Surprise Party Décor Ideas

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balloon arch hire parties

Exploding confetti balloonsPlanning to throw a surprise party for someone?

While surprise parties are exciting, planning them can be a difficult task. After all, you want to surprise someone with something they will love and cherish for a long time. This makes planning a surprise party a stressful job. From deciding the venue for the event to picking a theme and then looking for the best décor items, it can be a daunting task.

What if we tell you that we can do all the hard work for you?

At Party Art, we have years of experience when it comes to planning and organising events. From surprise birthday parties to anniversaries, homecoming to any kind of celebrations, we can arrange it all for you. Our customers trust us with their events because we include them in the planning process. Unlike other event planning companies, we take their advice every step of the way and do not rest until they are satisfied with everything.

If you are looking for surprise party décor ideas, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about some amazing table centrepieces, props, and décor items you can pick from for a surprise party.

Let’s get started!

balloon arch hire partiesSurprise Party Table Centres

Here are some awesome table centrepiece ideas for a surprise party décor.

Glow Bubble Table Centrepiece

Want to throw a surprise birthday party for a special someone?

Opt for our Glow Bubble table centrepieces. These instantly add an exuberance of festivity to any occasion. It will be a welcome sight for not only the guest of honour but also for all the attendees of your event. These inflatable spheres can be placed on each table at the event. They float above the table and give a beautiful look to the venue. The bubbles are lit with our DMX lighting system from beneath. It gives them a beautiful colour and glow that is perfect for birthday parties or any other surprise party.

floating balloon inflatable centrepiecesExploding Confetti Balloons

Another awesome table centrepiece for surprise parties is Exploding Confetti Balloons. These are perfect for surprise parties as your guests will never know what surprise awaits them. Our customers love these balloons for baby gender reveal parties. You can place these on the table of the special guest and give them a surprise when they are showered with confetti along with a special announcement. You can fill the balloons with your choice of confetti or even put in some special messages inside the balloons. When the moment comes, our technicians will pop the balloons with the touch of a button and the big surprise will be revealed.

exploding balloon pyro centrepiece hireParty Entrance Features

Of course, you need to have a great entrance that keeps your guests intrigued from the moment they come to your venue. Here are some amazing entrance features you can choose for your surprise party décor.


If you want to throw a surprise party with a festivities and fun theme, then opt for bunting. Put them up at the entrance of the venue and your special guests will be delighted with the décor. Start by adding colour and festivity to the event. You can choose the colour and shape of the bunting and place it wherever you want.

bunting event décorInflatable Tunnel

Imagine the excitement and joy of your guests when they are welcomed to your party through an inflatable tunnel. They will be delighted the moment they enter the venue and will be excited about the surprises to follow. Inflatable Tunnels have that effect on guests. They are lit using DMX lighting and you can colour them up in any hues you want. Lead your attendees to the main venue via an inflatable tunnel to give them a feel of what’s to come.

inflatable led event decorations hireInside the Venue

We have some amazing props that will make the inside of your venue as delightful as the entrance.

Animated Frame

One of our most popular décor items, animated frames are a hit when it comes to surprise parties. It consists of a frame surrounding an LED screen that you can use to surprise the guests. You can use the screen to make special announcements or to reveal the big surprise. Make a video that can be played on the screen while you make the special announcement. LED screens with animated frames are perfect to add detailing to your event. It will be an instant hit not only with your special guest but also all the attendees of the party.

plasma tv hire eventsPersonalised Cubes

Another great way to personalise the surprise party is to add personalised cubes to the event. Make the event memorable by adding the name of the special guest to these cubes and place them where the guests can easily see them. You can also choose coloured cubes if you want to add some colour to the venue. Make the big announcement standing in front of these cubes. This will not only be a great décor idea for a surprise party but will also make for a great spot for clicking photos.

custom box letter cube hireLooking for the best surprise party décor ideas?

Get in touch with the experts at Party Art. We have arranged countless amazing parties for our clients and we can do it for you too. We take care of everything from the event planning to finding the best décor items. We can even make personalised décor items for your party that everyone will love.

From table centrepieces to props and furniture, we will take care of it all. Call us and let us know what you have in mind and our team will suggest you ideas to make your party a memorable affair. Rest assured, everything will be done to perfection keeping in mind your specific requirements.

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