How to Use Floral Decorations to Bring Your Party to Life

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Floral decorations

Floral Stand DécorFlowers are so mesmerizing. The colours, the feather light petals, the beauty theypersonify… we could go on and on. Whenever you find yourself out of ideas for your party, choose flowers because you can never go wrong with them.

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”

Okakura Kakuzo

It’s quite simple actually – flowers bring joy.

You find them at weddings, at receptions, in inaugural parties and just about every occasion. Sometimes, their beauty is so overwhelming that all you want to do is fill your house with them.

Now, now… you don’t want your party to be a sneeze fest, do you?

A flower vase here and there doesn’t exactly cut it,and a bunch of them can be too much. You need to make sure that your floral arrangement looks elegant and refreshing. So, this is what we suggest. Check out these floral decorations that you can use for your next party:

1.     The Jungle Theme

If you are throwing a jungle themed party, then you need to decorate the room with the right props and centrepiece. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word jungle? Lots and lots of greenery! The eerie low light, wild flowers and a little smoke on the flower will transport your guests to the jungle for sure.

There are many party props you can use such as lighted display panels that show pictures of the most lush jungles in the world. If you want to steal everyone’s attention, then choose a post… not just any post but a pixel light post such as this climbing vine pixel tube. This centrepiece is the perfect combination of technology and natural elements. Wrapped with ivy, this tube will look absolutely beautiful. Once you turn on the lights, you will see the green magic spread.

Floral decorations2.     Fancy Floral Seating

What is the most common seating arrangement you have come across? A round table with four or six chairs around, right? These chairs are definitely not comfortable! If you are hosting a themed party, then wouldn’t you want something different?

Well, don’t worry, we have just the thing for you. Opt for a sofa cube that lights up! On its own, it is a mere seating place, but with a floral centrepiece… you have a comfortable and eye-catching spot where people can relax.

For the centrepiece, you need something big that doesn’t disrupt the view of the guests when they are sitting. Choose a blossom tree with fairy lights. The arrangement is placed in a tall glass vase with an LED light in the bottom compartment. The light pink colour of the blossoms will cast a warm glow that will soothe and delight the guests.

flower-table-centres3.     The Floral Chat Tables

What kind of event are you throwing? Is it a corporate conference, a product reveal, a wedding or an anniversary party? Whatever the occasion, apart from the seating, some people like to roam around and chat with the guests. When mingling, a drink in your hand can be a good conversation starter. However, sometimes guests need to rest their hands and few tables placed here and there can be quite convenient.

That is what we like to call the chat tables. They don’t have to be fancy or anything, but a floral décor on top will look quite good. Go for lighted tables such as this pixel poseur table. Place a flower fountain on top and voilà… you have your floral chat table.

You are probably wondering why not choose a thick vase, right? Well, this table is purely for the purpose of resting your glass and having a chat. So, the décor piece needs to be slim and elegant. If you want something a little muted, then go with a lily vase. The flute makes this floral décor sleek and stylish.

table décor4.     Floral Side Stage Décor

If you want to create a simple floral décor that can become a part of your centre stage, then we suggest getting a little creative. When people want to grab the attention of everybody in the room, they go with something big such as a champagne glass tower.

For flowers, all you need is a small floral décor and a spiral stand. What do you place on this stand? A blossom fishbowl! You can even go with simple tables and line both sides of the stage with the stands. This idea will definitely look better than the rope and gold posts.

fish bowl decorationNeed something simple to fancy up your party? If you want a muted look, then make sure the blooms are subtly hidden but are still the centre of attention. Here’s an idea: why not go with birdcages? A pair of three, different sized birdcages will work quite well here. Hang the birdcages from the ceiling in different lengths or place them on the tables. This décor can work as the centrepiece, hanging above the main table.

Surprise the guests with this floral décor as they enter the room. You can also use these birdcages for a backyard party. The LED lights placed at the bottom will make this floral décor look like lanterns.

table centreAnd that’s it with the floral décor party ideas. Pretty beautiful, right?

For such floral party décor items, you can check out the website Party-Art. The company offers different types of wall décor items as well as professional services to decorate your party. All you need to do is communicate your idea to them and they will do the rest. For more information, please call on 01926 833 949 or send them an email at

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