When you attend the perfect event, capturing the memories is all the more important. It is the charm and glamour of the event that you want to remember forever. Adding something to the shot can make the picture much more exciting and memorable. That’s the reason party props for photo shoots are an essential element for your next big event.

Whether it is a corporate event or a casual party, the right props can help set the tone. We understand the role that creative party props can play. They have the potential to add an element of fun to the event. Your guests will enjoy something that they rarely get at other events. If you are looking for a way to set yourself apart, adding party props for photo shoots is what you should be doing.

The highlight of parties these days are the props, but they need to be tasteful. Choosing the right prop is important, especially if you want to impress your guests. So what props can you choose to make the event more elegant?

With Table Art at your side, you never have to worry about the decorations. With a diverse variety of props and furniture, you now have the tools to plan the perfect event.

Here is a list of some party props for photo shoots that can increase the appeal of your event.

· String Curtain Space Display

A string curtain display is one of the best props on its own. However, you should give it a space-tastic twist to set the right impression. The String Curtain Space Display is an out-of-this-world addition to the event that can have a dramatic impact. The light shows they can create are nothing short of a spectacular sight. Rotating mirror balls that reflect the light in dazzling ways are attached with these party props for photo shoots.

· Hollywood Themed

Looking to impress your guests? These Hollywood themed party props for photo shoots will make sure your Hollywood themed event is memorable for all the right reasons.

There are several decoration pieces that’ll make sure the venue captures the exhilaration of the industry. You can opt for the Hollywood Statue to give your event the red carpet treatment. If you want to bring instant glam to the venue, these decadent gold statues are your best bet. You can use them as entrance features or props for the stage. These props aren’t the only Hollywood Magic that you can bring to your event.

The next item related to this theme is the Space Villain statue that provides your guests with the perfect opportunity to take selfies. The iconic character stands high on a volcanic mount. It keeps a sinister eye on the proceedings of the night. The high-quality costume makes the statue appear realistic and perfect for your event. Choose a colour of your choice for the lighting and bring the character to life!

Sci-fi fans are in for another surprise. One of our most famous party props for photo shoots is the Green Alien. The heroic statue stands on an inflatable mount, cast in green light. This is surely a prop that will prompt guests to take pictures.

· Halloween

Want to give your guests the scare of a lifetime? You can get help from the Halloween Giant Clown. This menacingly tall ghoul measures 3m and makes the perfect prop for a photo shoot. Any guests that are brave enough to approach this statue can get a memorable selfie. It has an outstretched claw that provides true horror for your guests. Other props that can bring nightmares to life are the Halloween Creepy Clown and the Halloween Hell’s Angel.

· Superheroes

What’s that? You want to bring the comic theme to your event but don’t know what to include as decorations? Fear no more! Work with table Art to get the props you need to put on an impressive display. Our Superhero Display cases make for a great addition to the décor of your event. Include these iconic collections to the event and add some uniqueness to the theme. The display cases are perched on LED poseur tables and make a bold statement from the get-go.

· Selfie Booth

Want a dedicated area where your guests can take pictures with the perfect lighting options? Our Selfie Booth is just what your event needs to take the festivities to the next level. The booth has selfie sticks and an array of props that can make for a fun experience. Take advantage of the included party props for photo shoots to take some memorable pictures. Whether it’s a corporate event or a family party, the selfie booth is a fun activity for all. So just grab a prop from the bunch, get that pit ready and get clicking.

Selfie booth event hire

Selfie booth

Now that you know about some party props to spice up the event, make sure you opt for them the next time you plan something big!

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