Combining Flowers and Technology for Your Party

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floral arrangements for party

Are you planning an event and need exquisite decorations for the venue?

Do you want the perfect combination of nature and technology to enthral your guests?

Do you want to make the occasion spectacular and memorable for all your guests?

Well, now you definitely can!

An event that oozes sophisticated glamour is all you need to throw a memorable party. By including the charm of nature and the convenience of technology, you can throw an event that’s enough to make your guests cherish the day. If you too want to combine the two conflicting elements, this is the right place for you.

We have put together a list of our highly demanded, breathtaking table centre pieces that have an elegant aura about them. If you decide to include any one of these lit table centres for hire in your event, be ready to witness something magical. So let’s get started!

·Blossom Tree

Blossoms are the epitome of elegance and ooze sophistication. The right floral arrangement can transform a dull venue into a spectacular setting. That’s the reason we have introduced the Blossom Tree table centre. Cast the magic of fuchsia hues on your guests and adorn the venue with this magical piece.

If you want to bring a taste of spring to the event, this is the piece you need to opt for. But the real magic is cast by the glowing light that radiates from beneath the table centres. We use the DMX system to light up all of our table centres, so you can create the perfect ambiance for the event. The rhythm created by the blend of technology and flowers is what makes this piece a timeless and stylish design.

floral decorations·Effloresce

Our next timeless piece in this category is Effloresce, which is a popular option among our clients. It is a crowd favourite because of its enchanting effect.

We created the design with simplicity in mind, and that’s exactly what the design is all about. The table centres feature delicate silk blossoms inside a glass vase for a magical touch. The Effloresce is perfect not only for weddings but also for corporate events. Any occasion that requires simplicity with a touch of sophistication is perfect for this design.

To cast a spell on the guests, each vase is lit from below with the colour of your choice. The right lighting choice can help you pull off something extraordinary that will be remembered for years. If you need to add a jaw dropping effect to the occasion, this is the lit table centre for hire that you need.

Flowers and technology·Flower Fountain

If you admire the elements of an English garden and wish to bring their sophistication to the event, we have just the table centres for you. The Flower Fountain offers a simple yet enchanting take on the floral designs that are loved by all our clients. The decoration pieces feature a fluted vase with cascading blooms that bring all the charm of a garden party to your indoor event. With these table centres, your guests will be in awe with the beauty of it all.

The fluted vases are lit with the light of your choice and bring the freshness of an outdoor event to your indoor party. You can opt for one colour or opt for an effect that brings out the charm in the Flower Fountain.

These are some of the most popular ideas that have been loved by our clients. If there’s something you like, pick it to add some magic to the venue. Just make sure it resonates with the theme of the event and you’ll have a remarkable day to look forward to. Use these party decorations to not only showcase your party planning talent but to also bring together the magic of nature and technology.

floral arrangements for party offers a wide range of event decoration table centres, including floral arrangements that can light up. Now you too can get the right ideas and props for different themed events. We can also customise the decoration features as per your demand so that you can throw a memorable party for your guests.

We have catered to a diverse clientele and are aware of the different demands of the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue. Be it the entrance, walls, ceilings, tables or the stage, we have the expertise and resources you need to transform the whole venue.

Let our experience guide you through the challenging task of party planning. Take inspiration from our successfully completed jobs and plan your next event in style. Browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to impress your guests.

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