A Moving Eye Mask FaceHalloween is right around the corner and for most people, it is the best holiday. What’s not to love? It’s got horror, you get to dress up, plus there’s loads of free sweets and chocolate. A good Halloween party is one that combines all these aspects and offers your guests something more. It can also be difficult to have a completely unique Halloween party because the theme has been around for ages.

So, it’s time to think out of the box to have a party that is remembered. In fact, if you love Halloween, why not go all out for it this year? That’s why; Party Arts is here to help you out. We have some of the most unique centrepieces, props, statues and more.

With our help, you can explore different ideas and throw a Halloween party that is going to be truly memorable. We’re always looking for new ways and you’ll find that our team of consultants can help you have a unique Halloween party. Our vast inventory also makes it easier for you to apply different themes and concepts with ease.

Wondering how you can make Halloween unique this year? The following are some of our top suggestions:

Throwback to Parlour Seers

One of the best ways to bring something new to the Halloween theme is by drawing inspiration from the old parlour games that were popular in Victorian times. It was quite common for a group of people to go to see a special seer who claimed to talk to ghosts and spirits. Bring that same sense of mystery and magic to life with the help of the perfect centrepieces.

In fact, the Cabaret Lamp is the best item to use which can help bring that mystery back to life. It’s designed in a Victorian fashion and the colours make you think of intimate parlour settings. Add in some tarot themed table pieces, place mats and more. To embody this theme even more, you can also opt for a crystal ball centrepiece that makes every guest feel like they’re sitting down with a personal seer of their own.

Halloween party lampshadeMake it Perfectly Eerie

Now, Halloween is all about going over the top with the décor. You’ll see pumpkins, bats, black cats, witches, ghosts and even cauldrons. But how about you take a break from the classic Halloween elements and opt for something a little eerie. The best horror movies are the ones where the horror is tangible but subtle.

That’s why our Moving Eye Mask can be a great addition for you. It’s a completely functional, animatronic mask where the eyes can follow your guests around. The subtlety of this action may take your guests a bit of time to notice. It will also help to make the event absolutely creepy and filled with horror. The best part is that you can also get this prop customized according to your specifications so have some fun. Think out of the box and we will make it come true!

Halloween party propsPrepare for a Ghostly Feast

Halloween themed dinners are all about the details and it can be pretty creative. Sausages can be turned into witch fingers or the meatballs into eyeballs. Dessert and drinks can also be given a twist in this manner. To make sure that you keep this theme in mind, you should get the best centrepieces for your dinner. Our Windsor Candelabra is the perfect way to prepare for a ghostly feast.

The candelabrum is made completely from clear acrylic. It features faux candles with a fake candle light that flickers just like the real one. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about candle wax, fire hazards or more. Your guests can also stay mystified about what’s keeping these ghostly candelabras alight. The best part is that the clear base can reflect different lights so you can match it to any colour scheme.

Halloween party table centrepiecesAdd Some Nightmare Fuel

Sometimes though, it’s not necessary to worry about being subtle and unique. It can be very fun to throw a Halloween shindig that goes all out. So, if you are thinking of throwing the ultimate Halloween party, you can amp up the horror part by getting the best props. Luckily, we have quite a few props and statues that are Halloween themed but still unique.

The following are the ones that you should pick if you want to add some nightmare fuel into your Halloween themed party

Giant Clown

For a truly terrifying time, get your hands on the Giant Halloween Clown figure. This stands a terrifying 3 metres tall and it will definitely make your guests stop and stare. The clown has flaming red hair, bright green eyes and large claw-like hands that are always reaching for the guests!

Halloween party clown propsThe Hells Angel

What happens to a Hells Angel who never gave up their lifestyle? Our Halloween Hells Angel prop shows the ultimate ghost rider. The skeleton rider comes with a leather jacket, red bandana and a silver and black motorbike. It’s not only easy to integrate into a theme but, it is definitely unique.

Halloween party skeleton statueNightmare Clown

This is a smaller version of the giant Halloween clown but it is not less nightmarish. This clown is perfect for when you don’t have enough space for a 3 metre clown. It’s not only smaller but is also more horrifically made. It has flaming red hair, a terrifying grin and a red and white suit.

With these props, you can have a truly unique Halloween party that’s the talk of the town! Get started today!

Halloween party creepy clown decorations

We Can Help You!

If you’re looking for help with your Halloween party, get in touch with us! Party Art has a dedicated team of consultants, planners and designers. We also have the biggest inventory of table centrepieces, props and more! With our help, you can bring your vision to life and throw the best party in town on any theme you have in mind! For more information, please call us on 01926 833 949 or send us an email at partyart@table-art.co.uk.