Big Ben table centrepieceLooking for a classic and graceful theme for your next event?

Why not choose an all-things-British theme?

It looks sophisticated and will add a graceful touch to your event. If you love Great Britain, then this theme is the perfect opportunity to tell the whole world about it. However, working on a British-inspired event is not easy. There are so many things to take care of that it becomes too overwhelming.

And that’s where Party Art comes into the picture!

Party Art is here to help you plan and execute your event. We assure you that your event will be successful if you let the event planning experts at Party Art take over the job. Our clients love our attention to detail. We take care of everything, small to big, and ensure that you host a successful event.

Working with a British-inspired event can be tricky. It is difficult to pick what to include in the décor and what not. It is all about sophistication and grace. You also have to add all the right elements to the décor that keep the guests in awe.

To help you plan a British- inspired event, we have listed here some of the best table centrepieces you can choose from. These centrepieces have been carefully designed keeping in mind Great Britain and its uniqueness. With these, your venue will give a truly British feel and we are sure that your guests will love the décor.

Let’s get started!

London table centres1.      Big Ben Table Centrepiece

What’s a more iconic centrepiece for a British- inspired event than the Big Ben itself?

Big Ben is an iconic and wondrous feature of the London Skyline. It is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world and simply takes you back to London. There is nothing better than choosing this monumental building as your table centrepiece. It will give the best of British flavour to your event.

The Big Ben table centrepiece is a part of our Best of British collection. Choose this whether you are hosting an event for an international audience or your British guests. It also goes well if you are celebrating a British achievement.

You can make the Big Ben table centrepiece glow in the colours of your choice. Our lighting experts will light each of them up using LED lighting. It adds a great feature to your table centre that your guests will love.

united kingdom british centrepieces2.      Mini British Collection

Hosting an event to celebrate British achievements?

Or simply looking for a table centre that incorporates all the highlighting features of Great Britain?

Opt for our Mini British Collection table centrepieces. These exciting and unique table centres will make you revel in the heritage of the UK. You will find all the monumental and iconic features of the UK here.

The table centres feature London Eye, Big Ben, a British telephone, the Union Jack and last but not least, the London Bridge. These iconic features of the UK make for the perfect centrepieces for any British- inspired event. Accentuate them even further by setting the lights in the colours of the UK, red, white and blue.

These table centres are ideal for any formal or casual event. Choose them and show off your British heritage proudly in front of a local or international audience. Everyone will love it.

british led centrepieces3.      Custom Print Lamp

At Party Art, we aim to provide our clients with the best event management and planning experience. Our design and creative team works hard to come up with unique table centrepieces and décor items for your events. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

An example of this is our Custom-Printed Lampshade Range. It is not just any lampshade range, but you can actually custom-print these. If you are working on a British-inspired event, we can print iconic monuments of the UK on these lampshades. You can also get them printed in the Union Jack or any other thing for that matter. This brings a unique and custom touch to the décor of your events.

Not only that, but you can also get these lampshades custom-printed with your business logo. This is great for branding and ideal for a brand launch. Choose our custom-printed Lamps and let your imagination play. These lampshades will be lighted in the colours of your choice. We are sure that you and your guests will love the final result.

British lamp centrepieces4.      Custom Table Centrepieces

Have something unique and creative in mind?

Want to add your own touch and creativity to the table centres for your event?

Well, there’s no one stopping you. In fact, we love it when our customers participate in the designing and creating phase. We offer Custom Table Centres that let you play with your creativity and designing skills. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Just get in touch with our design team and tell them what you have in mind. They will help you create a masterpiece that you will fall in love with.

Custom table centres are our forte. We love playing with new designs and will create what you have conceptualised. Have a unique table centre idea in mind? We’ve got you covered. Let us know and we will create what you imagined.

Party Art is all about making your event successful. With our team, your event will be the talk of the town. We have a great creative team that understands your needs and work together with you to conceptualise your ideas and concepts. We have the best table centrepieces with LED lights that will surely light up your event. In addition, we also offer everything you need for the décor of your venue for your event. From planning to execution, our team will take care of it all.

Planning a British-inspired event?

Get in touch with our team and we will plan and arrange a spectacular event for you.