Party decor after COVID

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Looking at ways to invigorate events!

It is safe to say that the event industry has been left bruised from the effects of Covid. What industry hasn’t? But we need to take stock and recover. What can we do to invigorate the industry? We need to not only get back to normality but make ourselves stronger than before…

The event industry knows how to throw a party, right? That’s our thing! Yet when it comes to our own companies, how often do we host in-house events? There is always something more important, another big booking, a busy week, a busy month. Stop. It is time to make your team the priority. Time to throw a thank you bash that they’ll be buzzing for! There can be no better thank you for all your colleagues hard work than a well thought out party, packed with excitement.

What we can do for you:

Party Art are here to help. We offer centrepieces and props that will transform the humblest of spaces into something fabulous! At relatively low costs, you can have everything you need for your party, delivered right to your door.

We specialise in small décor packages that fit directly into custom made flight cases. Party Art deliver a pallet of flight cases to your chosen venue. With the help of video instructions (clearly accessed through a QR Code), you have easily assembled centrepieces and props ready to go! It will blow your mind when you see how effective the small collection of decoration is. A dynamic combination of centrepieces and props, all themed to suit, will make over your room in an instance.

Our Customers:

If you are new to Party-Art, this all sounds great but what do their customers say? Well, we have had the great privilege of working with companies, big and small, up and down the UK. Most recently, we helped a gaming company looking for Rio vibe for their September BBQ. Having selected our Rio Party Table Centres and a Christ the Redeemer Prop, the theme was realised with this careful selection of props. We were thankful for some photos sent post event and we saw how fantastic their rooftop terrace looked with the Rio Décor.

“This was the first time we used Party Art for our centre pieces at our event and I cannot fault them, from the initial order, to event day, they were efficient and helpful and the centrepieces looked fantastic.” Kelly Bates

The same effect can be achieved for all manner of themes. Party Art have every motif covered but here are some examples of most popular styling:

custom box letter cube hire

Dream Circus Party

Traditional meets surreal in this fabulously quirky circus theme. With traditional Victoriana Motifs, paired with more surrealist elements, Party Art brings the Dream Circus to your next event! Thanks to the Inflatable Elephant Prop and a selection of Carousel Centres, you can bring guests into a dreamscape. Charming oddities and wonders transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Around the World

Here we invite you to Hop on board with the man himself. Phileas Fogg is ready to take you across the Globe. Party Art has a styling package, perfect for an Around the World theme. Our inflatable earth globe is a MUST have prop for this theme and we have two distinct designs to choose from. Your traditional blue and green earth and then something a little more Oldy Worldy, with a parchment print featuring sea monsters and pirate ships. Either paired with our Cabaret Lamps will create a strong partnership.


Steam Punk

Following on from the Travel theme is the closely tied Steam Punk style. With the same old world style globe, you can add in our Copper Lamp Centrepieces for a party packed with industrial chic. An outlandish theme, your team will commend you for your imagination, It will be a party like no other!


Invite your team to party like the Cossacks! Throw a party fit for the Tsar with the help of our Inflatable Russian Dome Prop. Simply add in our Twisted Flame Table Centres, you now have party décor that will have even Rasputin green with envy.

We hope that these themes have got you inspired. Our ethos at Party Art is to make sure everything we provide is of the upmost quality, easy to install and has maximum impact. Contact our team today for a quote.

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