5 Entrance Features You Should Pick for Your Special Event

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Party String Curtain

Party String CurtainYou are planning for a party and there’s a lot to do— decluttering and cleaning the house, the food and the drinks, the arrangement and the décor. As long as the party is successful, who cares about the entrance, right?


Imagine this: It’s your parent’s 30th anniversary and you and your siblings decided to throw them a secret party. You surprise your parents with a lunch date and tickets to an afternoon concert. As they leave the house, you start planning. You call all the guests and tell them to arrive on time so that everyone can sneak up on your parents and surprise them. When the guests arrive, they start looking around the house, confused until you lead them into the living room. After the fifth guest arrives and you see the same reaction on his face, you ask if there’s something wrong. The guest simply says, “Where’s the party?” And that’s when it dawns on you that the house doesn’t exactly look festive for the occasion.

Our point being — it’s important to have a striking entrance for your party no matter what the occasion is. The entrance has a huge impact on the guests and it sets the right tone. You need to wow your guests even before they have entered the room!

Following are five unique entrance décor ideas that will make a great first impression:

1. Memory Cut-Outs

Party Theme: Walking Down Memory Lane

Picture frames are all well and good for memories, but on a special occasion, such as an anniversary, why not create life-size memories? It’s time to bring out the old albums and find pictures of your parents when they were young. Create a timeline of 10 years, starting from when they first started dating.

Get these pictures printed on life-size boards and then create cut-outs. Starting from the entryway, place the cut-outs according to the timeline. Make sure to place the last one in front of the backdrop, behind the table. You can even join the cut-outs with fairy lights.

Add Party Art lit table centres to this for a spectacular effect.

family photo party decorations2. Starlit Tunnel

Party Theme: A Magical Night

Does your house entrance lead to a long corridor? Then this entrance décor will blow your guests away. This décor idea is so cool that even you will be amazed by how easily it can be executed. You only need two items to create this entrance: jet-black velvet cloth and yellow, mini LED lights.

Cover the walls and the ceiling with the black velvet cloth. Make sure that the cloth doesn’t sag in any area. Dim the outside lights as this will keep the entrance in a silhouette. Once the cloth has been nailed to the walls, you can attach the mini LED lights on the cloth haphazardly to create a starry look.

When the guests start arriving, make sure to dim the outside lights at the end of the tunnel. This way, they will feel like they are walking underneath a starlit sky.

starlit tunnel event decorations3. Pure Elegance

Party Theme: Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby” showed us how true elegance and opulence looks like. One could actually feel the lavishness with which the parties were decorated. Sparkling Champagne glasses, plush feathers, the VIP roped entrance and the black and gold décor… there are not enough words to describe how beautiful this theme is.

So, here’s what we think will allow you to create a Gatsby themed entrance: crystal curtains, gold coloured garlands, props, masquerade masks and a chalk board with the  guest of honour’s name on it.

Hang the crystal curtain at the entrance and use gold coloured garlands to cover the walls. At the mouth of the corridor, place the chalkboard on the right side, near the coat hanger rack, so that guests can admire the hand-written beauty. As for the props and masks, place them on a mesh display stand so that people can pick one on their own and then enter the party.

Party Art’s range of lit table centres will compliment this perfectly.

champagne gatsby events4. Drapes

Party Theme: The Hippie Vibe

Creating an entrance with drapes is all about colours and lights. This hippie theme décor is pretty easy to achieve. All you need is long strips of coloured cloth and fairy lights. Now, to make the entrance look grand, you will have to mix-match with a lot of knick-knacks.

First, hang the drapes in a tent-style and then curve the fairly lights down the length. You can use plenty of props to spruce up the entrance such as fresh flower garlands, potted ferns, lanterns and the pièce de résistance — a guitar.

Party Art’s musical lit table centres are perfect for this.

hippie themed party5. Metallic Tassels

Party Theme: Shimmer and Shine

Who doesn’t love bling and tassels? Put them together, and you can create a fairy land! If you don’t want to decorate the entrance with helium balloons, which is usually what most people go for, then we have the perfect décor idea for you.

This shimmer-and-shine theme focuses on tassels and tassels alone. They are the start of your entrance and the party. All you need is shiny, satin finish tissue paper in gold and another colour of your choice. Cut them in strips and make small, finger-length tassels. Then attach them on a string and hang them from the ceiling. It will take a lot of time to create these tassels because you want to cover the entire entrance with them. As for the walls, hang sparkling fringe curtains on both sides.

And there you have it — a beautiful and shiny entrance that will make the guests feel like they are walking through a fairy land. Added to Party Art’s lit table centres your party will make a big impression.

event entrance buntingFor more professional party decor, you can check out Party-Art. The company offers not only décor items but also professional decorating services to make your party special. All you need to do is communicate your idea to them and they will do the rest. For more information, please call 01926 833 949 or send them an email at partyart@table-art.co.uk.

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