Halloween is one of the most exciting events of the year. Everyone wants their Halloween party to be the best in town. They start planning for their Halloween party as soon as they can. No one wants to miss out on the fun and excitement that the Halloween night brings.

Are you thinking about Halloween 2019 already?

What do you want your theme to be?

The event planning experts at Party Art can help you out. We have years of experience planning parties for our clients. From corporate events to Halloween parties and birthday parties to weddings, we can do it all for you. Just let us know what you have in mind or simply ask our experts to suggest you ideas.

Halloween giant clown for a Halloween party

Worried about the décor? Don’t be!

We have everything you need to make your Halloween party the most memorable event of the town. We have statement centrepieces and props that will lift the ambiance of your Halloween party. Unleash your creativity and let the world know about it by arranging an awesome Halloween party for your guests.

Here are some of the best Halloween décor ideas that you can choose from:

1.      Ghostly Candelabra

Looking for the perfect centrepieces for your Halloween party?

We have the best Halloween table centrepieces you will find anywhere. If you want to give your guests a fright, then opt for our Ghostly Candelabra table centrepiece. These centrepieces are made with spooky cobwebs. Place a skull on top of each centrepiece and you will be able to give your guests the Halloween experience that they were looking for.

The base of the centrepiece is made with acrylic. You can play around with the lighting to create the perfect effect for your venue.

Halloween Party Ideas

2.      Hurricane Lamp Table Centrepiece

Our Hurricane Lamps are great for table centrepieces for your Halloween party. They are fancy and keep flickering, just like a real candle. The candle rests on a bed of crystals and flickers as long as the event lasts. It creates a great ambiance for the event. With a dark atmosphere and these Hurricane Lamps flickering on each table, you will create the perfect atmosphere for your Halloween party.

Halloween 2021

3.      Windsor Candelabra Table Centrepiece

While our Windsor Candelabra centrepiece is the favourite for wedding parties, it goes equally well with Halloween parties. It adds a touch of antiquity to the venue. It consists of a narrow silhouette with tapered candles. The candles come with a hyper-realistic flickering effect. With all the spookiness around, these table centrepieces are a great choice to add more scary fun to your Halloween party. Your guests will not be able to help but praise the stunning décor and attention to detail you have put into the event.

Halloween Party Ideas

4.      Candlestick Low Table Centrepiece

Keep your Halloween party classic with the addition of Candlestick Low table centrepieces. These are perfect if you don’t want the table centrepiece to be in the line of vision of your guests. It comes with a low-height stand. A hyper-realistic candle flickers on top of the stand. It creates a great atmosphere for Halloween parties. They are our most popular table centrepiece for Halloween parties and events.

Candlestick Table Centrepiece

5.      Halloween Hell’s Angels

Want your guests to take a ride to hell? Opt for our Halloween Hell’s Angels. We have ultra-cool scares in our Ghouls collection for Halloween parties. These ghouls come with sound effects and animated movements. Your guests will surely be taken by a surprise as soon as they enter the venue. These props are the top-favourite of our guests as they make the ambiance perfect for a Halloween party.

Halloween party skeleton statue

6.      Halloween Giant Clown

What’s scarier than a giant clown hovering over your guest’s heads on a Halloween party?

Want to bring Hollywood horror to your Halloween party?

Opt for our Halloween Giant Clown. They are menacingly tall, over 3m. They will creep over your guests as soon as they enter the venue. These clowns come with an outreached claw. Your guests can easily click some memorable photographs with our Giant Clowns. This will surely be a great addition to your Halloween party décor.

Halloween party décor.

7.      Halloween Creepy Clown

Want to add more drama to your Halloween party?

Get some of our Halloween Creepy Clowns at your venue. These props have a hellish gaze and the flame-red hair will make your guests scared for their life. These props are fully animated and also come with built-in sound effects. All of this makes them a really scary prop, perfect for your Halloween parties.

You can never go wrong with including a little Pennywise touch to your Halloween parties. It will make your Halloween party an event to remember.

Halloween party décor.

8.      Pixel Poseur Tables

Looking for the perfect tables for your Halloween event?

Our Pixel Poseur Tables are a great choice. It consists of a piece of cloth twirled around a table. The best thing about these tables is that you can control the light. It works with pixel lights that you can choose to move around to create the effect you want. These are a perfect addition to your Halloween party.

Our clients prefer them in the shades of red and black for their Halloween events. This makes them ideal for a Halloween setting and makes your guests go wow with your attention to detail.

Halloween party décor.

Planning a Halloween party is not easy. From event planning to finding the right décor items, props, table centrepieces and furniture, there’s plenty to do. If you are planning a mega Halloween event, then it is best to have some expert’s help by your side.

At Party Art, we have a team of event planners who can help you out. We have planned and organised many Halloween parties before and we can do it for you too. We have the latest cutting-edge props and LED table centrepieces that will lift the mood and ambiance of your event. They are carefully crafted for Halloween parties and have the right amount of spookiness in them.

Get in touch with us and we will help you plan the best Halloween party in the town.