Are you looking to add decorations to the venue that leave your guests in awe?

Do you wish to use some unique ways to number the tables at your event?

Well, if this is all you wish for, there’s no need to worry. Party Art is here to assist you!

Adding numbers to the tables is a great way to ensure order at the event. You can make it easier for guests to find their table and get seated without any hassle.

Most party planners go for simple table numbers that are functional but have no fun energy whatsoever. What your event needs is an option that does the job but also adds to the decoration of the venue. So what are we waiting for? Let’s explore some of the great numbering options we have for you at Party Art and get this show on the road.A customised lit table centre with a table number alongside it.

·Branded Display Case

This is the preferred choice for many planners who are hosting corporate events or need to please some sponsors. With the help of Branded Display Case, the hosts can reap the rewards of brand awareness as they use this option to display their products and reel in the guests as their potential customers. The glass case can feature products of all shapes and sizes, but if you want something bigger than the case we use, all you need to do is talk to our team for a customized option.

This elegant centrepiece can also be supplied with individual table numbers attached to the top. A perfect all-rounder centrepiece.

Unique Ways to Number Tables·Ice Star

If you have opted for a winter themed event, your guests are in for a surprise. You can catch them off-guard with this stunning addition to the venue. The elegant ice sculpture is shaped like a star and by all means, it will be the star of the evening. But is its aesthetic value the only appealing thing about this table centre?

Certainly not! The table numbers are exquisitely crafted into the ice. With LED lights shining brightly on the ice sculpture, the table numbers can easily be seen from far away. With the help of Party Art, you can use this idea and get some customized ice centrepieces to add finesse to the event.Table Centre Hire

·The Numerator

If you are anticipating a larger crowd or have opted for a darker theme for your party, the chances are that your guests will find it hard to locate their table. The best way to resolve this issue is by opting for a table number option that stands out and is easy for all to see. That’s why we have introduced the Numerator.

This is the perfect solution and makes it easy for all the guests. The lit table centre hire features a clean cut design and has a bold typeface to make it easier for your guests to find their respective table. The Numerator stands tall on every table and is the beacon of hope for all guests who feel lost in the huge venue. The elegant table centres indicate the table layout as soon as the guests enter the venue. This way, your guests won’t have to wander around the room, looking for their seats.

The best part about the Numerator is the lighting. With our DMX lighting system helping you out, you can choose the right lighting for your centrepieces and add to the ambiance of the event. You can even use the lighting system to divide your guests into groups by selecting different lights for the tables. This setting is better matched with corporate events where group activities need to be conducted.

Lit Table Centre Hire in UKWith so many options available for table numbering, it’s no surprise that you might get confused when it comes to choosing the best one for your event. As long as you go along with the theme of the event, you’ll be able to select a lit table centre hire that’s both elegant and befitting.

Party planning isn’t a child’s play. From planning the guest list to choosing the best decorations, each step of the way can be a hassle for you. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can easily escape this fate by getting professionals on the job. With the help of Party Art, you can finally bring some peace to your life. We already have years of experience and this exposure has enabled us to serve a prestigious clientele.

We have a diverse collection of props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers and furniture that can make your next event a success. We have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue, be it the entrance, the walls, ceilings, tables or stage. The best part is that you can even get inspiration from us and take a look at our numerous successful jobs. Just browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to enthral your guests.

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Are you planning an event and need exquisite decorations for the venue?

Do you want the perfect combination of nature and technology to enthral your guests?

Do you want to make the occasion spectacular and memorable for all your guests?

Well, now you definitely can!

An event that oozes sophisticated glamour is all you need to throw a memorable party. By including the charm of nature and the convenience of technology, you can throw an event that’s enough to make your guests cherish the day. If you too want to combine the two conflicting elements, this is the right place for you.

We have put together a list of our highly demanded, breathtaking table centre pieces that have an elegant aura about them. If you decide to include any one of these lit table centres for hire in your event, be ready to witness something magical. So let’s get started!

·Blossom Tree

Blossoms are the epitome of elegance and ooze sophistication. The right floral arrangement can transform a dull venue into a spectacular setting. That’s the reason we have introduced the Blossom Tree table centre. Cast the magic of fuchsia hues on your guests and adorn the venue with this magical piece.

If you want to bring a taste of spring to the event, this is the piece you need to opt for. But the real magic is cast by the glowing light that radiates from beneath the table centres. We use the DMX system to light up all of our table centres, so you can create the perfect ambiance for the event. The rhythm created by the blend of technology and flowers is what makes this piece a timeless and stylish design.

floral decorations·Effloresce

Our next timeless piece in this category is Effloresce, which is a popular option among our clients. It is a crowd favourite because of its enchanting effect.

We created the design with simplicity in mind, and that’s exactly what the design is all about. The table centres feature delicate silk blossoms inside a glass vase for a magical touch. The Effloresce is perfect not only for weddings but also for corporate events. Any occasion that requires simplicity with a touch of sophistication is perfect for this design.

To cast a spell on the guests, each vase is lit from below with the colour of your choice. The right lighting choice can help you pull off something extraordinary that will be remembered for years. If you need to add a jaw dropping effect to the occasion, this is the lit table centre for hire that you need.

Flowers and technology·Flower Fountain

If you admire the elements of an English garden and wish to bring their sophistication to the event, we have just the table centres for you. The Flower Fountain offers a simple yet enchanting take on the floral designs that are loved by all our clients. The decoration pieces feature a fluted vase with cascading blooms that bring all the charm of a garden party to your indoor event. With these table centres, your guests will be in awe with the beauty of it all.

The fluted vases are lit with the light of your choice and bring the freshness of an outdoor event to your indoor party. You can opt for one colour or opt for an effect that brings out the charm in the Flower Fountain.

These are some of the most popular ideas that have been loved by our clients. If there’s something you like, pick it to add some magic to the venue. Just make sure it resonates with the theme of the event and you’ll have a remarkable day to look forward to. Use these party decorations to not only showcase your party planning talent but to also bring together the magic of nature and technology.

floral arrangements for party offers a wide range of event decoration table centres, including floral arrangements that can light up. Now you too can get the right ideas and props for different themed events. We can also customise the decoration features as per your demand so that you can throw a memorable party for your guests.

We have catered to a diverse clientele and are aware of the different demands of the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue. Be it the entrance, walls, ceilings, tables or the stage, we have the expertise and resources you need to transform the whole venue.

Let our experience guide you through the challenging task of party planning. Take inspiration from our successfully completed jobs and plan your next event in style. Browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to impress your guests.

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No party’s complete without some comfortable sitting furniture. Whether it’s a grand dinner hosted for over 200 guests or a small disco themed party, it’s important to deck out some comfortable sitting places!

To make it exciting, eschew the ordinary garden chairs and wrought iron settees. Creativity is half of the fun of hosting an event. And with many options to choose from, you’ll have great party décor that your guests are going to love!

Think Geometric

Adding geometry to your event décor makes the event look super cool and edgy. Cool statement furniture pieces or props are great at drawing attention. Not only that, but they can also brighten a really dull place with a splash of colour.

Check out this cool Sofa Cube! It’s under lit with LED lights, and really sets the mood. It’s especially great if you’re looking for simple yet bold décor for your event. Not only will it make a statement, but it’s also comfortable!

Light Up the Floor

We all know how amazing lit table centres are, but imagine that as bigger and better! If you love ambient and soft lighting, choose seating like the Lumenbloc. Futuristic looking and a treat for the eyes, LED seating is becoming increasingly popular!

Lit furniture can also be controlled to display an array of light effects. The innovative pieces can complement any theme and light up even the dullest of events. Next time you host an event, look at lighting from another angle!

Choose Minimalism

Minimalism always looks great, especially when it’s crisp white, subtly lit up and elegant like the Poseur Table. Controlled with the latest DMX technology and available in a range of effects, the lit table brings any formal event to life with its softness and subtlety.

Especially great for placing delicate centrepieces like LED table centres or even bowls of bar food, furniture like this is definitely worth it. It adds a touch of class to your event while keeping it exciting. Such tables are especially great for large business events!

Add a Touch of Nature

Adding a touch of nature is always a great idea. Adding lit centrepieces to your party’s tables in the shape of a moon or even an animal is always welcome. In fact, it brings creativity and a touch of colour to your event’s overall décor!

Whether you’re hosting a formal event or a themed one, LED table centres or lit centrepieces are a great way to excite your guests. Not only do they look great, but they also accent the mood and look great for pictures!

Let’s Not Forget About Ice

Ice makes for one of the coolest props. Especially used as table centres and accentuated with LED lights, it’s a sight to see. Elegant, cool and very simplistic, lit centrepieces made of ice are a great option for any event.

If you’re hosting a safari themed event, you’re going to love this Lion Ice Sculpture – it really does pack a roar! Or you could personalize an Ice Star with the birthday girl’s age or place a dynamic Ice Cube which melts throughout the night to reveal what’s hidden inside! If you’re really looking to impress, check out this stunning lit table centre hire in the Ice Melt.

Go Big – And Creative!

If you’re looking to host an event that’s packed with wonder and excitement, you might want to check out large décor pieces. In case you’re wondering what we mean, imagine large props with tons of dramatic flair.

Check out these uber colourful Russian Domes that suspend from the roof and come in various sizes. Or add a touch of awe with a Dream Circus Grey Elephant that can be used as a standalone prop, too! And if you’re all about colour, liveliness and celebration, these larger than life Buntings ought to do the trick! Adding a large prop ought to make your event Insta famous!

Don’t Forget About the Entrance

Don’t forget to greet the guests with style and oomph! Forget the usual canopy of flowers and balloons; events nowadays call for bigger and better welcomes.

Ideal for branding events or even luxury parties, this pristine white LED tunnel is an even better precursor to those stunning LED table centrepieces you’ve got inside. Or you can pick out this eccentric Spaceship Tunnel to really get your guests in the mood for the event! Either way, with statement pieces like these, your event’s going to be a big hit!

Add a Stunning Bar

The bar is one of the main go-to places at any event. As it is a hub for refreshments, drinks and small munchies, it deserves attention, too. Drinks don’t have to be boring at all – in fact, served right out of a cool bar, they can become more exciting!

Check out this super cool Ice Bar Front that’s reminiscent of the Icebar in London. Or serve your cool cocktails under this stunning Asian Parasol – a whole section for drinks, imagine! Or you could pick through any themes that will really transform your party! And don’t forget to pick up some cool lit centrepieces to embellish the bar with!

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