the ultimate ghost rider. The skeleton rider comes with a leather jacket, red bandana and a silver and black motorbike. It’s not only easy to integrate into a theme but, it is definitely unique.

Halloween party skeleton statueNightmare Clown

This is a smaller version of the giant Halloween clown but it is not less nightmarish. This clown is perfect for when you don’t have enough space for a 3 metre clown. It’s not only smaller but is also more horrifically made. It has flaming red hair, a terrifying grin and a red and white suit.

With these props, you can have a truly unique Halloween party that’s the talk of the town! Get started today!

Halloween party creepy clown decorations

We Can Help You!

If you’re looking for help with your Halloween party, get in touch with us! Party Art has a dedicated team of consultants, planners and designers. We also have the biggest inventory of table centrepieces, props and more! With our help, you can bring your vision to life and throw the best party in town on any theme you have in mind! For more information, please call us on 01926 833 949 or send us an email at

Balloon Arch for the StageThrowing a party can be very overwhelming. Two things that put you in a spiral are the food and décor. If you are inviting a pizza-kind of crowd, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Then there are birthday parties, where food is part of the table décor, and lastly, there are posh parties, which require fancy food.

Well, we are not here to talk about your food choices! You probably ended up here because you are looking for some décor ideas for your party. The following are a couple of décor items that you can use for your event. You can pick out the ones suited for your party and keep the rest in your mind for your next party.

Balloon Cones

Say it with me – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Have you ever seen a party theme dedicated to ice cream? Sounds exciting, right? This theme is perfect for birthday parties for both girls and boys.

Here are a few décor items that you can use for this theme:

Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Simple balloons are so old fashioned, don’t you think? So, we offer something different: ice cream cone balloon. It’s pretty simple to create the cone for the balloon. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Take a brown chart and create a large circle on it (you can either place a dinner plate face down to create the circle or use a compass)
  • Cut the circle and create check pattern on it
  • Attach the ribbon with tape in the centre and then cut the paper from one side till the centre
  • Bring the ribbon down and fold the paper into a cone
  • Tie the inside end of the ribbon to the balloon and there you have it — your ice cream balloons!

Add this to some of Party Art’s LED Table Centres for a spectacular party.

inflatable ice cream balloonsSprinkle Confetti

Confused about the backdrop? If you want to do something plain and simple, then here’s what we suggest:

  • Print out templates of ice cream cones in different colours
  • Create cut outs and attach double sided scotch tape on the back (don’t remove the wrapper yet)
  • Now, create sprinkles on card and cut them out (make the sprinkles thick or you will spend forever trying to create the backdrop)

Stick the cones onto the wall in straight lines, some short and some long, and then stick the sprinkles haphazardly in the middle.

ice cream party decorationsGlitter Cones

This party theme feels a little incomplete without an ice cream bar. For the final touch, you will need glitter and by that, we mean lots of it! All you need are some antique boxes, which you can easily get from the flea market, and card stock paper.

  • Cut out circles in the card stock paper and then stick them on top of the box (this will work as the cone stand)
  • Hang a chalkboard on the wall and write the ice cream flavours you will be serving
  • Place a waist high table in front of the chalk board and place the cone boxes on it
  • Fill bowls with different toppings and place them on the table

Now, to glitter the cones, you will need edible glue and glitter. Brush the cones with glue and then dip them in glitter. You can either dip the entire cone in glitter or just the opening. Position the ice cream refrigerator beside the table and hang a small bucket filled with water and a couple of scoop spoons in it from the wall.

Add these to Party Art’s LED Table Centres to really wow your guests

Glitter Cones party decorationsSequin Letter Garland

Want a little extra bling? Don’t worry because we have just the thing for you! Garlands were so last season, but a sequin letter garland is what you need for your party.

Supplies You Need

  • Stretch sequin trim
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Cord
  • Metallic glitter
  • Glue


  • First, cut out letters from the scrap cardboard
  • Put glue on one side of the letters
  • Attach the sequin trim on the letters
  • Dip the cord in glue and then in glitter (allow it to dry)
  • Cut holes in the top of the letters and then loop the cord through them

There you go — your sequin letter garland is ready!

LED Table Centres from Party Art will enhance your event further

sequin letter decorationsOmbré Chain Backdrop

The backdrop is the centre stage of a party. You want it to be fancy and pretty at the same time so that the pictures come out great. The best thing about card stock paper is that they can be used for just about anything. This ombré chain backdrop requires only card stock paper and a few hundred staples.

  • First, you need to cut strips of the card stock paper. Select shades of blue, purple and pink to create the perfect ombré palette
  • It can be a little time consuming to cut strips, so we suggest buying a fringing tool. It allows you to cut several strips in one go
  • To create the chain, fold a strip in a circle and staple it
  • Take the next strip and thread it through the circle vertically and staple it

The design you are creating here is an inverted pyramid. To make sure that the chains are in perfect formation, measure them as you go. Pick a wall that has curtains on it in the centre. Remove the curtains and hang the chains from the rod.

ombré chains for eventsHere’s a neat trick to light up any party: use fairy lights and paper streamers. Hang them from the backdrop banner or garland, attach them to the balloons to give them a chandelier look or wrap them around the party table. Then add some LED Table Centres from Party Art to create the best party décor.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of arranging the décor for your party, then give Party-Art a chance to make your special occasion memorable. The company offers not only décor items but professional decorating services too. For more information, please call 01926 833 949 or send them an email at

Party String CurtainYou are planning for a party and there’s a lot to do— decluttering and cleaning the house, the food and the drinks, the arrangement and the décor. As long as the party is successful, who cares about the entrance, right?


Imagine this: It’s your parent’s 30th anniversary and you and your siblings decided to throw them a secret party. You surprise your parents with a lunch date and tickets to an afternoon concert. As they leave the house, you start planning. You call all the guests and tell them to arrive on time so that everyone can sneak up on your parents and surprise them. When the guests arrive, they start looking around the house, confused until you lead them into the living room. After the fifth guest arrives and you see the same reaction on his face, you ask if there’s something wrong. The guest simply says, “Where’s the party?” And that’s when it dawns on you that the house doesn’t exactly look festive for the occasion.

Our point being — it’s important to have a striking entrance for your party no matter what the occasion is. The entrance has a huge impact on the guests and it sets the right tone. You need to wow your guests even before they have entered the room!

Following are five unique entrance décor ideas that will make a great first impression:

1. Memory Cut-Outs

Party Theme: Walking Down Memory Lane

Picture frames are all well and good for memories, but on a special occasion, such as an anniversary, why not create life-size memories? It’s time to bring out the old albums and find pictures of your parents when they were young. Create a timeline of 10 years, starting from when they first started dating.

Get these pictures printed on life-size boards and then create cut-outs. Starting from the entryway, place the cut-outs according to the timeline. Make sure to place the last one in front of the backdrop, behind the table. You can even join the cut-outs with fairy lights.

Add Party Art lit table centres to this for a spectacular effect.

family photo party decorations2. Starlit Tunnel

Party Theme: A Magical Night

Does your house entrance lead to a long corridor? Then this entrance décor will blow your guests away. This décor idea is so cool that even you will be amazed by how easily it can be executed. You only need two items to create this entrance: jet-black velvet cloth and yellow, mini LED lights.

Cover the walls and the ceiling with the black velvet cloth. Make sure that the cloth doesn’t sag in any area. Dim the outside lights as this will keep the entrance in a silhouette. Once the cloth has been nailed to the walls, you can attach the mini LED lights on the cloth haphazardly to create a starry look.

When the guests start arriving, make sure to dim the outside lights at the end of the tunnel. This way, they will feel like they are walking underneath a starlit sky.

starlit tunnel event decorations3. Pure Elegance

Party Theme: Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby” showed us how true elegance and opulence looks like. One could actually feel the lavishness with which the parties were decorated. Sparkling Champagne glasses, plush feathers, the VIP roped entrance and the black and gold décor… there are not enough words to describe how beautiful this theme is.

So, here’s what we think will allow you to create a Gatsby themed entrance: crystal curtains, gold coloured garlands, props, masquerade masks and a chalk board with the  guest of honour’s name on it.

Hang the crystal curtain at the entrance and use gold coloured garlands to cover the walls. At the mouth of the corridor, place the chalkboard on the right side, near the coat hanger rack, so that guests can admire the hand-written beauty. As for the props and masks, place them on a mesh display stand so that people can pick one on their own and then enter the party.

Party Art’s range of lit table centres will compliment this perfectly.

champagne gatsby events4. Drapes

Party Theme: The Hippie Vibe

Creating an entrance with drapes is all about colours and lights. This hippie theme décor is pretty easy to achieve. All you need is long strips of coloured cloth and fairy lights. Now, to make the entrance look grand, you will have to mix-match with a lot of knick-knacks.

First, hang the drapes in a tent-style and then curve the fairly lights down the length. You can use plenty of props to spruce up the entrance such as fresh flower garlands, potted ferns, lanterns and the pièce de résistance — a guitar.

Party Art’s musical lit table centres are perfect for this.

hippie themed party5. Metallic Tassels

Party Theme: Shimmer and Shine

Who doesn’t love bling and tassels? Put them together, and you can create a fairy land! If you don’t want to decorate the entrance with helium balloons, which is usually what most people go for, then we have the perfect décor idea for you.

This shimmer-and-shine theme focuses on tassels and tassels alone. They are the start of your entrance and the party. All you need is shiny, satin finish tissue paper in gold and another colour of your choice. Cut them in strips and make small, finger-length tassels. Then attach them on a string and hang them from the ceiling. It will take a lot of time to create these tassels because you want to cover the entire entrance with them. As for the walls, hang sparkling fringe curtains on both sides.

And there you have it — a beautiful and shiny entrance that will make the guests feel like they are walking through a fairy land. Added to Party Art’s lit table centres your party will make a big impression.

event entrance buntingFor more professional party decor, you can check out Party-Art. The company offers not only décor items but also professional decorating services to make your party special. All you need to do is communicate your idea to them and they will do the rest. For more information, please call 01926 833 949 or send them an email at

Crystal plinth table centrepieceFootball fever is on the rise. With the amazing football events happening all around, one cannot help but plan a football-themed event.

Whether it is an awards show or any casual event, you can opt for a football theme if you are a football lover. The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating the venue for a football-inspired event. If you are planning a football-themed event of any kind, we’ve got you covered.

At Party Art, we make your event decor dreams come true. We have planned and managed hundreds of events before and our clients love us for our professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. We listen to our clients and understand what they have in mind. Our event planning experts then plan the decor of your event just the way you envisioned. Our clients love our work and keep coming back for more.

If you are planning a football-inspired event and want the best table centres at the venue, then we can help you. We are especially popular for arranging sports-inspired events. Our team loves football and that reflects in our event planning, decor, and management. Thus, if you are planning a football-inspired event, then you can trust us for providing the best event planning and decor services.

Here are some options for our football-inspired table centrepieces that you can choose from. You can also create custom table centres if you have any unique idea in mind.

Football LED centrepieces1.Football Boot Table Centrepiece

Whether you are raising funds for your club or celebrating an important victory, our Football Boot table centrepiece is an ideal choice. You can put your golden boots you want to auction in stunning glass cases to make them more appealing. You may also put signed boots in these cases and keep them at the centre of each table. You will surely have a record-breaking auction because of such visibility.

These table centres can also feature the table number at the base of the glass case. This makes them not only highly aesthetic but functional at the same time. But this centrepiece is not just limited to auction events. You can use this to throw a party for a football enthusiast. They will love the attention to detail you have put in the decor. Choose these table centres and make your guests go wow.

Football boot table centres2.Football Lily Vase

If you are arranging a more sophisticated football-themed event, then opt for our Football Lily Vase. It comes highly recommended and has been featured in many prestigious events. It is a popular choice for televised sports events as well as sports awards shows.

A football sits atop a stunning acrylic stand. The stand is tall enough not to disrupt the guests when they talk to one another. At the same time, it showcases the love for football you have. Choose this stunning centrepiece and we are sure that your guests will love it. You can opt for your choice of light to fall on to these centrepieces. This creates a unique branding opportunity that will make you stand out and increase your brand’s visibility.

3.Football Low

If you want a centrepiece that keeps the line of vision clear on each table, then opt for our Football Low table centrepiece. A football sits on top of a low stand on each table. This creates a stunning and creative table centre that everyone at the event will love. Perfect for sports award shows and casual football-inspired parties, choose this table centre to show your love for the game.

With our DMX lighting, each table centre will be lit in the colours of your choice. Even better, blackout the room in award shows and announce the winner using our DMX lighting system. The football on the winner’s table will start to glow. Doesn’t it sound exciting and super fun?

Choose our Football Low table centrepiece for your sports-themed event today. It will not only be a great table centre but will also be the centre of attraction at your football-inspired event.

table art football table centres4.Crystal Plinth

Want to elevate your event decor and take it to the next level?

Opt for our Crystal Plinth table centrepiece.

These add a strong sense of quality and design to every event. For a football-themed event, you can place a football on top of the crystal plinth. But this table centre is not just limited to be used in football-inspired events. In fact, you can replace the football with a tennis ball, cricket ball, golf ball or even an earth globe. The versatility of this table centrepiece makes it a popular choice for a wide variety of events.

If you are looking for a great table centrepiece for your football-themed event, then choose the Crystal Plinth table centrepiece.

Crystal plinth football centrepiecesPlanning an event can be a daunting task. There are so many things to take care of that it gets difficult to keep track of everything. But it’s not a problem anymore as the event planning experts at Party Art can help you out. We have planned and arranged countless events before and our clients love us for our professionalism and attention to detail.

If you have an event coming ahead and you have no idea how you will plan and arrange it, then get in touch with us. Our team will take over the event planning and will arrange an event that everyone will remember for a long time. Our professionals talk to our clients to understand what they need. They then arrange everything accordingly, keeping the clients in the loop. This is why our clients love us and keep coming back to us for all their events.

Let’s talk about your next event. Get in touch with us today.

Customised inflatable prop of a space rocketHave you decided to throw a space themed party?

Are you on the lookout for the right decoration pieces that’ll bring more charm to the venue?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces that will set the tone for your party?

Well, you wanted the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Party Art!

You want to impress your guests and take them on a journey that they will not forget soon. The best way to go about this is to opt for a themed event. The only obstacle in your way of achieving this is the lack of some great decoration pieces. Well, now you can finally transform your vision into a reality with the numerous space themed props that Party Art offers.

Your dream of having a space themed party will finally turn into reality with the choicest LED table centres and props that are available at Party Art. We have included a few options here so you can choose the best ones.

Let’s get started!

space themed event styling·Inflatable Space Rocket  

Yes, you read that correctly. We offer an inflatable space rocket to bring some galactic wonder to your event. The design pays tribute to old silent movies that offered the subject in all its simplicity. The prop shows off retro chic and has the potential to be the focal point of your event.

The best thing about this prop is its versatility. You can hang it or go for a freestanding option. You can create a magical medley by opting for some great furniture and props at Party Art that’ll go well with the whole theme. So if you are hoping for the perfect moon landing themed party, we have your back!

space rocket inflatable prop hire·Lunar Glow

Bring the light of the full moon to your space themed party with Lunar Glow. These LED table centres are immediately recognisable and make for a great surprise element. Enthral your guests with this addition and see their faces light up from the lunar glow. The replica looks surprisingly realistic with craters and dark spots that imitate the real thing.

You can opt for a tall version of the table centres or go for a low base, whichever suits your needs. The best part about these centrepieces for hire is the interior light. You can choose the right colours to create contrast and make a breathtaking impression.

LED moon space centrepieces·Star Wars Tribute

Is your space themed party even considered a success if you don’t include Star Wars? Star Wars fans are in for a treat with these props. Party Art understands there’s a huge fan following of the masterpiece. May the force be with you as you decorate your venue with the Space Villain prop. The Darth Vader statue stands high above the guests and acts as a great backdrop for selfies. The iconic character looks like it has stepped right out the movies. So use it to impress your guests and add relevance to the theme.

Want something more? Table Art delivers once again!

The Green Alien prop is another Star Wars reference that will elevate the theme of your party. The Yoda statue, combined with the Darth Vader statue, represents the epic battle of good vs. evil. If you want to captivate your guests, this is the best way to go about it.

Alien event props·String Curtain Space Display

To complete that out-of-this-world look for your event, you need to include the string curtain space display. This display adds a dramatic look and catches your guests’ attention as soon as they enter the venue.

disco ball event prop hire·Inflatable Full Moon

Bring the best elements of space right inside your party venue! Our inflatable full moon is an awe-inspiring decoration prop that brings your whole theme to life. To make the prop more realistic, the design team has detailed it with craters and textures that spell magic. If you are aiming to take a giant leap and plan a truly unique space themed event, this is a must have prop.

inflatable moon prop hire·Star Fountain

If you want to add terrestrial wonder to the event, we have just the table centres for you. With the help of star fountain, you can help your guests witness the starry skies of summer. This inventive design is a proud production of our design team and has been a favourite. Apparently delicate, this is a reliable design that’ll definitely bring charm to your space themed event. So opt for these LED table centres and surprise your guests.

star lily vase table centreSatisfied with the multiple options you have for your space themed event? Party Art understands the struggles of party planning and that’s why we offer the right decoration pieces. You can also take some much needed help from our team of professional planners.

For some customized services, get our design team on board. Discuss your ideas with them and bring your ideas to life. We can easily incorporate your ideas into your party to give the event a personal touch. We are passionate about our job and that’s what gets our creative juices flowing. So connect with us for your next event and get everything you need to plan a successful party.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

Big Ben table centrepieceLooking for a classic and graceful theme for your next event?

Why not choose an all-things-British theme?

It looks sophisticated and will add a graceful touch to your event. If you love Great Britain, then this theme is the perfect opportunity to tell the whole world about it. However, working on a British-inspired event is not easy. There are so many things to take care of that it becomes too overwhelming.

And that’s where Party Art comes into the picture!

Party Art is here to help you plan and execute your event. We assure you that your event will be successful if you let the event planning experts at Party Art take over the job. Our clients love our attention to detail. We take care of everything, small to big, and ensure that you host a successful event.

Working with a British-inspired event can be tricky. It is difficult to pick what to include in the décor and what not. It is all about sophistication and grace. You also have to add all the right elements to the décor that keep the guests in awe.

To help you plan a British- inspired event, we have listed here some of the best table centrepieces you can choose from. These centrepieces have been carefully designed keeping in mind Great Britain and its uniqueness. With these, your venue will give a truly British feel and we are sure that your guests will love the décor.

Let’s get started!

London table centres1.      Big Ben Table Centrepiece

What’s a more iconic centrepiece for a British- inspired event than the Big Ben itself?

Big Ben is an iconic and wondrous feature of the London Skyline. It is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world and simply takes you back to London. There is nothing better than choosing this monumental building as your table centrepiece. It will give the best of British flavour to your event.

The Big Ben table centrepiece is a part of our Best of British collection. Choose this whether you are hosting an event for an international audience or your British guests. It also goes well if you are celebrating a British achievement.

You can make the Big Ben table centrepiece glow in the colours of your choice. Our lighting experts will light each of them up using LED lighting. It adds a great feature to your table centre that your guests will love.

united kingdom british centrepieces2.      Mini British Collection

Hosting an event to celebrate British achievements?

Or simply looking for a table centre that incorporates all the highlighting features of Great Britain?

Opt for our Mini British Collection table centrepieces. These exciting and unique table centres will make you revel in the heritage of the UK. You will find all the monumental and iconic features of the UK here.

The table centres feature London Eye, Big Ben, a British telephone, the Union Jack and last but not least, the London Bridge. These iconic features of the UK make for the perfect centrepieces for any British- inspired event. Accentuate them even further by setting the lights in the colours of the UK, red, white and blue.

These table centres are ideal for any formal or casual event. Choose them and show off your British heritage proudly in front of a local or international audience. Everyone will love it.

british led centrepieces3.      Custom Print Lamp

At Party Art, we aim to provide our clients with the best event management and planning experience. Our design and creative team works hard to come up with unique table centrepieces and décor items for your events. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

An example of this is our Custom-Printed Lampshade Range. It is not just any lampshade range, but you can actually custom-print these. If you are working on a British-inspired event, we can print iconic monuments of the UK on these lampshades. You can also get them printed in the Union Jack or any other thing for that matter. This brings a unique and custom touch to the décor of your events.

Not only that, but you can also get these lampshades custom-printed with your business logo. This is great for branding and ideal for a brand launch. Choose our custom-printed Lamps and let your imagination play. These lampshades will be lighted in the colours of your choice. We are sure that you and your guests will love the final result.

British lamp centrepieces4.      Custom Table Centrepieces

Have something unique and creative in mind?

Want to add your own touch and creativity to the table centres for your event?

Well, there’s no one stopping you. In fact, we love it when our customers participate in the designing and creating phase. We offer Custom Table Centres that let you play with your creativity and designing skills. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Just get in touch with our design team and tell them what you have in mind. They will help you create a masterpiece that you will fall in love with.

Custom table centres are our forte. We love playing with new designs and will create what you have conceptualised. Have a unique table centre idea in mind? We’ve got you covered. Let us know and we will create what you imagined.

Party Art is all about making your event successful. With our team, your event will be the talk of the town. We have a great creative team that understands your needs and work together with you to conceptualise your ideas and concepts. We have the best table centrepieces with LED lights that will surely light up your event. In addition, we also offer everything you need for the décor of your venue for your event. From planning to execution, our team will take care of it all.

Planning a British-inspired event?

Get in touch with our team and we will plan and arrange a spectacular event for you.