Did you know that the first recorded football match was in 1170? With roots that go so deep, it’s no surprise that football fever is a real thing in the country. 

When rooting for a sports team, the wait for victory can be excruciating. But with a win at the end of the road, it’s worth the wait. The history of football in the UK can be traced back to medieval times. And it reaches a new level of frenzy when the team you’re rooting for wins. 

The celebrations might be never-ending, but you need to go out with a blast. What better way to celebrate the victory of your heroes than by throwing a party in their honour! You can never go wrong with a Football fever party to celebrate the big wins of the year! And to make sure the theme is reflected by your decor, you need the help of experts. 

A theme adds more character to your event, making it a success from the very start. It’s the magic of the decorations that can create the right ambiance and bring out the passion for the sport. If you aim to score big, you’ll need all the help you can get from LED football table centres. The sky is the limit here. There’s so much potential that can help you celebrate the victory of your team in style. If you’re looking to add some class to your next event, don’t miss out on the best decorations available on the market. It’s a great opportunity to impress your guests!

The idea seems great, but the question remains – where can you find the necessary accessories? 

Well, we’ve got the best solution for you right here!

Lit football table centre hire is a viable option that can ensure the success of your football themed party. Your football passion will finally see the light of the day, and you’ll get to celebrate each win in style. These centrepieces will create a mesmerizing event and show real passion for the sport. The best part about these centrepieces is that they are not only pleasing to the eye but functional too. 

Your guests will love the aesthetic look! And they’ll appreciate all the effort that has been put in to make the event all about the win. 

So what are some of the popular options to adorn your tables with? What do you need to create the right impression on your guests? 

Here are a few football-themed props that are sure to create a victorious environment. 

Football Lily Vase

If you are going for a sophisticated event, check out one of our recommended lit football centrepieces. Football Lily Vases have been a featured decoration at numerous prestigious televised events. This styling element really brings class to your football fever event! 

They are certainly hard to ignore! 

Low Football Table Centre

If you want to express your love for the sport without going over the top, our Low Football Table Centre will do the job! This is one of the LED football table centres that keeps the line of vision clear for the guests. They are true to the theme of the sporting event but don’t stand out too much. 

Minimal and bold, these centrepieces will make your sporting event a success. 

The Crystal Plinth

With an eye for quality, we bring you a lit centrepiece that you’re definitely going to fall in love with. The Crystal Plinth is a table accessory that oozes class and looks stunning in all settings. It looks great in a natural setting and can also be paired with our DMX light. 

They are available in two heights. You can go for the taller version for maximum impact, or go for the shorter version for a more traditional look.

Football Boot

With the help of our Football Boot centrepieces, you can pay tribute to the star players of the winning team! If you are going for lit football table centre hire, this is a decoration item that you won’t want to miss out on! We do provide the boots so you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of the plan. This event styling will add more charm to the festivities of the night and make your event a success. 

Silhouette Vase

If you want to transfer the energy of the field to your event, there’s an easy way to go about it. With the help of our Silhouette Vase, you can organize one unforgettable event. The vases feature custom canvas prints inside tall glass vases which are a sight to see. 

If you’re on a budget but on the lookout for bespoke props for your event, try these cost-effective lit football centrepieces. 

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