Blossom tree centrepieceAre you looking for wedding decorations that make your wedding a magical event?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces and other props that will leave your guests speechless?

Well, with Table Art at your service, your search for those perfect wedding propsis finally over!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you must have planned every detail of it. To make the day even more special, you need to add the right elements to the venue.With the perfect decoration pieces, props and table centres, you stand to score a hit.

You’ll be starting a new life soon and people must have given you a fair share of advice. You may not always want to hear it, but here are some tips that you definitely need to pay attention to. This blog will take you through a few tips that guarantee the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

So let’s get started!

Get the Entrance Right

Since it’s your special day, you’ll want to amaze the guests from the moment they arrive at the venue. Well, to achieve this effect, you need to opt for a stunning entrance feature.

With Party Art, you have a few options at hand. Just browse through our extensive selection of entrance features and opt for the one that best suits the theme.If you are looking for something quite regal, you should go for the red carpet look. A luxury scarlet carpet welcomes the guests and the polished chrome posts and rope add to the ambiance.Help your guests feel like celebrities and give them VIP treatment even before they enter the venue.Light tunnel is another option that’ll make the venue effortlessly chic. The white stretch tunnel amplifies the lighting and works with the DMX system for added drama.

red carpet chrome posts hireLighting Magic

The lighting at the venue can really play an important part in making your day a raging success. The right lights can provide a stunning ambiance that won’t fail to amaze your guests.And the best part will be the glorious photos that you will take at the venue.

For that perfect event dressing option, you need to try the coral chandelier.If you are going with a winter or underwater wedding theme, you have just the prop to pull it off. The chandeliers are a versatile choice and can go well with a number of event dressing options.

You’ll have to opt for a bar too, and the same old boring bars just won’t do for your perfect wedding. What you need is one of our specialties, the Ice Bar Front.It comes with all the style and none of the cold to make for an awesome addition to the venue. The acrylic panels give off the perfect look,while the LED system delivers the spectacular ice effect.

Wedding drinks bar decorationsFloral Rush

Weddings are all about flowers and some people love letting nature in on their big day.You can opt for flower arrangements all over the venue, but it’s the LED table centres that truly cast the magic. Our Blossom Fish Bowl is a fan favourite and once you see it, you’ll understand why.The design team at Party Art came up with the design to bring nature right to the venue.Blooming cherry blossoms are a sign of spring and we have placed them in a fish bowl for maximum impact.

Blossom Tree doesn’t confine the spring like the previous option. We have added fairy lights to the already romantic cherry blossoms and the complete look is breathtaking, to say the least.The floral arrangement brings a taste of spring to your event and looks simply timeless.

LED blossom wedding centrepiecesSophistication Blazed

To cast a soft light on your venue, we recommend our best design—the crystal candelabra.The crystal droplets deliver glamour and the sparkling spectacle doesn’t fail to mesmerize your guests.If you are looking for a soft touch of elegance for the event, these are definitely the lit centrepieces for you. Want to go for something simpler? Our candlesticks will surely help you create an intimate atmosphere.

Crystal LED wedding centrepiecesAt Party Art, we understand the need for that perfect wedding. That’s the reason our design team has gone all in for these wedding decorations. We know the importance of that day for you and that’s why we have come up with an array of designs. You can add the perfect charm to your wedding without having to break into your savings account.

With a thousand other things to arrange, it’s fair to say that the journey is hectic. You may feel the urge to take on the challenge of planning your own wedding, but it’s not advisable. The time and effortthat goes in wedding planning is a hassle. So instead of having too much on your plate, you need to take it easy.  Opt for professional party planners who have years of experience and you’ll be all set.

At Party Art, we offer an array of props that can accentuate the theme of your wedding. Just browse through our extensive selection and you’ll be sure to find some fabulous options. It’s better to leave the job in the hands of the experts.

If you are looking to add that personal touch to your special day, let us know. We can help bring your vision to reality and incorporate your ideas in the wedding decorations.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party.Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

Rubiks cube sofa hireThe 80s are a bygone era that still holds a lot of value for us. Most people were young adults, teenagers or even had their childhoods rooted in the 80s. Due to this, throwing an 80s themed party is going to be a huge hit. It’s a nostalgic theme which, if done right, can be a huge hit with everyone.

Considering how many people loved the 80s, there is definitely some pressure to get this theme right. The devil is always in the details but if you manage to capture that feeling of nostalgia, you will be able to throw a successful party.

In this case, Party Art is perfect for helping you out. We have one of the largest inventories of props, decor pieces, centrepieces and more. In short, we have everything you would need to throw the best 80s themed party in town!

If you’re planning a party for the first time, it is very easy to get mixed up and wonder what to do. That’s why; we’re recommending some of our top picks. These can capture the nostalgia of the 80s and make sure that your party is loved by all.

The following are what we feel are the perfect items that capture the nostalgia for an 80s themed party:

1. The Age of Disco

Most people argue that disco was part of the 70s but the 80s were also a part of the age of disco. In fact, it drew from the many influences of the 60s and the 70s. That’s why we suggest that you add some disco balls into the mix. We know that this should be done tastefully so you should get our mirror ball centrepieces.

These are available in two height options, tall and low which makes them perfect for use as centrepieces or stand alone decor items. The stand for these centrepieces is clear and supports LED lighting. For a more mind-blowing experience, we can rig our state-of-the-art DMX system with the lighting. This lets you create a unique light experience. You can have the most stunning mirror balls that reflect and go with any colour scheme you have in mind!

80s themed party disco ball hire2. Bright and Vibrant Colours

The 80s are remembered for their bright and vibrant colours which grew a bit tamer as the 90s approached. Nonetheless, you can incorporate various colour schemes that throw back to those vibrant 80s years. To add some colour, pick seating options that are also colourful.

Our Rubik’s Cube seats are going to be a huge hit as they embody the pixel art fever and bright colours of the 80s. They not only add a pop of colour but also stand out and are easy to see. These can be paired with our LED Lumenbloc tables. Both these elements can make your event extremely colourful and bring the 80s to life. Even for a formal 80s themed party or event, these seating options are the most fun ones that you should consider.

80s themed party chair hire3. It’s Waka Waka Time

What’s the one, iconic thing about the 80s? There are many actually but the most famous one is Pacman. You can bring it to life in your party with the help of our LED logo arc panels. These can be customized to make them bear any logo you have in mind. In fact, getting Pacman and the 4 ghosts on the panels can be extremely fun.

These panels and arcs can be placed anywhere you want, whether you want them at the entrance or in doors in the party. With the help of these panels, you can make one think that they’re inside the Pacman game! Add in the right colour schemes and your 80s themed party will be a huge success!

80s themed party decoration ideas4. Throw Back to Cassettes

In the 80s, people still used cassette tapes for their songs and it was the highlight of your day to record your favourite song off the radio. In fact, you can still find cassette tapes in your attic or storage from those days. So, how do you incorporate these cassette tapes into your 80s themed party?

By using these as great centrepieces on the tables for your guests.

We have the perfect cassette centrepieces that will match with the 80s theme that you want. We also offer DMX lighting and a clear stand which means that you can have them match with any colour theme you have in mind. It’s definitely going to trigger nostalgia and make people think about the 80s.

80s themed party table centres5. Rubik’s Cube Show Pieces

If you like the Rubik’s cube and want to make it the central part of your party, we also have the perfect show pieces and structures. These are designed to imitate the Rubik’s cube and you can also find them in different colours thanks to our DMX lighting options.

Paired with the Rubik’s cube sofas and the centrepieces, it will make one immediately think about the Rubik’s cubes they had in their childhood. It’s a fun way to bring a toy from the 80s to life! It is sure to be a big hit with your guests.

These are just some of the decor pieces and centrepieces that you will find with us. As we mentioned previously, we have a large inventory. Check out our inventory for more 80s themed pieces!

Rubiks cube 80s themed partyWe Can Make the 80s Come to Life with Party Art

If you’re having trouble with your 80s themed party, don’t worry. Our experts are here to help. You will get access to a team of consultants and designers who have years of experience planning and throwing themed parties. We can work with any theme and offer you the best planning advice when it comes to hosting large events.

With their help, you can bring your vision to life and throw the best party in town on any theme you have in mind! For more information, please call us on 01926 833 949or send us an email

A Moving Eye Mask FaceHalloween is right around the corner and for most people, it is the best holiday. What’s not to love? It’s got horror, you get to dress up, plus there’s loads of free sweets and chocolate. A good Halloween party is one that combines all these aspects and offers your guests something more. It can also be difficult to have a completely unique Halloween party because the theme has been around for ages.

So, it’s time to think out of the box to have a party that is remembered. In fact, if you love Halloween, why not go all out for it this year? That’s why; Party Arts is here to help you out. We have some of the most unique centrepieces, props, statues and more.

With our help, you can explore different ideas and throw a Halloween party that is going to be truly memorable. We’re always looking for new ways and you’ll find that our team of consultants can help you have a unique Halloween party. Our vast inventory also makes it easier for you to apply different themes and concepts with ease.

Wondering how you can make Halloween unique this year? The following are some of our top suggestions:

Throwback to Parlour Seers

One of the best ways to bring something new to the Halloween theme is by drawing inspiration from the old parlour games that were popular in Victorian times. It was quite common for a group of people to go to see a special seer who claimed to talk to ghosts and spirits. Bring that same sense of mystery and magic to life with the help of the perfect centrepieces.

In fact, the Cabaret Lamp is the best item to use which can help bring that mystery back to life. It’s designed in a Victorian fashion and the colours make you think of intimate parlour settings. Add in some tarot themed table pieces, place mats and more. To embody this theme even more, you can also opt for a crystal ball centrepiece that makes every guest feel like they’re sitting down with a personal seer of their own.

Halloween party lampshadeMake it Perfectly Eerie

Now, Halloween is all about going over the top with the décor. You’ll see pumpkins, bats, black cats, witches, ghosts and even cauldrons. But how about you take a break from the classic Halloween elements and opt for something a little eerie. The best horror movies are the ones where the horror is tangible but subtle.

That’s why our Moving Eye Mask can be a great addition for you. It’s a completely functional, animatronic mask where the eyes can follow your guests around. The subtlety of this action may take your guests a bit of time to notice. It will also help to make the event absolutely creepy and filled with horror. The best part is that you can also get this prop customized according to your specifications so have some fun. Think out of the box and we will make it come true!

Halloween party propsPrepare for a Ghostly Feast

Halloween themed dinners are all about the details and it can be pretty creative. Sausages can be turned into witch fingers or the meatballs into eyeballs. Dessert and drinks can also be given a twist in this manner. To make sure that you keep this theme in mind, you should get the best centrepieces for your dinner. Our Windsor Candelabra is the perfect way to prepare for a ghostly feast.

The candelabrum is made completely from clear acrylic. It features faux candles with a fake candle light that flickers just like the real one. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about candle wax, fire hazards or more. Your guests can also stay mystified about what’s keeping these ghostly candelabras alight. The best part is that the clear base can reflect different lights so you can match it to any colour scheme.

Halloween party table centrepiecesAdd Some Nightmare Fuel

Sometimes though, it’s not necessary to worry about being subtle and unique. It can be very fun to throw a Halloween shindig that goes all out. So, if you are thinking of throwing the ultimate Halloween party, you can amp up the horror part by getting the best props. Luckily, we have quite a few props and statues that are Halloween themed but still unique.

The following are the ones that you should pick if you want to add some nightmare fuel into your Halloween themed party

Giant Clown

For a truly terrifying time, get your hands on the Giant Halloween Clown figure. This stands a terrifying 3 metres tall and it will definitely make your guests stop and stare. The clown has flaming red hair, bright green eyes and large claw-like hands that are always reaching for the guests!

Halloween party clown propsThe Hells Angel

What happens to a Hells Angel who never gave up their lifestyle? Our Halloween Hells Angel prop shows the ultimate ghost rider. The skeleton rider comes with a leather jacket, red bandana and a silver and black motorbike. It’s not only easy to integrate into a theme but, it is definitely unique.

Halloween party skeleton statueNightmare Clown

This is a smaller version of the giant Halloween clown but it is not less nightmarish. This clown is perfect for when you don’t have enough space for a 3 metre clown. It’s not only smaller but is also more horrifically made. It has flaming red hair, a terrifying grin and a red and white suit.

With these props, you can have a truly unique Halloween party that’s the talk of the town! Get started today!

Halloween party creepy clown decorations

We Can Help You!

If you’re looking for help with your Halloween party, get in touch with us! Party Art has a dedicated team of consultants, planners and designers. We also have the biggest inventory of table centrepieces, props and more! With our help, you can bring your vision to life and throw the best party in town on any theme you have in mind! For more information, please call us on 01926 833 949 or send us an email at

Crystal plinth table centrepieceFootball fever is on the rise. With the amazing football events happening all around, one cannot help but plan a football-themed event.

Whether it is an awards show or any casual event, you can opt for a football theme if you are a football lover. The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating the venue for a football-inspired event. If you are planning a football-themed event of any kind, we’ve got you covered.

At Party Art, we make your event decor dreams come true. We have planned and managed hundreds of events before and our clients love us for our professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. We listen to our clients and understand what they have in mind. Our event planning experts then plan the decor of your event just the way you envisioned. Our clients love our work and keep coming back for more.

If you are planning a football-inspired event and want the best table centres at the venue, then we can help you. We are especially popular for arranging sports-inspired events. Our team loves football and that reflects in our event planning, decor, and management. Thus, if you are planning a football-inspired event, then you can trust us for providing the best event planning and decor services.

Here are some options for our football-inspired table centrepieces that you can choose from. You can also create custom table centres if you have any unique idea in mind.

Football LED centrepieces1.Football Boot Table Centrepiece

Whether you are raising funds for your club or celebrating an important victory, our Football Boot table centrepiece is an ideal choice. You can put your golden boots you want to auction in stunning glass cases to make them more appealing. You may also put signed boots in these cases and keep them at the centre of each table. You will surely have a record-breaking auction because of such visibility.

These table centres can also feature the table number at the base of the glass case. This makes them not only highly aesthetic but functional at the same time. But this centrepiece is not just limited to auction events. You can use this to throw a party for a football enthusiast. They will love the attention to detail you have put in the decor. Choose these table centres and make your guests go wow.

Football boot table centres2.Football Lily Vase

If you are arranging a more sophisticated football-themed event, then opt for our Football Lily Vase. It comes highly recommended and has been featured in many prestigious events. It is a popular choice for televised sports events as well as sports awards shows.

A football sits atop a stunning acrylic stand. The stand is tall enough not to disrupt the guests when they talk to one another. At the same time, it showcases the love for football you have. Choose this stunning centrepiece and we are sure that your guests will love it. You can opt for your choice of light to fall on to these centrepieces. This creates a unique branding opportunity that will make you stand out and increase your brand’s visibility.

3.Football Low

If you want a centrepiece that keeps the line of vision clear on each table, then opt for our Football Low table centrepiece. A football sits on top of a low stand on each table. This creates a stunning and creative table centre that everyone at the event will love. Perfect for sports award shows and casual football-inspired parties, choose this table centre to show your love for the game.

With our DMX lighting, each table centre will be lit in the colours of your choice. Even better, blackout the room in award shows and announce the winner using our DMX lighting system. The football on the winner’s table will start to glow. Doesn’t it sound exciting and super fun?

Choose our Football Low table centrepiece for your sports-themed event today. It will not only be a great table centre but will also be the centre of attraction at your football-inspired event.

table art football table centres4.Crystal Plinth

Want to elevate your event decor and take it to the next level?

Opt for our Crystal Plinth table centrepiece.

These add a strong sense of quality and design to every event. For a football-themed event, you can place a football on top of the crystal plinth. But this table centre is not just limited to be used in football-inspired events. In fact, you can replace the football with a tennis ball, cricket ball, golf ball or even an earth globe. The versatility of this table centrepiece makes it a popular choice for a wide variety of events.

If you are looking for a great table centrepiece for your football-themed event, then choose the Crystal Plinth table centrepiece.

Crystal plinth football centrepiecesPlanning an event can be a daunting task. There are so many things to take care of that it gets difficult to keep track of everything. But it’s not a problem anymore as the event planning experts at Party Art can help you out. We have planned and arranged countless events before and our clients love us for our professionalism and attention to detail.

If you have an event coming ahead and you have no idea how you will plan and arrange it, then get in touch with us. Our team will take over the event planning and will arrange an event that everyone will remember for a long time. Our professionals talk to our clients to understand what they need. They then arrange everything accordingly, keeping the clients in the loop. This is why our clients love us and keep coming back to us for all their events.

Let’s talk about your next event. Get in touch with us today.

Customised inflatable prop of a space rocketHave you decided to throw a space themed party?

Are you on the lookout for the right decoration pieces that’ll bring more charm to the venue?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces that will set the tone for your party?

Well, you wanted the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Party Art!

You want to impress your guests and take them on a journey that they will not forget soon. The best way to go about this is to opt for a themed event. The only obstacle in your way of achieving this is the lack of some great decoration pieces. Well, now you can finally transform your vision into a reality with the numerous space themed props that Party Art offers.

Your dream of having a space themed party will finally turn into reality with the choicest LED table centres and props that are available at Party Art. We have included a few options here so you can choose the best ones.

Let’s get started!

space themed event styling·Inflatable Space Rocket  

Yes, you read that correctly. We offer an inflatable space rocket to bring some galactic wonder to your event. The design pays tribute to old silent movies that offered the subject in all its simplicity. The prop shows off retro chic and has the potential to be the focal point of your event.

The best thing about this prop is its versatility. You can hang it or go for a freestanding option. You can create a magical medley by opting for some great furniture and props at Party Art that’ll go well with the whole theme. So if you are hoping for the perfect moon landing themed party, we have your back!

space rocket inflatable prop hire·Lunar Glow

Bring the light of the full moon to your space themed party with Lunar Glow. These LED table centres are immediately recognisable and make for a great surprise element. Enthral your guests with this addition and see their faces light up from the lunar glow. The replica looks surprisingly realistic with craters and dark spots that imitate the real thing.

You can opt for a tall version of the table centres or go for a low base, whichever suits your needs. The best part about these centrepieces for hire is the interior light. You can choose the right colours to create contrast and make a breathtaking impression.

LED moon space centrepieces·Star Wars Tribute

Is your space themed party even considered a success if you don’t include Star Wars? Star Wars fans are in for a treat with these props. Party Art understands there’s a huge fan following of the masterpiece. May the force be with you as you decorate your venue with the Space Villain prop. The Darth Vader statue stands high above the guests and acts as a great backdrop for selfies. The iconic character looks like it has stepped right out the movies. So use it to impress your guests and add relevance to the theme.

Want something more? Table Art delivers once again!

The Green Alien prop is another Star Wars reference that will elevate the theme of your party. The Yoda statue, combined with the Darth Vader statue, represents the epic battle of good vs. evil. If you want to captivate your guests, this is the best way to go about it.

Alien event props·String Curtain Space Display

To complete that out-of-this-world look for your event, you need to include the string curtain space display. This display adds a dramatic look and catches your guests’ attention as soon as they enter the venue.

disco ball event prop hire·Inflatable Full Moon

Bring the best elements of space right inside your party venue! Our inflatable full moon is an awe-inspiring decoration prop that brings your whole theme to life. To make the prop more realistic, the design team has detailed it with craters and textures that spell magic. If you are aiming to take a giant leap and plan a truly unique space themed event, this is a must have prop.

inflatable moon prop hire·Star Fountain

If you want to add terrestrial wonder to the event, we have just the table centres for you. With the help of star fountain, you can help your guests witness the starry skies of summer. This inventive design is a proud production of our design team and has been a favourite. Apparently delicate, this is a reliable design that’ll definitely bring charm to your space themed event. So opt for these LED table centres and surprise your guests.

star lily vase table centreSatisfied with the multiple options you have for your space themed event? Party Art understands the struggles of party planning and that’s why we offer the right decoration pieces. You can also take some much needed help from our team of professional planners.

For some customized services, get our design team on board. Discuss your ideas with them and bring your ideas to life. We can easily incorporate your ideas into your party to give the event a personal touch. We are passionate about our job and that’s what gets our creative juices flowing. So connect with us for your next event and get everything you need to plan a successful party.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

Big Ben table centrepieceLooking for a classic and graceful theme for your next event?

Why not choose an all-things-British theme?

It looks sophisticated and will add a graceful touch to your event. If you love Great Britain, then this theme is the perfect opportunity to tell the whole world about it. However, working on a British-inspired event is not easy. There are so many things to take care of that it becomes too overwhelming.

And that’s where Party Art comes into the picture!

Party Art is here to help you plan and execute your event. We assure you that your event will be successful if you let the event planning experts at Party Art take over the job. Our clients love our attention to detail. We take care of everything, small to big, and ensure that you host a successful event.

Working with a British-inspired event can be tricky. It is difficult to pick what to include in the décor and what not. It is all about sophistication and grace. You also have to add all the right elements to the décor that keep the guests in awe.

To help you plan a British- inspired event, we have listed here some of the best table centrepieces you can choose from. These centrepieces have been carefully designed keeping in mind Great Britain and its uniqueness. With these, your venue will give a truly British feel and we are sure that your guests will love the décor.

Let’s get started!

London table centres1.      Big Ben Table Centrepiece

What’s a more iconic centrepiece for a British- inspired event than the Big Ben itself?

Big Ben is an iconic and wondrous feature of the London Skyline. It is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world and simply takes you back to London. There is nothing better than choosing this monumental building as your table centrepiece. It will give the best of British flavour to your event.

The Big Ben table centrepiece is a part of our Best of British collection. Choose this whether you are hosting an event for an international audience or your British guests. It also goes well if you are celebrating a British achievement.

You can make the Big Ben table centrepiece glow in the colours of your choice. Our lighting experts will light each of them up using LED lighting. It adds a great feature to your table centre that your guests will love.

united kingdom british centrepieces2.      Mini British Collection

Hosting an event to celebrate British achievements?

Or simply looking for a table centre that incorporates all the highlighting features of Great Britain?

Opt for our Mini British Collection table centrepieces. These exciting and unique table centres will make you revel in the heritage of the UK. You will find all the monumental and iconic features of the UK here.

The table centres feature London Eye, Big Ben, a British telephone, the Union Jack and last but not least, the London Bridge. These iconic features of the UK make for the perfect centrepieces for any British- inspired event. Accentuate them even further by setting the lights in the colours of the UK, red, white and blue.

These table centres are ideal for any formal or casual event. Choose them and show off your British heritage proudly in front of a local or international audience. Everyone will love it.

british led centrepieces3.      Custom Print Lamp

At Party Art, we aim to provide our clients with the best event management and planning experience. Our design and creative team works hard to come up with unique table centrepieces and décor items for your events. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

An example of this is our Custom-Printed Lampshade Range. It is not just any lampshade range, but you can actually custom-print these. If you are working on a British-inspired event, we can print iconic monuments of the UK on these lampshades. You can also get them printed in the Union Jack or any other thing for that matter. This brings a unique and custom touch to the décor of your events.

Not only that, but you can also get these lampshades custom-printed with your business logo. This is great for branding and ideal for a brand launch. Choose our custom-printed Lamps and let your imagination play. These lampshades will be lighted in the colours of your choice. We are sure that you and your guests will love the final result.

British lamp centrepieces4.      Custom Table Centrepieces

Have something unique and creative in mind?

Want to add your own touch and creativity to the table centres for your event?

Well, there’s no one stopping you. In fact, we love it when our customers participate in the designing and creating phase. We offer Custom Table Centres that let you play with your creativity and designing skills. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Just get in touch with our design team and tell them what you have in mind. They will help you create a masterpiece that you will fall in love with.

Custom table centres are our forte. We love playing with new designs and will create what you have conceptualised. Have a unique table centre idea in mind? We’ve got you covered. Let us know and we will create what you imagined.

Party Art is all about making your event successful. With our team, your event will be the talk of the town. We have a great creative team that understands your needs and work together with you to conceptualise your ideas and concepts. We have the best table centrepieces with LED lights that will surely light up your event. In addition, we also offer everything you need for the décor of your venue for your event. From planning to execution, our team will take care of it all.

Planning a British-inspired event?

Get in touch with our team and we will plan and arrange a spectacular event for you.

Lilies and a masquerade ball maskHave you decided to throw a ballroom themed party for your friends and family?

Are you looking for some ballroom centrepieces to enthral your guests?

Well, we know what you are looking for and have the right tools to help you out!

A night of dancing away to sweet music is all you need to forget your worries. Swaying to the beats of your favourite song while in the arms of your loved one feels like heaven. You too can have your slice of heaven on Earth. All you require is a masquerade themed party!

You have been planning for this day, and it’s finally here. Your idea of a ballroom night was in the making for a long while. You didn’t know where to start, but now Party Art can help you bring your idea to life. You will need all the help you can get to create a night that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

So let’s get started and see what Party Art stands to offer you!

crystal led centrepiece hire·Masquerade Vase

Ballroom indulgence is a sweet sensation that can make your party a truly unique event. To make your event truly spectacular, you’ll need the right decoration pieces for the venue. You want your guests to know the theme of the event from the moment they step in, and the best way to do that is to opt for lit centrepieces!

This is where the masquerade vase comes in. It’s festive and brings the passion of the ballroom to every table. It features a cascading boa, and we’ve added ballroom masks to enhance its look. The fluted lily vase will look perfect with the theme of your party and will act like the crowning jewel of the night.

 masquerade ball table centres

·Red Carpet, Red Cope and Lit Posts

You want to make your guests feel like royalty, right? As they arrive for the ballroom event, you can make sure the glamorous entrance is enough to get them excited. You can make them feel like VIPs as they walk on the red carpet and make their entrance. The illuminated pixel posts elevate the look, and you can even program them to sport the colours of your event. The complete look will prepare your guests for the magic that awaits them inside the venue, thus increasing their excitement.

red carpet entrance hire·Coral Chandelier

Any great venue requires fabulous decoration items to cast a magic spell on the guests. The design team at Party Art has come up with the coral chandelier to provide a magical touch to your ballroom themed party. This is an ideal choice as it brings out the best in even the most boring venues. Since this is a versatile choice, you can use it for multiple themes.

LED chandelier event hire·Mirror Ball Tall

LED table centres are all the rage this season. If you want to step back in time, then you have to opt for Mirror Ball Tall. The radical dance moves are coming back and you can help with this revolution. The mirror ball centrepieces for hire are a great choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of the 70’s to their event.

The best part is yet to come! Using the DMX system, you can synchronize the lights to dance to your favourite songs. If you are aiming for a disco-themed event, these ballroom centrepieces are your best bet.

disco ball table centres·Dancing Queen Boots

There’s a dancer in everyone, even if they can’t dance to save their life. You can bring out the hidden talent in your guests with the help of these table centres for hire. It’s your party and you make all the rules here. With the iconic songs of ABBA playing in the background, your guests will be swaying in their seats.

You can help them channel their true calling in Life with these Dancing Queen boots. They are glittery, and they are lit— in short, they are everything your party needs.

dancing queen led centrepiecesPlanning a party isn’t the easiest thing, and Party Art understands the struggles of the job. That’s the reason we have professional party planners on the team. With dedicated help from their side, it’s impossible to mess up the process. You can be sure that your event will be a success as you dance the night away.

The best part of working with Party Art is that we offer customized solutions to make your parties and corporate events a raging success. If you want to give the venue a personal touch, we have all the resources required to make it happen. Our passion for the job and our creative talents allow us to provide our clientele with unmatched services. So if you too have an idea, feel free to contact us. Be assured that we’ll work with you to get the best possible solutions. So take a deep breath, kick back and leave everything to us!

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

Lit Table Centre for HireAre you looking to decorate the venue with some spectacular centre pieces?

Do you wish to throw an African themed party?

Well, if this is all you wish for, there’s no need to worry. With the help of Party Art, you can achieve just that!

Adding a theme to a party just makes it even more exciting. And if you are interested in the wild African setting, you’ll love to go for an African adventure theme for your next event. Wondering how your vision can be achieved?

There’s nothing to worry about. We have the resources and the experience needed to pull this off, and we can bet you’ll love it! So let’s get started and get a look at what Party Art can do for your African themed event.

animal lit table centres Lion Ice Sculpture

Imagine the king of the land—a lion—standing in the fading sunlight in the wide savannah. You can bring the same majestic quality to the venue with the help of this ice sculpture. The exclusive ice sculpture roars to life as it decorates each table at the event. The frosted artworks are all you need to make sure your African adventure themed party is a raging success.

The best part about the sculptures is the DMX lighting system that enhances the effect. Choose the colour of your liking and see the magic happen before your eyes. With such a great decoration piece at your disposal, it’ll certainly feel like a missed opportunity if you don’t include this lit table centre for hire for your next event.

ice sculpture centrepieces Savannah Ambiance

Make use of the light panels we provide to create the perfect ambiance. The lit arcs make for an interesting entrance element, but light them up in golden hues and have your guests believe that they are roaming the ever-free African savannah. You can get customized branded lit arcs to depict the scenery and the gorgeous setting sun. The possibilities are endless and as long as you can dream it, we’ll provide it. So let your creativity flow and prepare to throw a memorable party.

entrance decorations for events African Safari

It’s the wildlife of the continent that adds excitement to the territory. The animal population and variety found in the area are some great ideas to use as decoration. Your guests will get the opportunity to take in the sights of the savannah with the help of this African safari collection. Now you have the chance to bring the wilderness right to the venue so that your guests understand the theme from the moment they step inside the venue.

From the roaring Lions, statuesque Giraffes, portly Rhinos to resplendent Elephants, these party decorations can truly add to the ambiance of your party. But the best part is yet to come. The table centre for hire uses the DMX lighting system, and to truly bring the theme of the party to life, you need to choose the right colour. If you want to transport your guests to the golden plains of Africa, opt for golden hues.

rhino safari table centre. Elephant Extravaganza

A glorious elephant sculpture is all you need to bring the African adventure theme of your party to life. The full size blown up elephant sculpture is a part of the circus theme, but it looks befitting with your African Adventure theme as well. Make it the centre attraction as your guests arrive at the venue by placing it at the entrance. Your guests will love taking pictures by the sculpture and it’ll bring instant fun to the event. For a more pronounced look, place it in the centre of the venue and surprise the guests.

giant inflatable elephant hireThere are so many options available for you and all you need to do is contact our team at Party Art and share the vision you have about your next event. The team of professionals will get right to it and help you make your dream a reality. So you can easily go along with the theme you had chosen and get decorations that are both elegant and befitting.

If you have ever planned a party, you’d be well aware of the fact that the process is a long and tedious one. There are just too many details to take care of and that’s why most people prefer getting help from the professionals. Party Art provides the convenience you need to make your party a success. Our team has years of experience and this exposure has enabled us to serve a prestigious clientele.

How do we do it? Well, we have a wide collection of props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers and furniture that can be used to make your African vision come to life. We have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue. From the entrance to the walls, ceilings, tables and the stage, we can transform the whole venue to depict the theme. And since we have completed numerous successful jobs, you can take inspiration from them and use them to plan your next event. Just browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to impress all your guests.

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Exploding confetti balloonsPlanning to throw a surprise party for someone?

While surprise parties are exciting, planning them can be a difficult task. After all, you want to surprise someone with something they will love and cherish for a long time. This makes planning a surprise party a stressful job. From deciding the venue for the event to picking a theme and then looking for the best décor items, it can be a daunting task.

What if we tell you that we can do all the hard work for you?

At Party Art, we have years of experience when it comes to planning and organising events. From surprise birthday parties to anniversaries, homecoming to any kind of celebrations, we can arrange it all for you. Our customers trust us with their events because we include them in the planning process. Unlike other event planning companies, we take their advice every step of the way and do not rest until they are satisfied with everything.

If you are looking for surprise party décor ideas, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about some amazing table centrepieces, props, and décor items you can pick from for a surprise party.

Let’s get started!

balloon arch hire partiesSurprise Party Table Centres

Here are some awesome table centrepiece ideas for a surprise party décor.

Glow Bubble Table Centrepiece

Want to throw a surprise birthday party for a special someone?

Opt for our Glow Bubble table centrepieces. These instantly add an exuberance of festivity to any occasion. It will be a welcome sight for not only the guest of honour but also for all the attendees of your event. These inflatable spheres can be placed on each table at the event. They float above the table and give a beautiful look to the venue. The bubbles are lit with our DMX lighting system from beneath. It gives them a beautiful colour and glow that is perfect for birthday parties or any other surprise party.

floating balloon inflatable centrepiecesExploding Confetti Balloons

Another awesome table centrepiece for surprise parties is Exploding Confetti Balloons. These are perfect for surprise parties as your guests will never know what surprise awaits them. Our customers love these balloons for baby gender reveal parties. You can place these on the table of the special guest and give them a surprise when they are showered with confetti along with a special announcement. You can fill the balloons with your choice of confetti or even put in some special messages inside the balloons. When the moment comes, our technicians will pop the balloons with the touch of a button and the big surprise will be revealed.

exploding balloon pyro centrepiece hireParty Entrance Features

Of course, you need to have a great entrance that keeps your guests intrigued from the moment they come to your venue. Here are some amazing entrance features you can choose for your surprise party décor.


If you want to throw a surprise party with a festivities and fun theme, then opt for bunting. Put them up at the entrance of the venue and your special guests will be delighted with the décor. Start by adding colour and festivity to the event. You can choose the colour and shape of the bunting and place it wherever you want.

bunting event décorInflatable Tunnel

Imagine the excitement and joy of your guests when they are welcomed to your party through an inflatable tunnel. They will be delighted the moment they enter the venue and will be excited about the surprises to follow. Inflatable Tunnels have that effect on guests. They are lit using DMX lighting and you can colour them up in any hues you want. Lead your attendees to the main venue via an inflatable tunnel to give them a feel of what’s to come.

inflatable led event decorations hireInside the Venue

We have some amazing props that will make the inside of your venue as delightful as the entrance.

Animated Frame

One of our most popular décor items, animated frames are a hit when it comes to surprise parties. It consists of a frame surrounding an LED screen that you can use to surprise the guests. You can use the screen to make special announcements or to reveal the big surprise. Make a video that can be played on the screen while you make the special announcement. LED screens with animated frames are perfect to add detailing to your event. It will be an instant hit not only with your special guest but also all the attendees of the party.

plasma tv hire eventsPersonalised Cubes

Another great way to personalise the surprise party is to add personalised cubes to the event. Make the event memorable by adding the name of the special guest to these cubes and place them where the guests can easily see them. You can also choose coloured cubes if you want to add some colour to the venue. Make the big announcement standing in front of these cubes. This will not only be a great décor idea for a surprise party but will also make for a great spot for clicking photos.

custom box letter cube hireLooking for the best surprise party décor ideas?

Get in touch with the experts at Party Art. We have arranged countless amazing parties for our clients and we can do it for you too. We take care of everything from the event planning to finding the best décor items. We can even make personalised décor items for your party that everyone will love.

From table centrepieces to props and furniture, we will take care of it all. Call us and let us know what you have in mind and our team will suggest you ideas to make your party a memorable affair. Rest assured, everything will be done to perfection keeping in mind your specific requirements.

Cabaret lamps in red colourIs it your 40th birthday?

Do you want to throw a party and invite all your friends and family over for a memorable party?

Planning a birthday is not an easy task. It gets even tougher when you are planning your 40th birthday party. The venue, décor, table centrepieces, lighting, food, and music all must reflect your personality. After all, it is your day and it should be perfect.

If you are not sure which table centrepieces will go best for your 40th birthday celebration, leave the task to the experts at Party Art. At Party Art, we have extensive experience of planning and managing events. From weddings to birthdays, Halloween to Christmas parties and much more, we have arranged some spectacular events for our clients. Just get in touch with us and give us an idea about what you have in mind. We will present you with plenty of options you can choose from.

If you are looking for the best table centrepieces for your 40th birthday celebrations, then you’ve come to the right place. We have made a list of our best centrepieces that you and your guests will love. Find them below and pick the ones you like the most.

floral centrepieces hire flower decor1.      Cabaret Lamp

If you like drama and think it perfectly describes you, then our Cabaret Lamps are the perfect centrepiece for your 40th birthday party. They have a delicate trim and a distinctive red shade which makes them look spectacular. Cabaret Lamps look luxurious and seductive. They will take your guests back to the Twenties, which also makes for a great theme for your 40th birthday party.

art deco cabaret décor centrepieces2.      Birdcage

Choose our Birdcages if you want to keep it simple yet classy. These stunning centrepieces ooze vintage glamour. They are low-level table centres that come in a variety of shapes. What you want to keep inside the birdcage entirely depends on you. We prefer some beautiful flowers that are lit up using LED lights. These beautiful and elegant birdcages make for the perfect table centres if you are looking for something elegant and classy for your 40th birthday bash. These are one of a kind and will light up the ambiance of your birthday venue.

flower table centres hire uk3.      Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp

Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp is another great centrepiece option for those who want to keep it elegant and classy. These lamps have both glamour and luxury. They are one of the most popular lamps from our Tiffany Collection. The design is intricate with pearl coloured panels joined with delicate small pieces of clear glass. The result is a wondrously delicate and decadent design, something your guests will have never seen before. The lamps are lit in a warm white glow through a filament bulb. From elegant birthday parties to weddings and award shows, this centrepiece is a great option for classy events.

led lamp centrepieces hire4.      Rotating Cake

Another great centrepiece for your 40th birthday is our signature Rotating Cake. It is going to be the showstopper of your party. The Rotating Cake consists of two tiers, but you can add an additional tier if you want. Moreover, each tier can be decorated the way you want. Just give us the specifications and our team will take care of it. The cake sits on top of a rotator and is lit from above which enhances its look. Your guests will love this centrepiece and will not be able to help but praise you for the amazing décor. A 40th birthday calls for special celebrations and our Rotating Cake can lift the mood of the event perfectly.

birthday cake rotating led centrepieces5.      Flower Air

Stunning and sophisticated, Flower Air is an exceptional centrepiece. It is something that none of your guests would have seen before. Beautiful orchids are placed inside a glass cylinder. They appear as if they are suspended mid-air, which creates a unique centrepiece. Together with LED lighting, everyone will love this centrepiece and your venue will look flawless. It may be a different centrepiece than the ones we usually see, but it is beautiful and unique.

flower vase centrepieces décor6.      Blossom Tree

Want to keep your 40th birthday bash feminine and romantic? Opt for our stunning Blossom Tree table centrepiece. Beautiful flowers in fuchsia hues add colour and grace to each table. You can also add fairy lights to the flowers which further enhances the beauty of the centrepiece. The stunning pink flowers will bring spring to each table and your guests will absolutely love it. This arrangement is not only fresh but also timeless and stylish. If you are hosting an all-ladies party, then this is the perfect choice for table centrepiece.

blossom tree led centrepiece fairy lights7.      Mirror Ball

If you want to arrange a chic and glamorous 40th birthday party, then our Mirror Ball is a great choice. It brings back the seventies vibes and your guests will not be able to help but get in the mood to dance to  some upbeat music. Tell them to dress up accordingly and hold an event that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Call a DJ to the event and dance the night away. After all, age is just a number and it isn’t too late to have some fun. Get your favourite people around you and celebrate your 40th birthday in a memorable way.

disco ball centrepieces table artThese were just some of the amazing centrepieces we have for your 40th birthday. Let us do the hard work while you relax and have the time of your life on your 40th birthday. Get in touch with our team and discuss your vision for the perfect 40th birthday bash. Leave the rest to us as we will take care of everything from planning the event to getting you the best décor items, props and centrepieces for the event. We have amazing pieces for any kind of theme. We assure you that your guests will remember your birthday bash for a long time.

Talk to the experts at Party Art and make your 40th birthday party a memorable event.

Are you looking to add decorations to the venue that leave your guests in awe?

Do you wish to use some unique ways to number the tables at your event?

Well, if this is all you wish for, there’s no need to worry. Party Art is here to assist you!

Adding numbers to the tables is a great way to ensure order at the event. You can make it easier for guests to find their table and get seated without any hassle.

Most party planners go for simple table numbers that are functional but have no fun energy whatsoever. What your event needs is an option that does the job but also adds to the decoration of the venue. So what are we waiting for? Let’s explore some of the great numbering options we have for you at Party Art and get this show on the road.A customised lit table centre with a table number alongside it.

·Branded Display Case

This is the preferred choice for many planners who are hosting corporate events or need to please some sponsors. With the help of Branded Display Case, the hosts can reap the rewards of brand awareness as they use this option to display their products and reel in the guests as their potential customers. The glass case can feature products of all shapes and sizes, but if you want something bigger than the case we use, all you need to do is talk to our team for a customized option.

This elegant centrepiece can also be supplied with individual table numbers attached to the top. A perfect all-rounder centrepiece.

Unique Ways to Number Tables·Ice Star

If you have opted for a winter themed event, your guests are in for a surprise. You can catch them off-guard with this stunning addition to the venue. The elegant ice sculpture is shaped like a star and by all means, it will be the star of the evening. But is its aesthetic value the only appealing thing about this table centre?

Certainly not! The table numbers are exquisitely crafted into the ice. With LED lights shining brightly on the ice sculpture, the table numbers can easily be seen from far away. With the help of Party Art, you can use this idea and get some customized ice centrepieces to add finesse to the event.Table Centre Hire

·The Numerator

If you are anticipating a larger crowd or have opted for a darker theme for your party, the chances are that your guests will find it hard to locate their table. The best way to resolve this issue is by opting for a table number option that stands out and is easy for all to see. That’s why we have introduced the Numerator.

This is the perfect solution and makes it easy for all the guests. The lit table centre hire features a clean cut design and has a bold typeface to make it easier for your guests to find their respective table. The Numerator stands tall on every table and is the beacon of hope for all guests who feel lost in the huge venue. The elegant table centres indicate the table layout as soon as the guests enter the venue. This way, your guests won’t have to wander around the room, looking for their seats.

The best part about the Numerator is the lighting. With our DMX lighting system helping you out, you can choose the right lighting for your centrepieces and add to the ambiance of the event. You can even use the lighting system to divide your guests into groups by selecting different lights for the tables. This setting is better matched with corporate events where group activities need to be conducted.

Lit Table Centre Hire in UKWith so many options available for table numbering, it’s no surprise that you might get confused when it comes to choosing the best one for your event. As long as you go along with the theme of the event, you’ll be able to select a lit table centre hire that’s both elegant and befitting.

Party planning isn’t a child’s play. From planning the guest list to choosing the best decorations, each step of the way can be a hassle for you. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can easily escape this fate by getting professionals on the job. With the help of Party Art, you can finally bring some peace to your life. We already have years of experience and this exposure has enabled us to serve a prestigious clientele.

We have a diverse collection of props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers and furniture that can make your next event a success. We have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue, be it the entrance, the walls, ceilings, tables or stage. The best part is that you can even get inspiration from us and take a look at our numerous successful jobs. Just browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to enthral your guests.

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Are you planning an event and need exquisite decorations for the venue?

Do you want the perfect combination of nature and technology to enthral your guests?

Do you want to make the occasion spectacular and memorable for all your guests?

Well, now you definitely can!

An event that oozes sophisticated glamour is all you need to throw a memorable party. By including the charm of nature and the convenience of technology, you can throw an event that’s enough to make your guests cherish the day. If you too want to combine the two conflicting elements, this is the right place for you.

We have put together a list of our highly demanded, breathtaking table centre pieces that have an elegant aura about them. If you decide to include any one of these lit table centres for hire in your event, be ready to witness something magical. So let’s get started!

·Blossom Tree

Blossoms are the epitome of elegance and ooze sophistication. The right floral arrangement can transform a dull venue into a spectacular setting. That’s the reason we have introduced the Blossom Tree table centre. Cast the magic of fuchsia hues on your guests and adorn the venue with this magical piece.

If you want to bring a taste of spring to the event, this is the piece you need to opt for. But the real magic is cast by the glowing light that radiates from beneath the table centres. We use the DMX system to light up all of our table centres, so you can create the perfect ambiance for the event. The rhythm created by the blend of technology and flowers is what makes this piece a timeless and stylish design.

floral decorations·Effloresce

Our next timeless piece in this category is Effloresce, which is a popular option among our clients. It is a crowd favourite because of its enchanting effect.

We created the design with simplicity in mind, and that’s exactly what the design is all about. The table centres feature delicate silk blossoms inside a glass vase for a magical touch. The Effloresce is perfect not only for weddings but also for corporate events. Any occasion that requires simplicity with a touch of sophistication is perfect for this design.

To cast a spell on the guests, each vase is lit from below with the colour of your choice. The right lighting choice can help you pull off something extraordinary that will be remembered for years. If you need to add a jaw dropping effect to the occasion, this is the lit table centre for hire that you need.

Flowers and technology·Flower Fountain

If you admire the elements of an English garden and wish to bring their sophistication to the event, we have just the table centres for you. The Flower Fountain offers a simple yet enchanting take on the floral designs that are loved by all our clients. The decoration pieces feature a fluted vase with cascading blooms that bring all the charm of a garden party to your indoor event. With these table centres, your guests will be in awe with the beauty of it all.

The fluted vases are lit with the light of your choice and bring the freshness of an outdoor event to your indoor party. You can opt for one colour or opt for an effect that brings out the charm in the Flower Fountain.

These are some of the most popular ideas that have been loved by our clients. If there’s something you like, pick it to add some magic to the venue. Just make sure it resonates with the theme of the event and you’ll have a remarkable day to look forward to. Use these party decorations to not only showcase your party planning talent but to also bring together the magic of nature and technology.

floral arrangements for party offers a wide range of event decoration table centres, including floral arrangements that can light up. Now you too can get the right ideas and props for different themed events. We can also customise the decoration features as per your demand so that you can throw a memorable party for your guests.

We have catered to a diverse clientele and are aware of the different demands of the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue. Be it the entrance, walls, ceilings, tables or the stage, we have the expertise and resources you need to transform the whole venue.

Let our experience guide you through the challenging task of party planning. Take inspiration from our successfully completed jobs and plan your next event in style. Browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to impress your guests.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our team to find out all the possibilities that can make your event successful and memorable.

Do you want to make sports the main theme of your next event?

Are you planning to throw a sports-themed party but can’t decide on the perfect decorations?

Are you looking for centrepieces for an award ceremony that’s celebrating sporting excellence?

We’re here to help you out!

If you have just won a sports event and want to celebrate your success with your close friends, then organizing a  sports themed party is the way to go.

Finding the venue isn’t the difficult part. In fact, it may be the easiest part if you compare it to finding the perfect decorations for your themed party. There are many decoration pieces that can set the right mood for the party, but it’s actually the lit centrepieces that will help bring fun to the party. You want your guests to be amazed from the moment they enter the venue, and that is only possible if you opt for the essentials.

The décor of your sports themed party can be a tricky part of party planning, but there’s still hope for you. You can add LED table centrepieces or Lit centrepieces to your event. With a number of options available, it’s easy for you to plan the event and then add the final touches with the help of centrepieces for hire.

So let’s take a look at some of the best choices that Party Art has to offer to make your sports themed party a successful event.

led football centrepieces hire·        Cricket Wicket

If you are a sports enthusiast, you’ll love this addition to the venue. The Cricket Wicket LED table centrepieces feature the silhouette of a bat, ball and wicket. You can also avail the customizable option here and get the creative juices flowing by incorporating your own ideas. Light these centrepieces with your choice of LED light and you’ll have a centrepiece that all the guests will love from the moment they set foot in the venue.

cricket led table centres·        Rugby Craze

Whether you are hosting a sports themed party or an award ceremony, your rugby craze can easily be brought to life. With our rugby craze centrepieces, which feature a rugby stand and vase, you can turn your dream into reality. The DMX system is the perfect way to represent your team. This eye catching design and a creative theme are a must if you are hosting a sports event to celebrate your sports achievements. Choose this centre piece to express your passion and to make your sports themed event successful.

Rugby event decorations·        Football Display

Want to put your love for sports on display at the venue? We have your back with this one! You can kick off the event with these perfect lit centrepieces for award ceremonies. They feature a tall stand and you can choose the ball you want for display. The LED system lights up the glass vase and the ball with the lights of your choosing. So you can celebrate the success of your favourite team with this centrepiece or welcome your guests to enjoy your sports themed party.

custom football led table centrepieces for hire·        Jockey Centrepieces

LED table centrepieces that represent your love for horse races are bound to get all your guests excited and ready to bet on the next race. With our lit centrepieces, your sports themed party will get that jaw dropping effect that you want from your guests. The jockey centrepiece features a horse taking a jump with a jockey on its back. With the right choice of colour, you can set the right ambiance for your event and amaze your guests with this centrepiece.

horse riding party centrepieces·        Tennis Stand

This Wimbledon inspired centrepiece is all set to rule the court. With this centrepiece, your sports themed party is bound to be a success. Our team has created these LED table centrepieces to enhance the beauty of your event and give more meaning to the theme of the party. The centrepiece has acrylic legs and a tennis ball is perched on top of the stand. DMX system is used to create the perfect illusion and light up the centrepiece in the colour of your choice.

led sports centrepieces hirePlanning your sports themed party doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. The usual hassles that come with party planning are set aside once you have professionals on the job. And that’s why you need the expert opinion and help of our team at Party Art. We already have years of experience and this exposure has enabled us to serve a long list of clients. We know how to make an event successful and our numerous achievements are a proof of our expertise. We are one of the top décor experts in the UK.

We have a wide collection of props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers and furniture for all kinds of events. We have props to decorate the whole venue— from the entrance to the walls, ceilings, tables and stage. So now you too can make the best of this opportunity and help us plan events that your guests will remember for a very long time.

Just browse through our event guides to get plenty of décor ideas. If you want to customize centrepieces, then you can talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your sports themed party.

Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!

 Planning a wedding can be a daunting task.

Everything needs to be perfect, from the stage to the lighting and décor. Since it is one of the biggest days of a person’s life, they want it to be as memorable for them and their guests as possible.

One of the most important décor items for a wedding is table centrepieces. Most of the people opt for the same old designs or flower vases as table centres. But you don’t have to follow suit when there are so many options to choose from. Your table centres should be a reflection of your personality and the overall theme of the event. They should make the guests go wow.

Not sure where you can get such stunning table centrepieces from?

Party Art is the place for you!

We have a team of event planning and management experts who will help you find the best table centrepieces for your wedding. We have a long list of LED table centrepieces that you can choose from. All of these stunning centrepieces have been carefully and artistically crafted to perfection. They will lift the mood of your wedding and your guests will remember it for a long time.

Here are some of our best LED table centrepieces for a wedding. Pick the one that reflects your event theme the best.

wedding led centrepieces hire1.      Candlestick Low

Do you wish to create a classic and romantic ambiance at your wedding? If yes, then our Candlestick Low  table centrepiece is a great choice. A low version of our candlestick, the centrepiece comes with hyper-realistic candles. These candles continue to flicker throughout the wedding, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. It gives each table just the right amount of light and is very elegant and classic.

led candle holder centrepieces2.      Frosted Candelabra

Add a winter twist to your wedding by opting for our Frosted Candelabra table centrepieces. These stunning candelabras appear as if they have been made from solid ice. It comes with hyper-realistic LED candles that keep flickering during the event. The result is a mesmerising silhouette that your guests will simply love. It creates a dramatic, classic and romantic ambiance at the wedding.

acrylic candelabra table centre3.      Flower Air

Want to add a floral twist to your wedding table centres? Opt for our Flower Air LED table centrepiece. This elegant and sophisticated centrepiece consists of orchids in a glass cylinder. The beautiful flowers look like they are suspended in mid-air inside the cylinder. Together with perfect LED lighting, this beautiful centrepiece adds a rustic charm to each table that the guests will love. The cylinder can be lighted up in any colour using our LED technology, which makes it looks absolutely spectacular.

loral led table centres4.      Blossom Tree

If you want the tables at your wedding to have flowers, then opt for our Blossom Tree. This centrepiece is nothing like your regular flower vases. The flower arrangement consists of fuchsia hues with romantic fairy lights. The fairy lights make the arrangement twinkle and bring life to your wedding. The Blossom Tree is lit using LED lights from the bottom. This creates a stunning and beautiful look at each table. This LED table centrepiece is timeless, stylish and beautiful. Opt for it and your guests will be in awe of the stunning attention to detail.

event tree hire table centres5.      Venetian Lamp Posts

If you want your wedding to be elegant and classic, then our Venetian Lamp Posts are ideal for your table centres. These lamp posts are inspired by the posts that light the Grand Canal. These spectacular LED table centres are ideal to set the scene for an evening of romance, elegance and merriment. Your venue will look like a picture from Venice if you opt for these table centrepieces. LED lights falling on these lamps make them look like taken out of a fairy tale.

venetian event led decorations6.      Blossom Fish Bowl

Want to opt for something unique and different for your wedding? Blossom Fish Bowl LED table centrepiece can be a great choice. This classic fish bowl arrangement consists of blooming cherry blossoms. The pastel-coloured flowers are lighted using LED lights which adds the perfect ambiance to your event. This minimal yet stunning arrangement comes inside a fish bowl. Your guests will love these table centres because this isn’t something that they see every day.

led floral table centres7.      Tuscan Tiffany Lamp

Do you want your wedding to reflect your style and personality?

Tuscan Tiffany Lamps can be a good choice. These lamps are an amalgam of our Tiffany Collection and a Mediterranean touch. It will remind you of Italy and its exquisiteness. The lampshade consists of ornate shade glasses that are hand-painted. Each glass has rich red grapes and flourishing foliage painted on it. The warm glow of LED lights makes each table look spectacular and beautiful.

tiffany lamp centrepieces8.      Candelabra Crystal

If you are looking for sophisticated glamour for your wedding, then opt for our Candelabra Crystal table centrepieces. They will add a sparkling touch to each table and are an absolute delight to look at. It consists of a basic candelabra with crystal droplets added to it which makes it all sparkly and beautiful.

This is the best LED table centrepiece for the people who want to add a little glitter and glitz to their wedding.

classy candelabra centrepiece hireFinding the right table centres for a wedding is not an easy task. You need to find something that reflects your personality and matches your wedding theme. The LED table centrepieces mentioned above are just some examples of the stunning centrepieces collection we have at Party Art.

You just need to tell us what kind of ambiance you want and we will give you plenty of options to choose from. These stunning table centres will add the right amount of elegance, romance, and class to each table and your wedding will be an event to remember.

We also have all other décor items, furniture, props and everything else you need to make your event memorable. Get in touch with us and we will make your event something that your guests will remember all their lives.

Do you want to plan a Christmas themed party that leaves your guests speechless?

Are you wondering what Christmas Table Centres will enthral the guests and make your party the event of the year?

Well, you’ve come to the right place and we are all geared up to make your dreams into reality!

Adding decor and Christmas table centres to your themed party can make the venue stand out and make your event the talk of the town. As there are so many décor options to choose from, it is only natural for you to be confused. Well, you don’t need to worry at all. This detailed guide is all you need to choose the best Christmas table centres that’ll help you create the right ambiance for your festive event.

christmas led table centres·Floating Star

Add a magical touch to the event with the help of these floating star LED table centrepieces— you’ll love the atmosphere they can create. The glistening star creates an exquisite illusion and seems to be floating in mid air. The star appears to dance in the luminous table art light. This lends a mysterious look to the décor of your venue. So whether you have a festive Christmas party or a simple event, this decoration is dainty enough to make your venue look fabulous. This is surely an elegant design that offers versatility and convenience for all. Opt for soft lights to give a lovely look to your event. With this light, you have the chance to impress your guests with your party planning abilities!

star loop led centrepiece hire·Antlers

What can be more befitting for a Christmas themed party than a pair of antlers to put guests in the festive mood? That was the idea behind our latest design. The Antler lit centrepieces have been designed by our designer Joseph Martin. They are the perfect decoration piece for any rustic event and can contribute to the festivities of your Christmas themed party. These centrepieces will complement all your events that aim to project a winter landscape theme, so make sure you opt for this option for your upcoming occasions. You can choose a customized lighting option to bring the Antler centrepieces to life. Grace each table with this eye-catching table centrepiece, and you won’t be disappointed by the end result.

acrylic animal led centrepiece hire·Christmas Martini

Do you want to create a festive vibe for your Christmas themed party? Well, we have your back! A perfect combo of colour and sparkle, the Christmas Martini is the only Christmas table centre you need to enjoy the festivities of the night. The lit centrepieces exude excitement and the festivities of the season so that your guests can remember the night for a long time. Featuring glittery tinsels and colourful baubles, the Christmas table centres enable you to host the evening with high spirits.

The LED centrepiece also offers promotion opportunities. You can customize the centrepieces with your company’s logo and display it on each table. And if you are looking for something more elegant, we can wrap the glasses in a high quality print and display your logo on that. This versatile design can be customized to fulfil your ideas and promote your brand. All you need to do is get in touch with the team at Party Art and the experts will assist you!

christmas themed table centres·Ice Star

The Ice Star centre piece from Party Art is a great option for your Christmas themed event. The elegant ice sculpture features a star that is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Wondering how the Christmas table centres can be practical? Easy! We can exquisitely craft the number of each table into the ice and leave your guests wondering. All you need to do is give us the get-go and your plan will be put into action.

Loving the ice sculpture idea but not the star that comes with it? No worries! We want to help you throw the best Christmas themed party of the season and we’re down to do whatever it takes. You can choose a design and can have your own handcrafted ice sculpture placed at the tables. Just remember to stick to something that adds to the theme of the event.

Planning even a small event can be hectic. Preparing the guest list, choosing the right decorations and selecting a venue are all a challenge in themselves. In order to avoid the usual hassles that come with party planning, it’s better to have professionals on the job. And that’s why you need Party Art in your life! We already have years of experience and this exposure has enabled us to serve a prestigious clientele.

christmas themed table centresWith a wide collection of props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers and furniture at your disposal, planning your next event will be a breeze.  We have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue, be it the entrance, the walls, ceilings, tables or stage.

And if it is décor ideas you are looking for, all you need to do is browse through our event guides.

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your Christmas themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

Get in touch now to know more!


Choosing the right table centres for your events can be difficult. After all, they are an important décor item and you need to pick the best one. While most of the people opt for regular table centres like flower vases, we believe that special events call for special decorations.

Instead of opting for the same old ideas and designs, why not pick something that makes your guests go wow?

At Party Art, we are determined to make every event successful and memorable for our clients and their guests. We have the best décor items, table centres, props and furniture that can go with any theme you pick.

One of our most popular and best-selling table centres are icy table centres. Doesn’t just their name excite you? These icy table centres are actually made with ice. They look stunning and majestic and give your event a great ambiance.

We have a wide collection of icy table centres to choose from, which means that you have the liberty to pick the ones that go best with your theme. We can also make custom icy table centres on demand. All you have to do is get in touch with us and discuss what you have in mind. Our event planning experts will take it from there and turn your ideas into reality.

Here are some of our most popular icy table centre options for your next event.

1.      Ice Pyramid

Our Ice Pyramid table centrepiece is a great choice for corporate and formal events. This centrepiece, as the name suggests, is a pyramid made with ice and sits on an icy base which can be used for your business branding. It helps bring your brand out to the world and more people will know about it. Our Ice Pyramid is a stunning combination of hand-crafted acrylic and carved ice. Your logo can be placed on all the four corners of the base.

The Ice Pyramid table centrepiece is a piece of art. It took months for our team to develop this stunning icy table centre for our clients. Together with the perfect LED lighting, each of your table centres will look breathtakingly beautiful.

2.      Ice Melt

Another unique and stunning icy table centre, the Ice Melt was conceptualized by Gary Martin, our MD. The stunning table centre consists of an ice sphere sitting on top of a glass pedestal. The ice from the sphere melts slowly over hand-carved icicles. The water droplets then fall into a glass vase at the bottom. You can also use the glass vase for branding.

LED lights dance off the water surface in the glass vase below. This creates a magical effect on each table. This striking table centrepiece will surely make your guests go wow. They will be amazed at the attention to detail you have put into the décor.

3.      Ice Star

Planning a Christmas or a winter-themed event?

Looking for the perfect table centre?

Well, you will not find anything better than our Ice Star table centrepiece. It is stunning, majestic, and marvellous to say the least. It immediately brings an aura of festivity to your venue. The table centrepiece consists of a beautiful ice star that sits on an acrylic base. You can use the start for branding or simply for numbering each table.

The Ice Star is a great table centrepiece for any kind of event. Whether it is a corporate event or a casual one with close friends and family, you will find it to be the perfect fit for all kinds of events.

4.      Lion Ice Sculpture

Our Lion Ice Sculpture table centrepiece is truly a showstopper. It is a piece of art that will take your guests’ breath away. If you are planning a circus-themed event, then this icy table centre is a great choice. It will make your guests feel like they are actually in a circus.

The Lion Ice Sculpture is majestic. It is brought to life by DMX lighting that brings out every little detail of this masterpiece. This frosted piece of art is the ultimate table centre for your events. It will make your guests feel special. They will not be able to help but praise you for your attention to detail. With such icy table centres, your event is surely going to be a success.

Table Decorations5.      Diamond Ice Melt

Another great addition to our icy table centres is the Diamond Ice Melt. It will surely light up your next big event. The table centre comprises a well-cut and scintillating diamond. An ice sphere sits on top of a stand. The ice melts as the event proceeds and water droplets fall on the diamond surface. LED lights create a magical effect when they fall on the water droplets.

It is a great centrepiece for award shows and other corporate events. It is charming and unique and your guests will have never seen any such thing before.

6.      Ice Cube

The Ice Cube table centrepiece features a real ice cube which can be used to reveal your brand or a product or anything else. The product inside will be revealed slowly as the ice melts when the event progresses. This is an ideal table centrepiece for product launches. The guests will find the product in a frosted prism. Your guests will not believe their eyes when they see this state-of-the-art stunning table centrepiece resting on each of their tables.

Table Centres for Big EventSo, which of these icy table centres do you find the most interesting?

Which one will you choose for your next event?

Just let the experts at Party Art know about your choice and we will create these icy table centres for you. Rest assured, each of these table centres look exceptionally beautiful when paired with our LED lights.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the event planning and décor of your next event.

Let us help you make your event memorable.


Are you planning to throw a dancing party?

It sounds exciting. After all, who doesn’t love a night that they can dance away?

You must be excited about all the fun you and your guests will have. But you need to start planning first. What do you want this event to look like? Do you have anything in mind about the furniture, the DJ and the décor items that you will need? Do you have a venue in mind? How do you want the entrance to be and what about the DJ and drinks booth?

Stop. Relax!

We understand that there is too much to plan. But, don’t worry! We can help you every step of the way. At Party Art, we have arranged a number of such events before. Our team can help you plan an event that your guests will remember for a long time. Why not leave the tough task of planning the event and arranging everything to us? Just let us know what you have in mind. We have a long list of event décor props, furniture and other items that you can pick from. The rest will be taken care of by our professional team.

Here are just some of the décor options to choose from for your dancing mania.

1.      Bunting

bunting event décor

If you want to add an ambiance of fun, colours and festivity to your event, then Buntings are a great choice. You can order them in any colour you want. Perfect for creating a festival-themed dancing ambiance, our buntings will give your venue a casual look. You can create custom garlands in your choice of style and colours. They are also great for creating the ambiance of a street party. If your dance event is going to be fun and casual, then opt for these buntings to add an element of festivity and colours to the venue.


2.      Dance Floor

Of course, you need a dance floor. After all, you are planning a dancing mania. You can choose any dance floor of your liking. However, what’s important is the lighting you want for the floor. With our LED lights, you can light up the dance floor in any colour you want. From disco lights to basic colours, you can pick whatever you like. The lights can change as the music beats change and your guests will have the time of their life!


3.      Sofa Cube

Rubiks cube sofa hire

While the event is all about dancing, you also need to add some seating arrangements to the event. These should also go with your theme. We suggest you add some Sofa Cubes to the venue. They are chic and stylish and can be elevated with custom LED lights. These minimal sofas give your venue the perfect look with the right amount of lighting. Select some of these statement pieces and give your guests a stunning and unique seating arrangement.


4.      DJ Booth

Want to add an extra oomph to the event? You need a DJ booth, but a basic one won’t do. We offer an Inflatable DJ Booth that is nothing like a regular DJ booth. It takes less than a minute to set it up and looks absolutely spectacular. It includes DMX pixel tubes that accent the booth. You can choose any colour lighting, in accordance with your overall theme. The lights can sync with the beats of the music. Add this to the venue and you will have a great DJ corner at the venue.

Table Art DJ booth hire

5.      LED Cubes

You need to add some seating arrangement to enhance your bar area. You also need a little cool chill-out zone for your guests where they can sit and relax after all the dancing and fun. Our LED Cubes are a great choice for this purpose. These cubes work together with our wireless lighting system. You can create a ripple-like effect in cool blue colour. Or, you can also give them warm reds and ambers to give them a sizzling fire-like effect. Add LED cubes in a corner— they will make a great addition to the décor and act as a seating option for your guests.


6.      Bar Stools

It’s a dancing mania! You will definitely need a bar area that looks ultra-cool and chic. We can help you get what you want with our bar stools. Our LED Bar Stools will draw all your guests to the bar. They can sit and relax on these stools while they order their drinks. You can light these bar stools up in vibrant colours to go with your overall theme. You can create stunning lighting effects on these stools with just the click of a button. You can add them to others areas of your venue, too. Mix and match and create the perfect ambiance for your dancing mania.


40th birthday centrepieces

7.      Oak Top Poseur Tables

You also need some tables where your guests can place their glasses after they’ve had their drinks. If you are looking for something unique and chic, then opt for our Oak Top Poseur Tables. The stunning oak top adds a rustic touch to the tables. The bottom is made with a twisted white cloth. These tables also use LED lights. This means that the tables can light up in any colour of your choice.


Want to throw the best dancing mania party? Let us help you.

You can get lots of decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art.

Get in touch now to know more!

led floral table centres

Candlelit dinners need to be perfect. From the ambiance to the table setting, you need to work hard on everything. It can be difficult to find the right props, especially centrepieces, for candlelight dinners.

Party Art offers a wide range of LED table centrepieces that are perfect for candlelit dinners. In fact, our clients love these centrepieces because they offer just the perfect amount of light for such settings. Not only that, but these centrepieces are also ideal for creating a romantic ambiance. Perfect for weddings and casual events alike, our stunning table centrepieces will blow you away.

Here are some of our best LED table centrepieces that you can choose from for your candlelit dinner settings.

1.      Windsor Candelabra

Windsor Candelabra offers just the right amount of flicker and feels for a candlelit dinner. It is slimmer than our Classic Candelabra and comes with tapered candles. The candles have a hyper-realistic flickering, which sets a romantic aura across the table. The effortlessly elegant design and stunning details make it an ideal piece for candlelit dinners. They are cost-effective, just like our other LED table centrepieces. Add a touch of elegance, grace and romance to your dinner setting with this stunning centrepiece.

Halloween Party Ideas2.      Blossom Fish Bowl

Our Blossom Fish Bowl centrepiece is also a great LED table centrepiece choice for candlelit dinners. This arrangement consists of blooming cherry blossoms in a fish bowl. The blossom fish bowl will add a little colour to the venue with its pastel coloured flowers. It comes with a custom light base and you can choose the colour. Add a romantic and intimate feel to your dinner setting with this stunning table centrepiece.

led floral table centres3.      Effloresce

Another striking LED table centrepiece, Effloresce is ideal for candlelit dinner settings. It consists of beautiful and delicate silk blossoms inside a glass vase. These silk blossoms are spiralled in a way that they create a truly magical effect. What makes this centrepiece even more stunning is the LED lights projected at it. You can choose any shade of light you want— blue, red, lavender, to name a few. This centrepiece is a popular choice from our collection because of its elegance and grace, which are a must for dinner settings.

LED floral table centre hire

4.      Flower Air

Stunning and sophisticated, the Flower Air table centrepiece is perfect for your vintage-themed party. This centrepiece uses orchids that appear to be suspended in the air. The cylindrical glass holder creates a flawless ambiance with the perfect amount of lighting. Ideal for intimate and romantic dinner settings, these Flower Air centrepieces will turn heads.

loral led table centres5.      Blossom Tree

Another stunning, beautiful and romantic table centrepiece, the Blossom Tree is great for candlelit dinners. It makes the venue look very romantic and intimate. Add fairy lights to the arrangement and you will create an even more magical look. The beautiful pink flowers add a touch of elegance to the table setting. The centrepiece is lit from underneath with LED lights. The striking colours and beautiful arrangement make it a great centrepiece for romantic dinners.

event tree hire table centres6.      Hurricane Lamp

A Hurricane Lamp is a great centrepiece for candlelit dinner settings. The centrepiece consists of a hyper-realistic candle that flickers on a bed of crystals that sparkle brightly. Imagine what the venue will look like when you have these stunning Hurricane Lamps flickering on each table. It will be nothing less than mesmerising.


7.      Birdcage

Our stunning Birdcage centrepiece is graceful, sophisticated and elegant. This makes it a good choice for candlelit dinners. These birdcages have vintage glamour. They add a romantic touch to any table setting. These are low-level centrepieces which are truly one of a kind. Place these birdcages on their own or add flowers in them. Our team will light these up with the perfect amount of light. Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of these stunning pieces.


8.      Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp

Our Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp is an epitome of grace and class. The stunning pearl-coloured panels are set to perfection with the delicate clear glass pieces. The bronze lamp stand adds more detail to the already striking lamps. The result is this wonderful decadent lamp that makes for a great table centrepiece for candlelit dinners. The lamp lights up in a warm white glow that comes from a filament bulb. They are romantic and graceful at the same time.

led lamp centrepieces hire9.      Flower Fountain

Our Flower Fountain centerpiece is enchanting and another beautiful option for candlelit dinner settings. It consists of a fluted vase, which comes with cascading blooms. The centrepiece is softly lit with LED lights, creating a romantic and intimate look and feel. The table centrepiece looks splendid with beautiful LED colours falling on it. It makes for a great centrepiece if you wish to create a romantic ambiance for a candlelit dinner setting.

10. Frosted Candelabra

Adding a winter twist to our collection of candelabras, our Frosted Candelabra table centrepiece is bewitching. It gives the impression that it is sculpted from solid ice. The centrepiece is completed with LED candles that flicker. Frosted Candelabra is mesmerising, to say the least.

Looking for the best LED table centrepieces for a candlelit dinner setting?

You can get lots of decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art.

Get in touch now to know more!

When you attend the perfect event, capturing the memories is all the more important. It is the charm and glamour of the event that you want to remember forever. Adding something to the shot can make the picture much more exciting and memorable. That’s the reason party props for photo shoots are an essential element for your next big event.

Whether it is a corporate event or a casual party, the right props can help set the tone. We understand the role that creative party props can play. They have the potential to add an element of fun to the event. Your guests will enjoy something that they rarely get at other events. If you are looking for a way to set yourself apart, adding party props for photo shoots is what you should be doing.

The highlight of parties these days are the props, but they need to be tasteful. Choosing the right prop is important, especially if you want to impress your guests. So what props can you choose to make the event more elegant?

With Table Art at your side, you never have to worry about the decorations. With a diverse variety of props and furniture, you now have the tools to plan the perfect event.

Here is a list of some party props for photo shoots that can increase the appeal of your event.

· String Curtain Space Display

A string curtain display is one of the best props on its own. However, you should give it a space-tastic twist to set the right impression. The String Curtain Space Display is an out-of-this-world addition to the event that can have a dramatic impact. The light shows they can create are nothing short of a spectacular sight. Rotating mirror balls that reflect the light in dazzling ways are attached with these party props for photo shoots.

· Hollywood Themed

Looking to impress your guests? These Hollywood themed party props for photo shoots will make sure your Hollywood themed event is memorable for all the right reasons.

There are several decoration pieces that’ll make sure the venue captures the exhilaration of the industry. You can opt for the Hollywood Statue to give your event the red carpet treatment. If you want to bring instant glam to the venue, these decadent gold statues are your best bet. You can use them as entrance features or props for the stage. These props aren’t the only Hollywood Magic that you can bring to your event.

The next item related to this theme is the Space Villain statue that provides your guests with the perfect opportunity to take selfies. The iconic character stands high on a volcanic mount. It keeps a sinister eye on the proceedings of the night. The high-quality costume makes the statue appear realistic and perfect for your event. Choose a colour of your choice for the lighting and bring the character to life!

Sci-fi fans are in for another surprise. One of our most famous party props for photo shoots is the Green Alien. The heroic statue stands on an inflatable mount, cast in green light. This is surely a prop that will prompt guests to take pictures.

· Halloween

Want to give your guests the scare of a lifetime? You can get help from the Halloween Giant Clown. This menacingly tall ghoul measures 3m and makes the perfect prop for a photo shoot. Any guests that are brave enough to approach this statue can get a memorable selfie. It has an outstretched claw that provides true horror for your guests. Other props that can bring nightmares to life are the Halloween Creepy Clown and the Halloween Hell’s Angel.

· Superheroes

What’s that? You want to bring the comic theme to your event but don’t know what to include as decorations? Fear no more! Work with table Art to get the props you need to put on an impressive display. Our Superhero Display cases make for a great addition to the décor of your event. Include these iconic collections to the event and add some uniqueness to the theme. The display cases are perched on LED poseur tables and make a bold statement from the get-go.

· Selfie Booth

Want a dedicated area where your guests can take pictures with the perfect lighting options? Our Selfie Booth is just what your event needs to take the festivities to the next level. The booth has selfie sticks and an array of props that can make for a fun experience. Take advantage of the included party props for photo shoots to take some memorable pictures. Whether it’s a corporate event or a family party, the selfie booth is a fun activity for all. So just grab a prop from the bunch, get that pit ready and get clicking.

Selfie booth event hire

Selfie booth

Now that you know about some party props to spice up the event, make sure you opt for them the next time you plan something big!

Want to throw a party that offers something for all your guests?

Are you searching for the right decorations to bring class and style to your event?

Wondering what party props to use to add charm and magic to your events?

Now you have help available! You can avail the best services from the UK’s bespoke décor experts. We have the most stunning event décor to light up your events and make them a raging success. You can also get decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art. Get our help and plan parties and events that’ll define you!

Get in touch now to know more about our services!