Choosing the right table centres for your events can be difficult. After all, they are an important décor item and you need to pick the best one. While most of the people opt for regular table centres like flower vases, we believe that special events call for special decorations.

Instead of opting for the same old ideas and designs, why not pick something that makes your guests go wow?

At Party Art, we are determined to make every event successful and memorable for our clients and their guests. We have the best décor items, table centres, props and furniture that can go with any theme you pick.

One of our most popular and best-selling table centres are icy table centres. Doesn’t just their name excite you? These icy table centres are actually made with ice. They look stunning and majestic and give your event a great ambiance.

We have a wide collection of icy table centres to choose from, which means that you have the liberty to pick the ones that go best with your theme. We can also make custom icy table centres on demand. All you have to do is get in touch with us and discuss what you have in mind. Our event planning experts will take it from there and turn your ideas into reality.

Here are some of our most popular icy table centre options for your next event.

1.      Ice Pyramid

Our Ice Pyramid table centrepiece is a great choice for corporate and formal events. This centrepiece, as the name suggests, is a pyramid made with ice and sits on an icy base which can be used for your business branding. It helps bring your brand out to the world and more people will know about it. Our Ice Pyramid is a stunning combination of hand-crafted acrylic and carved ice. Your logo can be placed on all the four corners of the base.

The Ice Pyramid table centrepiece is a piece of art. It took months for our team to develop this stunning icy table centre for our clients. Together with the perfect LED lighting, each of your table centres will look breathtakingly beautiful.

2.      Ice Melt

Another unique and stunning icy table centre, the Ice Melt was conceptualized by Gary Martin, our MD. The stunning table centre consists of an ice sphere sitting on top of a glass pedestal. The ice from the sphere melts slowly over hand-carved icicles. The water droplets then fall into a glass vase at the bottom. You can also use the glass vase for branding.

LED lights dance off the water surface in the glass vase below. This creates a magical effect on each table. This striking table centrepiece will surely make your guests go wow. They will be amazed at the attention to detail you have put into the décor.

3.      Ice Star

Planning a Christmas or a winter-themed event?

Looking for the perfect table centre?

Well, you will not find anything better than our Ice Star table centrepiece. It is stunning, majestic, and marvellous to say the least. It immediately brings an aura of festivity to your venue. The table centrepiece consists of a beautiful ice star that sits on an acrylic base. You can use the start for branding or simply for numbering each table.

The Ice Star is a great table centrepiece for any kind of event. Whether it is a corporate event or a casual one with close friends and family, you will find it to be the perfect fit for all kinds of events.

4.      Lion Ice Sculpture

Our Lion Ice Sculpture table centrepiece is truly a showstopper. It is a piece of art that will take your guests’ breath away. If you are planning a circus-themed event, then this icy table centre is a great choice. It will make your guests feel like they are actually in a circus.

The Lion Ice Sculpture is majestic. It is brought to life by DMX lighting that brings out every little detail of this masterpiece. This frosted piece of art is the ultimate table centre for your events. It will make your guests feel special. They will not be able to help but praise you for your attention to detail. With such icy table centres, your event is surely going to be a success.

Table Decorations5.      Diamond Ice Melt

Another great addition to our icy table centres is the Diamond Ice Melt. It will surely light up your next big event. The table centre comprises a well-cut and scintillating diamond. An ice sphere sits on top of a stand. The ice melts as the event proceeds and water droplets fall on the diamond surface. LED lights create a magical effect when they fall on the water droplets.

It is a great centrepiece for award shows and other corporate events. It is charming and unique and your guests will have never seen any such thing before.

6.      Ice Cube

The Ice Cube table centrepiece features a real ice cube which can be used to reveal your brand or a product or anything else. The product inside will be revealed slowly as the ice melts when the event progresses. This is an ideal table centrepiece for product launches. The guests will find the product in a frosted prism. Your guests will not believe their eyes when they see this state-of-the-art stunning table centrepiece resting on each of their tables.

Table Centres for Big EventSo, which of these icy table centres do you find the most interesting?

Which one will you choose for your next event?

Just let the experts at Party Art know about your choice and we will create these icy table centres for you. Rest assured, each of these table centres look exceptionally beautiful when paired with our LED lights.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the event planning and décor of your next event.

Let us help you make your event memorable.