Balloon Arch for the StageThrowing a party can be very overwhelming. Two things that put you in a spiral are the food and décor. If you are inviting a pizza-kind of crowd, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Then there are birthday parties, where food is part of the table décor, and lastly, there are posh parties, which require fancy food.

Well, we are not here to talk about your food choices! You probably ended up here because you are looking for some décor ideas for your party. The following are a couple of décor items that you can use for your event. You can pick out the ones suited for your party and keep the rest in your mind for your next party.

Balloon Cones

Say it with me – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Have you ever seen a party theme dedicated to ice cream? Sounds exciting, right? This theme is perfect for birthday parties for both girls and boys.

Here are a few décor items that you can use for this theme:

Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Simple balloons are so old fashioned, don’t you think? So, we offer something different: ice cream cone balloon. It’s pretty simple to create the cone for the balloon. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Take a brown chart and create a large circle on it (you can either place a dinner plate face down to create the circle or use a compass)
  • Cut the circle and create check pattern on it
  • Attach the ribbon with tape in the centre and then cut the paper from one side till the centre
  • Bring the ribbon down and fold the paper into a cone
  • Tie the inside end of the ribbon to the balloon and there you have it — your ice cream balloons!

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inflatable ice cream balloonsSprinkle Confetti

Confused about the backdrop? If you want to do something plain and simple, then here’s what we suggest:

  • Print out templates of ice cream cones in different colours
  • Create cut outs and attach double sided scotch tape on the back (don’t remove the wrapper yet)
  • Now, create sprinkles on card and cut them out (make the sprinkles thick or you will spend forever trying to create the backdrop)

Stick the cones onto the wall in straight lines, some short and some long, and then stick the sprinkles haphazardly in the middle.

ice cream party decorationsGlitter Cones

This party theme feels a little incomplete without an ice cream bar. For the final touch, you will need glitter and by that, we mean lots of it! All you need are some antique boxes, which you can easily get from the flea market, and card stock paper.

  • Cut out circles in the card stock paper and then stick them on top of the box (this will work as the cone stand)
  • Hang a chalkboard on the wall and write the ice cream flavours you will be serving
  • Place a waist high table in front of the chalk board and place the cone boxes on it
  • Fill bowls with different toppings and place them on the table

Now, to glitter the cones, you will need edible glue and glitter. Brush the cones with glue and then dip them in glitter. You can either dip the entire cone in glitter or just the opening. Position the ice cream refrigerator beside the table and hang a small bucket filled with water and a couple of scoop spoons in it from the wall.

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Glitter Cones party decorationsSequin Letter Garland

Want a little extra bling? Don’t worry because we have just the thing for you! Garlands were so last season, but a sequin letter garland is what you need for your party.

Supplies You Need

  • Stretch sequin trim
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Cord
  • Metallic glitter
  • Glue


  • First, cut out letters from the scrap cardboard
  • Put glue on one side of the letters
  • Attach the sequin trim on the letters
  • Dip the cord in glue and then in glitter (allow it to dry)
  • Cut holes in the top of the letters and then loop the cord through them

There you go — your sequin letter garland is ready!

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sequin letter decorationsOmbré Chain Backdrop

The backdrop is the centre stage of a party. You want it to be fancy and pretty at the same time so that the pictures come out great. The best thing about card stock paper is that they can be used for just about anything. This ombré chain backdrop requires only card stock paper and a few hundred staples.

  • First, you need to cut strips of the card stock paper. Select shades of blue, purple and pink to create the perfect ombré palette
  • It can be a little time consuming to cut strips, so we suggest buying a fringing tool. It allows you to cut several strips in one go
  • To create the chain, fold a strip in a circle and staple it
  • Take the next strip and thread it through the circle vertically and staple it

The design you are creating here is an inverted pyramid. To make sure that the chains are in perfect formation, measure them as you go. Pick a wall that has curtains on it in the centre. Remove the curtains and hang the chains from the rod.

ombré chains for eventsHere’s a neat trick to light up any party: use fairy lights and paper streamers. Hang them from the backdrop banner or garland, attach them to the balloons to give them a chandelier look or wrap them around the party table. Then add some LED Table Centres from Party Art to create the best party décor.

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