From A Sharp to B Flat – Musical Night Theme Party Ideas

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Lit Panels table centre

Lit PanelsLet’s rock or…swing ballroom-style? Maybe you are more into the 70’s? Whatever the case, we know that your heart is already pumping and your feet moving to get your groove on. If you are looking for some music theme party ideas, then you have come to the right place. Where there’s music, people are ready to bust a move and if your party does not have that certain décor that entices people to move to the dance floor, sing out loud, and dance their hearts out, then your party will be a bore.

So, what can you do that will take your party from toe-tapping to hip-hopping? As we mentioned, the right décor is what sets the tone, and that means picking table centrepieces that will literally light up your party!

Keep reading to find out how you can make your musical night theme party a success.

Setting the Theme

What are the two things that you will usually find in a musical night theme party?

Karaoke and disco balls!

So, let’s take it from there. If you have chosen a music theme, then you have plenty of options that will help you decorate the party. Apart from the dance floor, you need to focus on other things too such as the entrance, ceiling hangings, and the furniture, so that when people enter the venue, they get the full impact of your party.

hanging chandelier hireMusical Night Table Centrepieces

Following are a few décor items and table centrepieces that you can choose for your musical night party:

The Entrance

red carpet chrome posts hireCreating an entrance that wows the guests can be very difficult. With all those ideas swirling in your head about the décor, you might go a little overboard. Don’t worry because we are here to save the day and your party!

Get Up and Dance

Mirror Ball Tall

No music theme party is complete without a disco ball! This mirror ball tall is a centrepiece that you can position on dining tables throughout the venue. Also at the four corners of your dance floor, you can place them on poseur tables. Then they are at eye level and cast colourful shadows on the guests. This way, you can use the DMX lighting to create a “lit” dance floor. You can synchronize the disco ball’s LED light with the music so that it moves with the beat. If you want the dance floor to be the centre of attraction, then the Mirrorball will help you bring it to life.


The Musical Board

mirror ball led table centresAnother idea for the guests’ table centrepieces is LED-lit musical notes and treble clefs  to light the tables. These are simple designs that will keep the tables clear and give off an elegant look. If you are looking for something fancy, then you have other options too such as a saxophone, keyboard, and jukebox. All these centrepieces are made of lightweight, wiry, and translucent acrylic material that glow from the LED light in the box they are attached to.

The Retro Vibe

musical led centrepiecesIf you are looking for something smaller, then we suggest the cassette tape centrepiece. Attached to a tall rod, which connects to a box with an LED light in it. This table centrepiece is as simple as they come. In fact, it will take your guests back to the time when aviator sunglasses, arcade machines, and milkshakes were all the rage.

The Confetti Drop

The music is about to reach its peak and when that beat drops, you want your guests to jump up and dance. If this is an idea that you have in mind, then we have just the thing for you – exploding confetti balloon.

You can attach the helium balloons to the tables as centrepieces. This 3-foot balloon filled with confetti is no ordinary balloon! Equipped with a unique mechanism, the balloons pop remotely on command. All you have to do is instruct the technician that when the beat drops, they press the button and all your guests will be showered with your choice of coloured confetti.

exploding balloon table centrepiecesEvery party calls for a musical celebration but when you plan your entire party around it, you need to make sure that the décor is on point. There’s one rule to hosting a themed party – all the décor must complement the theme you have chosen so that when the guests enter the venue, they are amazed by all the planning, time, and effort you have put into it.

If you are looking for such specific table centrepieces created for themed parties, then visit Table-Art. The company offers numerous table centrepieces that will help you light up your party. You can also enlist their services for full party planning. For further details about their services and bookings, call at 0845 521 1234 or mail them at

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