Lit up Panel and TableToday, all parties follow a theme because that makes them all the more exciting! If you are out of ideas, then we have got one for you – 007.

Sounds exciting, right? Elegance and mystery are two words that are a part of the James Bond themed party. There are so many props that you can use for this type of party so you need to be careful to choose the right ones.

Why a 007 Theme?

A James bond party is undeniably quite interesting. People are obsessed with the popular MI-6 agent since the introduction of the first Bond movie. Bond enchants us with his devilish charm, fancy gadgets, good looks and the fact that this gallant knight always gets the pretty girl… well, the idolization is totally justified!

Bond Theme Party Ideas

A Bond-Worthy Entrance

First up is the entrance. It needs to be grand and flashy so that people enter in style. There is no better way to spruce up the entrance than with a red carpet! Depending on the entrance, whether it’s outside the venue or inside, you have two choices: you can either go for a red carpet with chrome posts or a light tunnel with the whole shebang.

For the entrance, you can show case LED posts with red ropes and use a red carpet in the middle, leading your guests through a tunnel. The entire set up will look elegant and will definitely have an impact on your guests.

red carpet event hireParty Décor

One word that we have used extensively is elegance. All the party décor should revolve around this and therefore, anything you choose should reflect the theme. Here are a couple of party décor items that you can use for your 007 Night party:

Lit Arcs

Lit arcs light up your entire party. With a picture display background, you can use them to add a little something to the décor. Take out as many Bond-style pictures as you can find, and then use them on the branded lit arcs. You can position them right after the entrance for guests to take pictures with when they arrive at the party. You can also use triple screens combined to form a huge branded lit panel, which is bigger and will make for a grand backdrop for the stage.

event entrance feature hireString Curtain Mirror Ball Display

The string curtain mirror ball display has thousands of luminous strings with slowly rotating balls inside. This party décor piece is so beautiful and mesmerizing that guests will not be able to stop themselves from striking a pose and taking a picture with it. In line with your 007 theme, this string curtain mirror ball display is all opulence and will take your party up a notch.

mirror ball display hire


For a 007 Night themed party, you need to go all out with the furniture. There are plenty of options – :

Chesterfield Sofa: To create a cosy corner, where guests can sit and talk in privacy, you can create another seating area with chesterfield sofas. This luxury seating will look great beside the subtle glow of the string curtain and create an intimate setting. You can place the sofas facing away from each other, with the string curtain hanging in between. This will provide a partition for guests who are looking for a peaceful spot.

Bar: A bar is the central part of a 007 themed party. A great way to minimize your décor cost on the bar, which is already expensive due to the free-flowing alcohol, is to add a little light. We suggest foregoing the simple barstools for LED bar stools. These lit babies have a unique shape, and the glow from within will make the bar stand out. Your guests will make a beeline for this area the moment they will enter the venue.

drinks bar display hireImage Description: Customise your drinks reception with Table Art’s Bar Panel Front

Are you eager to start planning your party? Try out these ideas and see your guests gasp in wonderment! One thing we can guarantee is that you will feel on top of the world, sitting on your throne as James Bond or the ultimate villain.

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