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Candlelit dinners need to be perfect. From the ambiance to the table setting, you need to work hard on everything. It can be difficult to find the right props, especially centrepieces, for candlelight dinners.

Party Art offers a wide range of LED table centrepieces that are perfect for candlelit dinners. In fact, our clients love these centrepieces because they offer just the perfect amount of light for such settings. Not only that, but these centrepieces are also ideal for creating a romantic ambiance. Perfect for weddings and casual events alike, our stunning table centrepieces will blow you away.

Here are some of our best LED table centrepieces that you can choose from for your candlelit dinner settings.

1.      Windsor Candelabra

Windsor Candelabra offers just the right amount of flicker and feels for a candlelit dinner. It is slimmer than our Classic Candelabra and comes with tapered candles. The candles have a hyper-realistic flickering, which sets a romantic aura across the table. The effortlessly elegant design and stunning details make it an ideal piece for candlelit dinners. They are cost-effective, just like our other LED table centrepieces. Add a touch of elegance, grace and romance to your dinner setting with this stunning centrepiece.

Halloween Party Ideas2.      Blossom Fish Bowl

Our Blossom Fish Bowl centrepiece is also a great LED table centrepiece choice for candlelit dinners. This arrangement consists of blooming cherry blossoms in a fish bowl. The blossom fish bowl will add a little colour to the venue with its pastel coloured flowers. It comes with a custom light base and you can choose the colour. Add a romantic and intimate feel to your dinner setting with this stunning table centrepiece.

led floral table centres3.      Effloresce

Another striking LED table centrepiece, Effloresce is ideal for candlelit dinner settings. It consists of beautiful and delicate silk blossoms inside a glass vase. These silk blossoms are spiralled in a way that they create a truly magical effect. What makes this centrepiece even more stunning is the LED lights projected at it. You can choose any shade of light you want— blue, red, lavender, to name a few. This centrepiece is a popular choice from our collection because of its elegance and grace, which are a must for dinner settings.

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4.      Flower Air

Stunning and sophisticated, the Flower Air table centrepiece is perfect for your vintage-themed party. This centrepiece uses orchids that appear to be suspended in the air. The cylindrical glass holder creates a flawless ambiance with the perfect amount of lighting. Ideal for intimate and romantic dinner settings, these Flower Air centrepieces will turn heads.

loral led table centres5.      Blossom Tree

Another stunning, beautiful and romantic table centrepiece, the Blossom Tree is great for candlelit dinners. It makes the venue look very romantic and intimate. Add fairy lights to the arrangement and you will create an even more magical look. The beautiful pink flowers add a touch of elegance to the table setting. The centrepiece is lit from underneath with LED lights. The striking colours and beautiful arrangement make it a great centrepiece for romantic dinners.

event tree hire table centres6.      Hurricane Lamp

A Hurricane Lamp is a great centrepiece for candlelit dinner settings. The centrepiece consists of a hyper-realistic candle that flickers on a bed of crystals that sparkle brightly. Imagine what the venue will look like when you have these stunning Hurricane Lamps flickering on each table. It will be nothing less than mesmerising.


7.      Birdcage

Our stunning Birdcage centrepiece is graceful, sophisticated and elegant. This makes it a good choice for candlelit dinners. These birdcages have vintage glamour. They add a romantic touch to any table setting. These are low-level centrepieces which are truly one of a kind. Place these birdcages on their own or add flowers in them. Our team will light these up with the perfect amount of light. Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of these stunning pieces.


8.      Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp

Our Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp is an epitome of grace and class. The stunning pearl-coloured panels are set to perfection with the delicate clear glass pieces. The bronze lamp stand adds more detail to the already striking lamps. The result is this wonderful decadent lamp that makes for a great table centrepiece for candlelit dinners. The lamp lights up in a warm white glow that comes from a filament bulb. They are romantic and graceful at the same time.

led lamp centrepieces hire9.      Flower Fountain

Our Flower Fountain centerpiece is enchanting and another beautiful option for candlelit dinner settings. It consists of a fluted vase, which comes with cascading blooms. The centrepiece is softly lit with LED lights, creating a romantic and intimate look and feel. The table centrepiece looks splendid with beautiful LED colours falling on it. It makes for a great centrepiece if you wish to create a romantic ambiance for a candlelit dinner setting.

10. Frosted Candelabra

Adding a winter twist to our collection of candelabras, our Frosted Candelabra table centrepiece is bewitching. It gives the impression that it is sculpted from solid ice. The centrepiece is completed with LED candles that flicker. Frosted Candelabra is mesmerising, to say the least.

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