Are you planning a circus-themed event?

You must be feeling overwhelmed thinking about all the décor you have to do.

Planning an event is a tiring task. And it becomes even more daunting when you’ve got to think about all the décor to be done. However, it can also be really interesting and fun. All you need is some great ideas and the right props to work with. Thankfully, Table Art has a wide selection of circus-themed items to choose from.

A circus-themed party is loved by both children and adults. Therefore, you must keep both of them in mind when planning the décor. Here’s our top pick of props and centrepieces to make your event lit.

LED circus table centrepieces

Circus horse table centre

Table Centrepieces

We have a long list of table centrepieces to choose from for your circus-themed party. Pick the one you think is the most suitable or mix and match to get the perfect fit.

1.      Showman

Why not add a centrepiece that gives reference to ‘The Greatest Showman’? After all, people loved the movie, and the character is instantly recognisable. We have created an awesome Showman table centrepiece that will create the perfect ambiance for your event. The guests will be excited because of your attention to detail. They will know that they are in for the experience of a lifetime.

Showman table centre

2.      Fairground Carousel

Our Fairground Carousel centrepiece is loved by all. It comes with a rotator that has a full DMX control. The carousel will never stop turning. Imagine the awe and excitement of your guests when they see this stunning centrepiece. It consists of a white and red top with carousel horses suspended underneath. It takes you back to your first trip to the circus. Stunning and magical, it will make your party an event to remember.

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3.      Acrobat

Planning a ‘The Greatest Showman’ themed event? You can choose our Acrobat centrepieces that create the ambiance of the circus. It mimics the death-defying acts of trapeze artists. This centrepiece consists of three cleverly interwoven trapeze performers. The centrepiece is suspended at each table. This stunning centrepiece is head-turning and will make your guests feel like they’ve actually come to the circus.

4.      Collection

What’s better than an African Safari themed circus event? Don’t worry about the décor. We’ve got you covered. We have a stunning African Safari collection that consists of various props and centrepieces. It lifts the mood of your event and gives it the ambiance you want. Our African Safari table centrepieces collection includes rhinos, giraffes, elephants, and lions. You can choose one for all the tables or mix and match the animals for each. Each of these centrepieces can be lighted as per your preference. Your guest will be in complete awe of the setting as soon as they are seated.

Safari table centre hire in London

5.      Dream Circus Umbrella

Our Dream Circus Umbrella will give your event an extraordinary look and feel. The monochrome colour and oriental shape make these table centrepieces stand out. It is one of our most popular props of the Dream Circus category. Pair it up with the right led lighting and you have the perfect centrepiece for your event.

Umbrella Table Centre


Of course, you need to create the perfect circus ambiance with related props. We have a collection of stunning circus-themed props that you can choose from.

1.      Dream Circus Grey Elephant

Make your event more exciting by adding a big inflatable Dream Circus Grey Elephant to the venue. You can place this giant elephant in a corner of your venue. It makes for a great photo backdrop for your guests. Or, you can hang this majestic elephant from the ceiling. This will create the perfect setting for your event that every one of your guests will love.

Safari table centre

2.      Inflatable Unicorn

Create a dream-like ambiance by adding Inflatable Unicorns to your setting. The crisp white body and the sparkly mane of our inflatable unicorns create the perfect circus-themed event. You can also add a hot air balloon element to the unicorn to add a bit more drama to the setting. This is a perfect prop for big or small venues. With these stunning props, it will be a night to remember for your guests.

3.      Moving Eye Masks

Add an element of intrigue and mystery to your circus-themed event with our Moving Eye Masks. These stunning masks come with animated eyes that follow your guests wherever they go. These will keep your guest curious, and in awe of the attention to detail you’ve put into the décor. You can add them in the hallways that the guests use to enter the venue. Or simply put them in a corner and add some appropriate lighting to create the perfect backdrop for photos. These moving eyes masks are going to turn heads wherever you put them.

Throwing a circus-themed party was never this easy. Don’t worry, because you have the right resources to make the event a success. You can easily manage the tasks at hand with the help of experts from Party Art. All you have to do is choose the décor and props and leave the rest to our team. We will set the perfect ambiance for your event, just as you had planned.

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