Blossom tree centrepieceAre you looking for wedding decorations that make your wedding a magical event?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces and other props that will leave your guests speechless?

Well, with Table Art at your service, your search for those perfect wedding propsis finally over!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you must have planned every detail of it. To make the day even more special, you need to add the right elements to the venue.With the perfect decoration pieces, props and table centres, you stand to score a hit.

You’ll be starting a new life soon and people must have given you a fair share of advice. You may not always want to hear it, but here are some tips that you definitely need to pay attention to. This blog will take you through a few tips that guarantee the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

So let’s get started!

Get the Entrance Right

Since it’s your special day, you’ll want to amaze the guests from the moment they arrive at the venue. Well, to achieve this effect, you need to opt for a stunning entrance feature.

With Party Art, you have a few options at hand. Just browse through our extensive selection of entrance features and opt for the one that best suits the theme.If you are looking for something quite regal, you should go for the red carpet look. A luxury scarlet carpet welcomes the guests and the polished chrome posts and rope add to the ambiance.Help your guests feel like celebrities and give them VIP treatment even before they enter the venue.Light tunnel is another option that’ll make the venue effortlessly chic. The white stretch tunnel amplifies the lighting and works with the DMX system for added drama.

red carpet chrome posts hireLighting Magic

The lighting at the venue can really play an important part in making your day a raging success. The right lights can provide a stunning ambiance that won’t fail to amaze your guests.And the best part will be the glorious photos that you will take at the venue.

For that perfect event dressing option, you need to try the coral chandelier.If you are going with a winter or underwater wedding theme, you have just the prop to pull it off. The chandeliers are a versatile choice and can go well with a number of event dressing options.

You’ll have to opt for a bar too, and the same old boring bars just won’t do for your perfect wedding. What you need is one of our specialties, the Ice Bar Front.It comes with all the style and none of the cold to make for an awesome addition to the venue. The acrylic panels give off the perfect look,while the LED system delivers the spectacular ice effect.

Wedding drinks bar decorationsFloral Rush

Weddings are all about flowers and some people love letting nature in on their big day.You can opt for flower arrangements all over the venue, but it’s the LED table centres that truly cast the magic. Our Blossom Fish Bowl is a fan favourite and once you see it, you’ll understand why.The design team at Party Art came up with the design to bring nature right to the venue.Blooming cherry blossoms are a sign of spring and we have placed them in a fish bowl for maximum impact.

Blossom Tree doesn’t confine the spring like the previous option. We have added fairy lights to the already romantic cherry blossoms and the complete look is breathtaking, to say the least.The floral arrangement brings a taste of spring to your event and looks simply timeless.

LED blossom wedding centrepiecesSophistication Blazed

To cast a soft light on your venue, we recommend our best design—the crystal candelabra.The crystal droplets deliver glamour and the sparkling spectacle doesn’t fail to mesmerize your guests.If you are looking for a soft touch of elegance for the event, these are definitely the lit centrepieces for you. Want to go for something simpler? Our candlesticks will surely help you create an intimate atmosphere.

Crystal LED wedding centrepiecesAt Party Art, we understand the need for that perfect wedding. That’s the reason our design team has gone all in for these wedding decorations. We know the importance of that day for you and that’s why we have come up with an array of designs. You can add the perfect charm to your wedding without having to break into your savings account.

With a thousand other things to arrange, it’s fair to say that the journey is hectic. You may feel the urge to take on the challenge of planning your own wedding, but it’s not advisable. The time and effortthat goes in wedding planning is a hassle. So instead of having too much on your plate, you need to take it easy.  Opt for professional party planners who have years of experience and you’ll be all set.

At Party Art, we offer an array of props that can accentuate the theme of your wedding. Just browse through our extensive selection and you’ll be sure to find some fabulous options. It’s better to leave the job in the hands of the experts.

If you are looking to add that personal touch to your special day, let us know. We can help bring your vision to reality and incorporate your ideas in the wedding decorations.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party.Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Lit table centres for graduation partyAre you looking for some décor items that will leave the guests stunned at your graduation party?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces that bring out the best features of the venue?

Well, if you are looking for such options tomake the graduation party a success, you’ve come to the right place!

A graduation party is all about reminiscing the past and celebrating the present. After completing a milestone, it’s only natural that you’ll want to celebrate the achievements of your life. We understand the desire to party, and that’s why we’ll help you put together a great event. All you need is a few options from our extensive range, and you’ll be all set! Get ready to enjoy an evening of festivities by decorating your event with our props.

Floating Star

The day is all about celebrating the stars of the evening, and that’s why you need these centrepieces for hire to accentuate the theme of the day. We have a wide range of star centrepieces that’s growing day by day. If you want to make your event magical, this is just the right thing for the venue. The lit centrepieces are a versatile option for any event, be it a festive celebration or a corporate event. If you want to grace the venue with something that looks simply ravishing, you can start your list with the Floating Star. The elegant edition placed on each table will give your venue a charm that’s unrivalled.

Graduation party centrepiece ideasSelfie Booth

The day is all about making memories. With the help of our selfie booth, you and your friends can create the best memories of your life. The inflatable prop comes equipped with a range of themed props that’ll add more excitement to your selfies. So if you want to make it a memorable day for all your guests, make sure to opt for the selfie booth. You’ll also get a lit poseur table and selfie sticks with the selfie booth so that all your pictures are lit, literally and figuratively!


Selfie Booth event hireOrganic Balloon Display

Nothing says festive like a bunch of well-placed balloons. You can add some outstanding balloon displays to the venue decorations to leave your guests breathless. They have the potential to elevate the event to the highest level and bring creativity too. There’s just something really charming about a balloon display, especially if the balloons have some striking designs.

Want to create a great combo? Party Art also offers organic balloon table centres that’ll simply look ravishing. If you want to stick to the festive theme, do check them out.

Graduation party balloon arch hireAnimated Frame

Next up is one of our most adaptable props— Animated Frame. It is bound to be the highlight of the evening. If you want to amplify the event theme or play any footage, you need to include this prop in the event styling.The prop features an easel and a frame that can show the footage of your choosing. To enhance the mesmerizing trait of the event, you can make a show reel of the best moments of the class.

By opting for an Animated Frame, you can take a walk down memory lane with all the guests as you watch the highlights of your student life. You can place it at the entrance for a magical feel or include it as venue decorations. Just make sure you have the footage on a USB. All you need to do then is connect it to the animated frame, and hey presto! You can also use them to display the table plan, but it’s better to go for the exciting option.

Graduation party décor ideasYour desire to throw a successful graduation party is now our aim. Whatever the theme of the party, making sure that all the elements align can be a tedious task. And if you are someone who doesn’t have much experience in party planning, the whole process can be a bit too much. That’s where Party Art comes in to offer you the convenience of getting the job done with professionals. We offer you peace of mind and all the resources required to throw a party that’s worth the cost. Since we have years of experience and a prestigious clientele, we are the perfect choice for you. You can be sure that we will always deliver what we promise.

So if you are looking to make your graduation party the event of the year, you need not worry about anything. Everything you need, be it inflatable props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers or furniture, will be at your disposal. Now, you can finally make your vision of the perfect graduation party a reality.

Want to add some customized options to the venue? We’ve got your back! The best part about our service is that we always welcome creative ideas. If you have a vision in your head, we can easily bring it to life.  We will incorporate them into your party theme for a full on blast! Just communicate your theme with our team of experts and we’ll customise our decoration pieces to meet your needs. With the passion of creativity instilled in us, we can create props that are unique and customised for your convenience.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party.Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Balloon Arch for the StageThrowing a party can be very overwhelming. Two things that put you in a spiral are the food and décor. If you are inviting a pizza-kind of crowd, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Then there are birthday parties, where food is part of the table décor, and lastly, there are posh parties, which require fancy food.

Well, we are not here to talk about your food choices! You probably ended up here because you are looking for some décor ideas for your party. The following are a couple of décor items that you can use for your event. You can pick out the ones suited for your party and keep the rest in your mind for your next party.

Balloon Cones

Say it with me – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Have you ever seen a party theme dedicated to ice cream? Sounds exciting, right? This theme is perfect for birthday parties for both girls and boys.

Here are a few décor items that you can use for this theme:

Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Simple balloons are so old fashioned, don’t you think? So, we offer something different: ice cream cone balloon. It’s pretty simple to create the cone for the balloon. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Take a brown chart and create a large circle on it (you can either place a dinner plate face down to create the circle or use a compass)
  • Cut the circle and create check pattern on it
  • Attach the ribbon with tape in the centre and then cut the paper from one side till the centre
  • Bring the ribbon down and fold the paper into a cone
  • Tie the inside end of the ribbon to the balloon and there you have it — your ice cream balloons!

Add this to some of Party Art’s LED Table Centres for a spectacular party.

inflatable ice cream balloonsSprinkle Confetti

Confused about the backdrop? If you want to do something plain and simple, then here’s what we suggest:

  • Print out templates of ice cream cones in different colours
  • Create cut outs and attach double sided scotch tape on the back (don’t remove the wrapper yet)
  • Now, create sprinkles on card and cut them out (make the sprinkles thick or you will spend forever trying to create the backdrop)

Stick the cones onto the wall in straight lines, some short and some long, and then stick the sprinkles haphazardly in the middle.

ice cream party decorationsGlitter Cones

This party theme feels a little incomplete without an ice cream bar. For the final touch, you will need glitter and by that, we mean lots of it! All you need are some antique boxes, which you can easily get from the flea market, and card stock paper.

  • Cut out circles in the card stock paper and then stick them on top of the box (this will work as the cone stand)
  • Hang a chalkboard on the wall and write the ice cream flavours you will be serving
  • Place a waist high table in front of the chalk board and place the cone boxes on it
  • Fill bowls with different toppings and place them on the table

Now, to glitter the cones, you will need edible glue and glitter. Brush the cones with glue and then dip them in glitter. You can either dip the entire cone in glitter or just the opening. Position the ice cream refrigerator beside the table and hang a small bucket filled with water and a couple of scoop spoons in it from the wall.

Add these to Party Art’s LED Table Centres to really wow your guests

Glitter Cones party decorationsSequin Letter Garland

Want a little extra bling? Don’t worry because we have just the thing for you! Garlands were so last season, but a sequin letter garland is what you need for your party.

Supplies You Need

  • Stretch sequin trim
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Cord
  • Metallic glitter
  • Glue


  • First, cut out letters from the scrap cardboard
  • Put glue on one side of the letters
  • Attach the sequin trim on the letters
  • Dip the cord in glue and then in glitter (allow it to dry)
  • Cut holes in the top of the letters and then loop the cord through them

There you go — your sequin letter garland is ready!

LED Table Centres from Party Art will enhance your event further

sequin letter decorationsOmbré Chain Backdrop

The backdrop is the centre stage of a party. You want it to be fancy and pretty at the same time so that the pictures come out great. The best thing about card stock paper is that they can be used for just about anything. This ombré chain backdrop requires only card stock paper and a few hundred staples.

  • First, you need to cut strips of the card stock paper. Select shades of blue, purple and pink to create the perfect ombré palette
  • It can be a little time consuming to cut strips, so we suggest buying a fringing tool. It allows you to cut several strips in one go
  • To create the chain, fold a strip in a circle and staple it
  • Take the next strip and thread it through the circle vertically and staple it

The design you are creating here is an inverted pyramid. To make sure that the chains are in perfect formation, measure them as you go. Pick a wall that has curtains on it in the centre. Remove the curtains and hang the chains from the rod.

ombré chains for eventsHere’s a neat trick to light up any party: use fairy lights and paper streamers. Hang them from the backdrop banner or garland, attach them to the balloons to give them a chandelier look or wrap them around the party table. Then add some LED Table Centres from Party Art to create the best party décor.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of arranging the décor for your party, then give Party-Art a chance to make your special occasion memorable. The company offers not only décor items but professional decorating services too. For more information, please call 01926 833 949 or send them an email at

Customised inflatable prop of a space rocketHave you decided to throw a space themed party?

Are you on the lookout for the right decoration pieces that’ll bring more charm to the venue?

Do you want to opt for lit centrepieces that will set the tone for your party?

Well, you wanted the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Party Art!

You want to impress your guests and take them on a journey that they will not forget soon. The best way to go about this is to opt for a themed event. The only obstacle in your way of achieving this is the lack of some great decoration pieces. Well, now you can finally transform your vision into a reality with the numerous space themed props that Party Art offers.

Your dream of having a space themed party will finally turn into reality with the choicest LED table centres and props that are available at Party Art. We have included a few options here so you can choose the best ones.

Let’s get started!

space themed event styling·Inflatable Space Rocket  

Yes, you read that correctly. We offer an inflatable space rocket to bring some galactic wonder to your event. The design pays tribute to old silent movies that offered the subject in all its simplicity. The prop shows off retro chic and has the potential to be the focal point of your event.

The best thing about this prop is its versatility. You can hang it or go for a freestanding option. You can create a magical medley by opting for some great furniture and props at Party Art that’ll go well with the whole theme. So if you are hoping for the perfect moon landing themed party, we have your back!

space rocket inflatable prop hire·Lunar Glow

Bring the light of the full moon to your space themed party with Lunar Glow. These LED table centres are immediately recognisable and make for a great surprise element. Enthral your guests with this addition and see their faces light up from the lunar glow. The replica looks surprisingly realistic with craters and dark spots that imitate the real thing.

You can opt for a tall version of the table centres or go for a low base, whichever suits your needs. The best part about these centrepieces for hire is the interior light. You can choose the right colours to create contrast and make a breathtaking impression.

LED moon space centrepieces·Star Wars Tribute

Is your space themed party even considered a success if you don’t include Star Wars? Star Wars fans are in for a treat with these props. Party Art understands there’s a huge fan following of the masterpiece. May the force be with you as you decorate your venue with the Space Villain prop. The Darth Vader statue stands high above the guests and acts as a great backdrop for selfies. The iconic character looks like it has stepped right out the movies. So use it to impress your guests and add relevance to the theme.

Want something more? Table Art delivers once again!

The Green Alien prop is another Star Wars reference that will elevate the theme of your party. The Yoda statue, combined with the Darth Vader statue, represents the epic battle of good vs. evil. If you want to captivate your guests, this is the best way to go about it.

Alien event props·String Curtain Space Display

To complete that out-of-this-world look for your event, you need to include the string curtain space display. This display adds a dramatic look and catches your guests’ attention as soon as they enter the venue.

disco ball event prop hire·Inflatable Full Moon

Bring the best elements of space right inside your party venue! Our inflatable full moon is an awe-inspiring decoration prop that brings your whole theme to life. To make the prop more realistic, the design team has detailed it with craters and textures that spell magic. If you are aiming to take a giant leap and plan a truly unique space themed event, this is a must have prop.

inflatable moon prop hire·Star Fountain

If you want to add terrestrial wonder to the event, we have just the table centres for you. With the help of star fountain, you can help your guests witness the starry skies of summer. This inventive design is a proud production of our design team and has been a favourite. Apparently delicate, this is a reliable design that’ll definitely bring charm to your space themed event. So opt for these LED table centres and surprise your guests.

star lily vase table centreSatisfied with the multiple options you have for your space themed event? Party Art understands the struggles of party planning and that’s why we offer the right decoration pieces. You can also take some much needed help from our team of professional planners.

For some customized services, get our design team on board. Discuss your ideas with them and bring your ideas to life. We can easily incorporate your ideas into your party to give the event a personal touch. We are passionate about our job and that’s what gets our creative juices flowing. So connect with us for your next event and get everything you need to plan a successful party.

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Lilies and a masquerade ball maskHave you decided to throw a ballroom themed party for your friends and family?

Are you looking for some ballroom centrepieces to enthral your guests?

Well, we know what you are looking for and have the right tools to help you out!

A night of dancing away to sweet music is all you need to forget your worries. Swaying to the beats of your favourite song while in the arms of your loved one feels like heaven. You too can have your slice of heaven on Earth. All you require is a masquerade themed party!

You have been planning for this day, and it’s finally here. Your idea of a ballroom night was in the making for a long while. You didn’t know where to start, but now Party Art can help you bring your idea to life. You will need all the help you can get to create a night that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

So let’s get started and see what Party Art stands to offer you!

crystal led centrepiece hire·Masquerade Vase

Ballroom indulgence is a sweet sensation that can make your party a truly unique event. To make your event truly spectacular, you’ll need the right decoration pieces for the venue. You want your guests to know the theme of the event from the moment they step in, and the best way to do that is to opt for lit centrepieces!

This is where the masquerade vase comes in. It’s festive and brings the passion of the ballroom to every table. It features a cascading boa, and we’ve added ballroom masks to enhance its look. The fluted lily vase will look perfect with the theme of your party and will act like the crowning jewel of the night.

 masquerade ball table centres

·Red Carpet, Red Cope and Lit Posts

You want to make your guests feel like royalty, right? As they arrive for the ballroom event, you can make sure the glamorous entrance is enough to get them excited. You can make them feel like VIPs as they walk on the red carpet and make their entrance. The illuminated pixel posts elevate the look, and you can even program them to sport the colours of your event. The complete look will prepare your guests for the magic that awaits them inside the venue, thus increasing their excitement.

red carpet entrance hire·Coral Chandelier

Any great venue requires fabulous decoration items to cast a magic spell on the guests. The design team at Party Art has come up with the coral chandelier to provide a magical touch to your ballroom themed party. This is an ideal choice as it brings out the best in even the most boring venues. Since this is a versatile choice, you can use it for multiple themes.

LED chandelier event hire·Mirror Ball Tall

LED table centres are all the rage this season. If you want to step back in time, then you have to opt for Mirror Ball Tall. The radical dance moves are coming back and you can help with this revolution. The mirror ball centrepieces for hire are a great choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of the 70’s to their event.

The best part is yet to come! Using the DMX system, you can synchronize the lights to dance to your favourite songs. If you are aiming for a disco-themed event, these ballroom centrepieces are your best bet.

disco ball table centres·Dancing Queen Boots

There’s a dancer in everyone, even if they can’t dance to save their life. You can bring out the hidden talent in your guests with the help of these table centres for hire. It’s your party and you make all the rules here. With the iconic songs of ABBA playing in the background, your guests will be swaying in their seats.

You can help them channel their true calling in Life with these Dancing Queen boots. They are glittery, and they are lit— in short, they are everything your party needs.

dancing queen led centrepiecesPlanning a party isn’t the easiest thing, and Party Art understands the struggles of the job. That’s the reason we have professional party planners on the team. With dedicated help from their side, it’s impossible to mess up the process. You can be sure that your event will be a success as you dance the night away.

The best part of working with Party Art is that we offer customized solutions to make your parties and corporate events a raging success. If you want to give the venue a personal touch, we have all the resources required to make it happen. Our passion for the job and our creative talents allow us to provide our clientele with unmatched services. So if you too have an idea, feel free to contact us. Be assured that we’ll work with you to get the best possible solutions. So take a deep breath, kick back and leave everything to us!

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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Attractive Spring Party in LondonSeasons change and bring about some great things for everyone. Summer is all about fun and beaches, while the winters focus more on warmth and comfort. Likewise, spring is the party season, which should be taken advantage of.

If you too, have been planning to throw a party, there are several things you must keep in mind. They concern the decorations and the theme you’ve chosen for the big day. Although it takes a bit of an effort, you can plan a great party. All you need is a bit of preparation beforehand so that you can pull off an unforgettable party.

In order to ensure the success of your party, you’ll need to follow the Do’s and Don’ts of party planning. And if you have decided on a spring theme, you’ll certainly need to be careful about the decorations you use.

So let’s get started and get you acquainted with the spring party do’s and don’ts. These elements can be the deciding factor between a successful party and one that fails to impress your guests.

Do’s Stick to the Party Theme 

As long as you keep true to the theme, you can never go wrong with the decorations. Since you want a spring party, the essentials of the theme are going to help you set the right impression. The right props and decorations will bring the magic of the season to your party. This will help create a magical ambiance and get everyone in the mood for some fun. One of the props we recommended is the Coral Chandelier, which goes well with an underwater theme. However, it can cast the same magic on your spring party, too. The versatile event dressing choice can add charm to the venue and leave all your guests in awe.

Best Spring Party in London It’s also important to add bright colours to remain true to the theme. This is supposed to be a lively event, and so you need the right display of colours and festive music. These elements add to the theme and create the ambiance that your guests will love.

You can add more fun to the theme with the help of our custom designed Selfie Booth. Just grab a proper, put on your perfect pout and get clicking. This is the time to capture lasting memories and add the crazy factor to your spring party.

Best Spring Party in London Flowers! 

Since it’s a spring theme, you need to add flowers to the decorations. Not too much but enough to point your theme in the right direction. And we’ve got just the thing for you. This beautiful Effloresce sculpture features rugged vines, silk blossoms, and an elegant glass vase. It projects a striking look, and so there’s no surprise that it has become our most popular centrepiece.

Most beautiful Spring Party Go for the Blossom Fish Bowl for a more traditional look. Now you can bring the magic of spring inside your venue! The blooming cherry blossoms look ravishing, but the best is yet to come. You can choose a custom light base, and different colours can help create a mystic aura for your event. Choose the colour that best suits your theme and watch the flowers transform right before your eyes.

Go over the top with the Blossom Tree, one of our most appreciated LED table centres. With the exquisite pink flowers arranged to impress, you can cast the magic of spring on your event. Bring something fresh and timeless to the table and give your guests something to marvel at.

Most beautiful Party in londonMake Safety a Priority 

Whether it’s with regard to the decorations, props, or the food, make sure that safety is a priority. Fortunately for you, our décor experts at Table Art have the same ideas. We handle our props, LED table centres, and other decoration elements with care and ensure that your event goes smoothly. To keep up the happy vibes of your party, be vigilant and pay special attention to safety.

Don’ts Boring Welcome 

You need to get people interested and excited for the fun ahead from the moment they enter the venue. Most people spend all their time decorating the venue. This is done to the point where the entrance is ignored, and it becomes boring and brings nothing to the table. There is a great way to remedy that, and all you need is an entrance feature to brighten things up. The right prop can get people in the mood to party and help you make an impression from the start. You can opt for the Lit Arc or get some free marketing done with the help of our Branded Lit Arc.

Most beautiful Party in londonUnnecessary Props 

One of the most important spring party essentials is to remember that less is more. Some people go overboard and stuff numerous decorations and props. Littering the venue with unnecessary props will create a cluttered look and won’t do much for your party. In fact, it can cast your event in the right light and increase the cost of the event significantly.

Do you want a spring party that stands out from the other events of the season?

Are you searching for the right decorations to bring class and style to your event?

Wondering what décor to use to add charm and magic to your spring party?

You can avail the best services from the UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art. We have the most stunning event décor to light up your events and make them a raging success. You can also get decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art. Get our help and plan parties and events that’ll define you!

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Mysterious, glamorous and super exciting, a masquerade ball is a big party with tons of luxurious décor, fancy outfits and a sense of nostalgia.

As one of the most iconic events from the old European era, a masquerade ball can have any theme you want. Make it a night of mystery, thriller, fantasy – and tons of fun – by picking out the right theme for the party.

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a birthday or a summer party, here are some cool masquerade ball themes you’re going to love playing with!

A Medieval/Renaissance Theme

Looking to turn back the clock and have fun while you’re at it? This theme is bound to bring all the old souls together!

The Costumes:You and your guests can choose from embellished velvet gowns, gypsy costumes or comfortable “peasant” wear. Guests can also dress up as noblemen, musketeers, crusaders and even court jesters or knights!

The Décor: Decorate the walls with tapestries, fake swords, and other decorations. You could even arrange some LED table centres or put up some cool statues to add some personality to the décor. You can even deck the venue with some stunning lamps for sensual lighting. It looks great around the dance floor, setting a romantic and dreamy ambiance for dancing.

The Food: The Medieval and Renaissance eras were all about rich cheese, meats, tons of fruit and a lot of wine!

The Music: Pick out a selection of the old and gold orchestras. Or ask your Dj to bring some medieval covers to play at the party! They’re great as background music and also fun to dance to!

A Victorian Theme

Masquerade parties and balls were inventedmostly in this era. This theme is for those who prefer Shakespeare over modern day fiction and love the romantic flair of the Victorian Era.

The Costumes:The Victorian era was all about style, elegance and delicacy. Choose elegant ball gowns, tons of jewellery, jewelled hair clips and walking canes. Include a hand mask with each of your invites and request your guests to bring one too. In fact, you can host a booth at the party where guests can jazz up simple masks into stunning pieces!

The Décor: Use colour themes that are subtle like ivory, soft rose and even rich burgundies and reds. Add roses, lilies and charming candlesticks and holders on your tables. Lit table centres will also make your event the star-studded event it should be! Add a romantic touch to your décor with this gorgeous Blossom Tree!

The Food: Go for dainty, elegant cuisine. Using china dishes and platters, serve simple pastries, light desserts, crackers and cheese. You can even go all out and set up a chocolate fountain or cheese fondue, too!

The Music:The Victorian era loved its music! Hire a string quartet or rummage through some old classical music vinyls. These are great for background music and to set the mood of the party.

A Winter Wonderland

Fantastical, magical and sophisticated. A winter wonderland is a beautiful theme for a masquerade ball. Reminiscent of the dewy snow that winter brings, this theme is a mix of the modern and the fantastical!

The Costumes:Think ice! You and your guests can wear shades of white and blues, with pearl jewellery or diamond droplets. Sheer gowns and white shirts will make wonderful costumes for a night of magic. Oh, and don’t forget the masks – think ice queen and king!

The Décor:Using cool winter-esquecolour schemes, decorate the venue by creating a mound of faux snow. Adorn the tables with shiny silver runners and stunning candelabras! You can also suspend decadent lighting from the ceiling for a surreal look. Add a touch of modern architecture by including string curtains, too!

The Food:Serve cold meats, sandwiches, chilled salads and an assortment of chocolate! You could switch things up and use white chocolate for the chocolate fountain! All of this can be arranged around lit table centres for an ethereal look.

The Music: Ask your DJ to bring music that’ll breathe life into the party! Look for music ranging from the late ‘90s to the early ‘00s!

A Futuristic Theme

Exciting, inspiring and so much fun, a futuristic theme is a great spin on old masquerade ball themes. Taking inspiration from new technology, modern life and a quick paced world, this is one of the coolest masquerade party themes!

The Costumes: Go creative! Take inspiration from Kanye’s YEEZY collection or metallic clothes and accessories! Paired with a dark, mechanical theme, grunge fashion look great. You and your guests can also take liberties with your masks. Make them as creative as they want – think robots and AI!

The Décor: Think mechanical and modern. Check out this super cool Space Display and these super quirky suspended airships. You can also check out other inflatables, too! Check out glow-in-the-dark props, lit table centres and LED table centres for a truly futuristic event.

The Food:Go for deconstructed foods! Cheesecake, burgers, and small servings of chilled pasta salads are a popular choice. Even desserts served in metallic cutlery look cool! Serve funky cocktails in cool crystal glasses, too!

The Music: Bring out Daft Punk’s Robot Rock if you’re into the early ‘00s. Or take a pick from the cool Boiler Room and Cercle sets to really get the vibe going!

  • Looking for cool party décor and decoration ideas?
  • Running short on time to plan a party?
  • On a budget but looking for a great time?

Look no further than here – you’ll find everything you want. From chandeliers, table centre pieces, candles, inflatables, statues and many, many more!

No party’s complete without some comfortable sitting furniture. Whether it’s a grand dinner hosted for over 200 guests or a small disco themed party, it’s important to deck out some comfortable sitting places!

To make it exciting, eschew the ordinary garden chairs and wrought iron settees. Creativity is half of the fun of hosting an event. And with many options to choose from, you’ll have great party décor that your guests are going to love!

Think Geometric

Adding geometry to your event décor makes the event look super cool and edgy. Cool statement furniture pieces or props are great at drawing attention. Not only that, but they can also brighten a really dull place with a splash of colour.

Check out this cool Sofa Cube! It’s under lit with LED lights, and really sets the mood. It’s especially great if you’re looking for simple yet bold décor for your event. Not only will it make a statement, but it’s also comfortable!   

Light Up the Floor

We all know how amazing lit table centres are, but imagine that as bigger and better! If you love ambient and soft lighting, choose seating like the Lumenbloc. Futuristic looking and a treat for the eyes, LED seating is becoming increasingly popular!

Lit furniture can also be controlled to display an array of light effects. The innovative pieces can complement any theme and light up even the dullest of events. Next time you host an event, look at lighting from another angle!

Choose Minimalism

Minimalism always looks great, especially when it’s crisp white, subtly lit up and elegant like the Poseur Table. Controlled with the latest DMX technology and available in a range of effects, the lit table brings any formal event to life with its softness and subtlety.

Especially great for placing delicate centrepieces like LED table centres or even bowls of bar food, furniture like this is definitely worth it. It adds a touch of class to your event while keeping it exciting. Such tables are especially great for large business events!


Add a Touch of Nature

Adding a touch of nature is always a great idea. Adding lit centrepieces to your party’s tables in the shape of a moon or even an animal is always welcome. In fact, it brings creativity and a touch of colour to your event’s overall décor!

Whether you’re hosting a formal event or a themed one, LED table centres or lit centrepieces are a great way to excite your guests. Not only do they look great, but they also accent the mood and look great for pictures!

Let’s Not Forget About Ice

Ice makes for one of the coolest props. Especially used as table centres and accentuated with LED lights, it’s a sight to see. Elegant, cool and very simplistic, lit centrepieces made of ice are a great option for any event.

If you’re hosting a safari themed event, you’re going to love this Lion Ice Sculpture – it really does pack a roar! Or you could personalize an Ice Star with the birthday girl’s age or place a dynamic Ice Cube which melts throughout the night to reveal what’s hidden inside! If you’re really looking to impress, check out this stunning lit table centre hire in the Ice Melt.

Go Big – And Creative!

If you’re looking to host an event that’s packed with wonder and excitement, you might want to check out large décor pieces. In case you’re wondering what we mean, imagine large props with tons of dramatic flair.

Check out these uber colourful Russian Domes that suspend from the roof and come in various sizes. Or add a touch of awe with a Dream Circus Grey Elephant that can be used as a standalone prop, too! And if you’re all about colour, liveliness and celebration, these larger than life Buntings ought to do the trick! Adding a large prop ought to make your event Insta famous!

Don’t Forget About the Entrance

Don’t forget to greet the guests with style and oomph! Forget the usual canopy of flowers and balloons; events nowadays call for bigger and better welcomes.

Ideal for branding events or even luxury parties, this pristine white LED tunnel is an even better precursor to those stunning LED table centrepieces you’ve got inside. Or you can pick out this eccentric Spaceship Tunnel to really get your guests in the mood for the event! Either way, with statement pieces like these, your event’s going to be a big hit!

Add a Stunning Bar

The bar is one of the main go-to places at any event. As it is a hub for refreshments, drinks and small munchies, it deserves attention, too. Drinks don’t have to be boring at all – in fact, served right out of a cool bar, they can become more exciting!

Check out this super cool Ice Bar Front that’s reminiscent of the Icebar in London. Or serve your cool cocktails under this stunning Asian Parasol – a whole section for drinks, imagine! Or you could pick through any themes that will really transform your party! And don’t forget to pick up some cool lit centrepieces to embellish the bar with!

  • Are you hosting a branding event?
  • Are you looking for innovative party props?
  • Looking to make your loved one’s birthday a great one?
  • Can’t find high quality party décor?

Don’t worry – with the best party/event guides offered by Party Art and tons of props that Table Art is famous for, you’ll be hosting one of the best events in town! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to know more!


Party Art PartySummer is here, and it’s time to plan a great summer party! However, a great party shouldn’t leave you bankrupt. In fact, there are great ways to plan a party on a budget. From music and food to décor, there are tons of options to explore!

It’s time to throw the greatest summer bash – and here are some amazing décor ideas!

Plan Your Party In Advance

Planning is key to throwing a grand event.

Before hosting your summer bash, make sure you have everything organized. This includes the guest list, the venue,catering and even small details.

Planning in advance can save you tons of money when the party draws near. By organizing beforehand, you’ll have your affairs in order to host a great event while staying within budget! Speak to your event manager, caterers or decorators beforehand. Decide on a theme and how you’d like to follow it. Placing bookings much earlier can save you tons on the venue, and even help you stay on top of the last-minute troubles.

Now who doesn’t want that?

It’s also important to keep in mind whether your guests will need parking space or validation. If your party is happening away from home, in a farmhouse or village, plan accordingly. Some guests may need a place to stay the night before going back.

The Decor

Décor is one of the most important factors. Not only does it create a vibe, but it also transforms your space into something amazing! With great advice fromTable Art (UK) andParty Art, you’re all set.

Go Eccentric!

Eccentric party décor is one of the coolest ways to express style.

Check out an inflatable globe to hang over the ceiling. It’s illustrated with mystical compasses, sea creatures and transforms the ceiling into a world of its own!

You can even get a super cool prop that spits smoke and adds excitement to the scene. Thanks to this Time Machine, your guests will really enjoy themselves!

Light Up Your Furniture!

Decorate your tables with some amazing lit centrepieces. LED table centres and lit table centres are making waves.

Creating a dreamy ambiance, check out these super cool lit tables! Not only will they look

amazing, but they’ll accent your party’s theme and provide a treat for the eyes!

LED Cubes for party
creative tables and seats for party







Just imagine how amazing your party will look with these uber creative tables and seats.

Add a Glow to Your Tables

Get your hands on some amazing LED table centres to set your party’s mood! Amongst the bowls of nuts and coasters, place a beautiful Pixel Tube or Swirl sculpture.

If you prefer soft, rosy lighting, check out lit centrepieces like candelabras or solid ice! They’re easy on the eyes and really get the mood going.

Part Art Table centerpieces for partyThere are so many options to choose from when it comes to table décor. Your guests will spend a lot of time there resting, eating and socializing. So adorn your party’s tables with breathtaking décor!

However, at the end of the party, don’t forget to account for the table centres if you’ve rented or hired them!

The Venue

Depending on how many people you’re hoping to host, it’s essential to get creative with the venue. You could host a great party with tons of booze and food, but your guests won’t have a good time if they’re cramped in a small loft.

Pick an Open Space

The best way to enjoy summer is outdoors! Pick a big lawn or plan a party in your backyard. Nature will play the second host to your guest.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, plan a small getaway at a farm or a small village. The nice air, change of scenery and local food will add to the enjoyment.

Make Sure It Suits Your Guests!

If you’re throwing a gathering with a mix of different ages, make sure your venue is adequately spaced.

You don’t want the young ones getting bored, and you don’t want the older guests feeling tired!

The Food/Catering

And let’s not forget the other important detail: Food!

Depending on your guests or your theme, serve the appropriate food. Although for summer, chilled sangrias, fresh fruit, light sandwiches and pastries ought to keep your guests full!

However, if you’re planning a big fiesta which serves dinner, check out some cool summery recipes. Or speak to your caterer about a customized food and bar menu.

Food arrangement for party

Plan For Emergencies

Always have a backup plan for emergencies. Some guests may get sick or hurt themselves while dancing. Always keep a first aid kit close by to tend to such situations.

Make sure some friends volunteer to be designated drivers, too. That way, your guests can return home safely and with a guaranteed ride home.

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 You’ll be the host everyone will be talking about!



Most important things to remember when planning a private party in a village hall


With the task of running a party in a local small or village hall seeming like a straight forward thing we have produced  a blog with some of the problems to watch out for. It is so important from that moment when guest first arrive to be as good as you can possibly make it. A lack of atmosphere that can feel really awkward can have everyone planning their excuses to leave before they have even sat down or had their first drink. Sound too loud to talk or lighting so bright that it feels like there are no dark areas to tuck yourself away into, can kill things off before they even start.

Make sure that the venue has enough parking for the amount of guests that you are expecting. Try to make sure that the walk from the car park isn’t too far from the front door and over a hard surface that isn’t going to turn to mud as soon as it rains.

Check that it has heating and that someone is going to be around to open the venue for your event and they know how to operate and unlock everything.

Make sure that the operating times fit with what you are looking for. No good trying to do a 30th birthday when the licence is only util 10pm.

Check out your entertainment in advance, read reviews and see if there is a possibility of seeing them perform in advance of your event leaving enough time to book someone else if you don’t think they are suitable.

Check the venue lighting after dark. Depending on the time of year bear in mind sunset times etc you should check out how effective the curtains are for when your guests arrive in the summer. If lighting is fluorescent and on just one switch you would need to turn them off and uplight the room with coloured up lighters to create some atmosphere.

Check that arrival background music is going to be played, either by the band or DJ or through the house sound system if suitable. Try the sound system in advance and bear in mind that it will be a lot quieter with people in the venue than when empty. Make sure that if playing music from your own device that you have the right leads and connections to plug in to the system. Really important that the background music is suitable for the guests and played at a volume loud enough to take away that awkward silence but not so loud that guests will go outside to chat.


Try to dress the venue with details that reflect either you personality or style. Just a couple of props or lit images at the entrance or on stage can make all the difference to a room that may not look great but with the right lighting can be completely transformed.

Lit LED table centres can be hired that will give a warm low from the centre of the dining and cocktail tables. The designs can be changed to suit the event and colour can be altered to suit the occasion they even be set on automatic colour change or fade for that even more impact.


New Affordable Party Decoration that will Impress your Guests

You want to impress your guests at your party. You want to celebrate in style. You want the best party decoration that gets everyone talking. BUT you are an individual who doesn’t have an entertainment budget of thousands of pounds.

We have the answer. LED table centres can transform your venue and get everyone talking. Unfortunately, until now, they have often been limited to expensive corporate events due to the cost. Whether it is a birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding or any other celebration we can now help you create a high impact party with affordable party decoration.

Party Art has developed a package, simple enough to set up yourself reducing the cost dramatically.

So How does it Work?

You choose a table centre that you like from our website. We package them up and send them directly to you.
You set them up yourself on the tables as per the instructions supplied. The choice of centrepieces means this is a simple and quick task.
At the end of your event you pack them back into our custom made flight cases. All you then have to do is stick the pre-printed label on to the case and leave them in a suitable place for collection. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Do we have much choice?

There is a range of lit centrepieces to choose from to suit any occasion. We can add names, nicknames or whatever you need. This is idea for Bar/Bat mitzvahs, birthdays, weddings where you want to make it a very personalised party. For a small extra cost, you can even come up with your own design and Party Art will make it just for your event.

How much does it cost?

Everyone knows how impressive lit centrepieces can be. They look spectacular and get your guests talking. But did you know they can be an affordable party decoration too. Usually a lit centrepiece might cost you around  £550 each plus a large delivery and installation fee of around £200-£400.

Party Art have created a package of 15 centrepieces including delivery and collection for a flat fee of £400. Imagine a complete venue transformation with your priority guests name lit up on ever table centre at a fraction of the cost.

Make your event sparkle with an affordable party decoration that lights up not only the room but the face of your special party guest.


Lit table centresThere is a range of lit centrepieces to choose from to suit any occasion. We can add names, nicknames or whatever you need. This is idea for Bar/Bat mitzvahs, birthdays, weddings where you want to make it a very personalised party. For a small extra cost, you can even come up with your own design and Party Art will make it just for your event.

Everyone knows how impressive lit centrepieces can be. They look spectacular and get your guests talking. But did you know they can be an affordable party decoration too. Usually a lit centrepiece might cost you around £40 each plus a large delivery and installation fee of around £200-£400. Party Art have created a package of 15 centrepieces including delivery and collection for a flat fee of £400. Imagine a complete venue transformation with your priority guests name lit up on ever table centre at a fraction of the cost.