Exciting Themes for a Masquerade Ball You’ll Want to Host Now!

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Themes for a Masquerade Ball


Mysterious, glamorous and super exciting, a masquerade ball is a big party with tons of luxurious décor, fancy outfits and a sense of nostalgia.

As one of the most iconic events from the old European era, a masquerade ball can have any theme you want. Make it a night of mystery, thriller, fantasy – and tons of fun – by picking out the right theme for the party.

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a birthday or a summer party, here are some cool masquerade ball themes you’re going to love playing with!


A Medieval/Renaissance Theme

Looking to turn back the clock and have fun while you’re at it? This theme is bound to bring all the old souls together!

The Costumes:You and your guests can choose from embellished velvet gowns, gypsy costumes or comfortable “peasant” wear. Guests can also dress up as noblemen, musketeers, crusaders and even court jesters or knights!

The Décor: Decorate the walls with tapestries, fake swords, and other decorations. You could even arrange some LED table centres or put up some cool statues to add some personality to the décor. You can even deck the venue with some stunning lamps for sensual lighting. It looks great around the dance floor, setting a romantic and dreamy ambiance for dancing.

The Food: The Medieval and Renaissance eras were all about rich cheese, meats, tons of fruit and a lot of wine!

The Music: Pick out a selection of the old and gold orchestras. Or ask your Dj to bring some medieval covers to play at the party! They’re great as background music and also fun to dance to!

A Victorian Theme

Masquerade parties and balls were inventedmostly in this era. This theme is for those who prefer Shakespeare over modern day fiction and love the romantic flair of the Victorian Era.

The Costumes:The Victorian era was all about style, elegance and delicacy. Choose elegant ball gowns, tons of jewellery, jewelled hair clips and walking canes. Include a hand mask with each of your invites and request your guests to bring one too. In fact, you can host a booth at the party where guests can jazz up simple masks into stunning pieces!

The Décor: Use colour themes that are subtle like ivory, soft rose and even rich burgundies and reds. Add roses, lilies and charming candlesticks and holders on your tables. Lit table centres will also make your event the star-studded event it should be! Add a romantic touch to your décor with this gorgeous Blossom Tree!

The Food: Go for dainty, elegant cuisine. Using china dishes and platters, serve simple pastries, light desserts, crackers and cheese. You can even go all out and set up a chocolate fountain or cheese fondue, too!


The Music:The Victorian era loved its music! Hire a string quartet or rummage through some old classical music vinyls. These are great for background music and to set the mood of the party.

A Winter Wonderland

Fantastical, magical and sophisticated. A winter wonderland is a beautiful theme for a masquerade ball. Reminiscent of the dewy snow that winter brings, this theme is a mix of the modern and the fantastical!

The Costumes:Think ice! You and your guests can wear shades of white and blues, with pearl jewellery or diamond droplets. Sheer gowns and white shirts will make wonderful costumes for a night of magic. Oh, and don’t forget the masks – think ice queen and king!

The Décor:Using cool winter-esquecolour schemes, decorate the venue by creating a mound of faux snow. Adorn the tables with shiny silver runners and stunning candelabras! You can also suspend decadent lighting from the ceiling for a surreal look. Add a touch of modern architecture by including string curtains, too!

The Food:Serve cold meats, sandwiches, chilled salads and an assortment of chocolate! You could switch things up and use white chocolate for the chocolate fountain! All of this can be arranged around lit table centres for an ethereal look.

The Music: Ask your DJ to bring music that’ll breathe life into the party! Look for music ranging from the late ‘90s to the early ‘00s!

A Futuristic Theme

Exciting, inspiring and so much fun, a futuristic theme is a great spin on old masquerade ball themes. Taking inspiration from new technology, modern life and a quick paced world, this is one of the coolest masquerade party themes!

The Costumes: Go creative! Take inspiration from Kanye’s YEEZY collection or metallic clothes and accessories! Paired with a dark, mechanical theme, grunge fashion look great. You and your guests can also take liberties with your masks. Make them as creative as they want – think robots and AI!

The Décor: Think mechanical and modern. Check out this super cool Space Display and these super quirky suspended airships. You can also check out other inflatables, too! Check out glow-in-the-dark props, lit table centres and LED table centres for a truly futuristic event.


The Food:Go for deconstructed foods! Cheesecake, burgers, and small servings of chilled pasta salads are a popular choice. Even desserts served in metallic cutlery look cool! Serve funky cocktails in cool crystal glasses, too!

The Music: Bring out Daft Punk’s Robot Rock if you’re into the early ‘00s. Or take a pick from the cool Boiler Room and Cercle sets to really get the vibe going!

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