Seasons change and bring about some great things for everyone. Summer is all about fun and beaches, while the winters focus more on warmth and comfort. Likewise, spring is the party season, which should be taken advantage of.

If you too, have been planning to throw a party, there are several things you must keep in mind. They concern the decorations and the theme you’ve chosen for the big day. Although it takes a bit of an effort, you can plan a great party. All you need is a bit of preparation beforehand so that you can pull off an unforgettable party.

In order to ensure the success of your party, you’ll need to follow the Do’s and Don’ts of party planning. And if you have decided on a spring theme, you’ll certainly need to be careful about the decorations you use.

So let’s get started and get you acquainted with the spring party do’s and don’ts. These elements can be the deciding factor between a successful party and one that fails to impress your guests.

Do’s Stick to the Party Theme 

As long as you keep true to the theme, you can never go wrong with the decorations. Since you want a spring party, the essentials of the theme are going to help you set the right impression. The right props and decorations will bring the magic of the season to your party. This will help create a magical ambiance and get everyone in the mood for some fun. One of the props we recommended is the Coral Chandelier, which goes well with an underwater theme. However, it can cast the same magic on your spring party, too. The versatile event dressing choice can add charm to the venue and leave all your guests in awe.

It’s also important to add bright colours to remain true to the theme. This is supposed to be a lively event, and so you need the right display of colours and festive music. These elements add to the theme and create the ambiance that your guests will love.

You can add more fun to the theme with the help of our custom designed Selfie Booth. Just grab a proper, put on your perfect pout and get clicking. This is the time to capture lasting memories and add the crazy factor to your spring party.


Since it’s a spring theme, you need to add flowers to the decorations. Not too much but enough to point your theme in the right direction. And we’ve got just the thing for you. This beautiful Effloresce sculpture features rugged vines, silk blossoms, and an elegant glass vase. It projects a striking look, and so there’s no surprise that it has become our most popular centrepiece.

Go for the Blossom Fish Bowl for a more traditional look. Now you can bring the magic of spring inside your venue! The blooming cherry blossoms look ravishing, but the best is yet to come. You can choose a custom light base, and different colours can help create a mystic aura for your event. Choose the colour that best suits your theme and watch the flowers transform right before your eyes.

Go over the top with the Blossom Tree, one of our most appreciated LED table centres. With the exquisite pink flowers arranged to impress, you can cast the magic of spring on your event. Bring something fresh and timeless to the table and give your guests something to marvel at.

Make Safety a Priority 

Whether it’s with regard to the decorations, props, or the food, make sure that safety is a priority. Fortunately for you, our décor experts at Table Art have the same ideas. We handle our props, LED table centres, and other decoration elements with care and ensure that your event goes smoothly. To keep up the happy vibes of your party, be vigilant and pay special attention to safety.

Don’ts Boring Welcome 

You need to get people interested and excited for the fun ahead from the moment they enter the venue. Most people spend all their time decorating the venue. This is done to the point where the entrance is ignored, and it becomes boring and brings nothing to the table. There is a great way to remedy that, and all you need is an entrance feature to brighten things up. The right prop can get people in the mood to party and help you make an impression from the start. You can opt for the Lit Arc or get some free marketing done with the help of our Branded Lit Arc.

Unnecessary Props 

One of the most important spring party essentials is to remember that less is more. Some people go overboard and stuff numerous decorations and props. Littering the venue with unnecessary props will create a cluttered look and won’t do much for your party. In fact, it can cast your event in the right light and increase the cost of the event significantly.

Do you want a spring party that stands out from the other events of the season?

Are you searching for the right decorations to bring class and style to your event?

Wondering what décor to use to add charm and magic to your spring party?

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