Lit Table Centre for HireAre you looking to decorate the venue with some spectacular centre pieces?

Do you wish to throw an African themed party?

Well, if this is all you wish for, there’s no need to worry. With the help of Party Art, you can achieve just that!

Adding a theme to a party just makes it even more exciting. And if you are interested in the wild African setting, you’ll love to go for an African adventure theme for your next event. Wondering how your vision can be achieved?

There’s nothing to worry about. We have the resources and the experience needed to pull this off, and we can bet you’ll love it! So let’s get started and get a look at what Party Art can do for your African themed event.

animal lit table centres Lion Ice Sculpture

Imagine the king of the land—a lion—standing in the fading sunlight in the wide savannah. You can bring the same majestic quality to the venue with the help of this ice sculpture. The exclusive ice sculpture roars to life as it decorates each table at the event. The frosted artworks are all you need to make sure your African adventure themed party is a raging success.

The best part about the sculptures is the DMX lighting system that enhances the effect. Choose the colour of your liking and see the magic happen before your eyes. With such a great decoration piece at your disposal, it’ll certainly feel like a missed opportunity if you don’t include this lit table centre for hire for your next event.

ice sculpture centrepieces Savannah Ambiance

Make use of the light panels we provide to create the perfect ambiance. The lit arcs make for an interesting entrance element, but light them up in golden hues and have your guests believe that they are roaming the ever-free African savannah. You can get customized branded lit arcs to depict the scenery and the gorgeous setting sun. The possibilities are endless and as long as you can dream it, we’ll provide it. So let your creativity flow and prepare to throw a memorable party.

entrance decorations for events African Safari

It’s the wildlife of the continent that adds excitement to the territory. The animal population and variety found in the area are some great ideas to use as decoration. Your guests will get the opportunity to take in the sights of the savannah with the help of this African safari collection. Now you have the chance to bring the wilderness right to the venue so that your guests understand the theme from the moment they step inside the venue.

From the roaring Lions, statuesque Giraffes, portly Rhinos to resplendent Elephants, these party decorations can truly add to the ambiance of your party. But the best part is yet to come. The table centre for hire uses the DMX lighting system, and to truly bring the theme of the party to life, you need to choose the right colour. If you want to transport your guests to the golden plains of Africa, opt for golden hues.

rhino safari table centre. Elephant Extravaganza

A glorious elephant sculpture is all you need to bring the African adventure theme of your party to life. The full size blown up elephant sculpture is a part of the circus theme, but it looks befitting with your African Adventure theme as well. Make it the centre attraction as your guests arrive at the venue by placing it at the entrance. Your guests will love taking pictures by the sculpture and it’ll bring instant fun to the event. For a more pronounced look, place it in the centre of the venue and surprise the guests.

giant inflatable elephant hireThere are so many options available for you and all you need to do is contact our team at Party Art and share the vision you have about your next event. The team of professionals will get right to it and help you make your dream a reality. So you can easily go along with the theme you had chosen and get decorations that are both elegant and befitting.

If you have ever planned a party, you’d be well aware of the fact that the process is a long and tedious one. There are just too many details to take care of and that’s why most people prefer getting help from the professionals. Party Art provides the convenience you need to make your party a success. Our team has years of experience and this exposure has enabled us to serve a prestigious clientele.

How do we do it? Well, we have a wide collection of props, decoration items, table centres, chandeliers and furniture that can be used to make your African vision come to life. We have all the props you can possibly need to decorate the whole venue. From the entrance to the walls, ceilings, tables and the stage, we can transform the whole venue to depict the theme. And since we have completed numerous successful jobs, you can take inspiration from them and use them to plan your next event. Just browse through our event guides and use the décor ideas to impress all your guests.

Looking for customized centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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